Chapter 366 - Sudden Change

MGA: Chapter 366 - Sudden Change


But just as Chu Feng thought he was doubtlessly going to die, a row of light abruptly descended from the sky and fiercely slammed onto the body of the Monstrous Beast.

That object’s speed was extremely quick and its power was extremely strong. When it collided into the body of the Monstrous Beast, the beast’s body instantly sank, and not only did it stop its attack on Chu Feng, it even sank into the ground and a mouthful of blood was sprayed out. It had actually died and breathed no more.

That sudden change caused Chu Feng to be shocked. When he raised his head and looked, he couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Because he astonishedly discovered that the Heaven realm Monstrous Beast was crushed to death, and it wasn’t even some unknown object. It was a thin little old man.

That old man wasn’t even 1.5 meters tall, and he was very skinny, as if a gust of wind could bring him away.

Although the old man’s appearance was nothing special, his eyes were particularly spirited. The most important part was that Chu Feng was unable to see through the old man’s cultivation, and he was like the head of the Prestigious Villa, being so unfathomably deep.

“Hey, boy, you’re here for the Marriage Gathering right?”

The old man also discovered Chu Feng. Putting strength into his waist, he did a beautiful flip in the air and landed next to Chu Feng. He raise his head, looked, with his spirited eyes, he assessed Chu Feng in detail.

“Senior, may I dare to ask who you are?” Chu Feng did not directly reply, and he wanted to know the identity of the old man.

“I am the guest elder of the Prestigious Villa, Zi Xuanyuan.” The old man patted his chest and said.

“Zi Xuanyuan? That surname… Perhaps he is related in some way to Zi Ling?”

After hearing those words, a thought rose from Chu Feng’s heart. After all, there weren't many people with the surname of “Zi”, and up until now, he only knew two people who had that surname. One was Zi Ling, and the other was the old man in front of his eyes.

“On that topic, my baby granddaughter seems to also be participating in the Marriage Gathering and she is also in the event in this Thousand Monster Mountain. Boy, do you know my granddaughter? Do you know where she is?” Zi Xuanyuan suddenly asked.

“Elder Xuanyuan, your granddaughter is…?”

“Ah, that girl is called Zi Ling. You should know who she is right?”

“This...” Although he already suspected, after that guess was confirmed, Chu Feng still felt that it was a bit inconceivable to have actually met Zi Ling’s grandfather in this place. Obviously, that was not anything good.

The most important thing was that Zi Ling’s grandfather seemed to be even more overpowering than Zi Ling. He was an unfathomably deep expert. If Zi Ling told her grandfather about the matter of him taking the Secret Skill away from herself, wouldn’t Chu Feng receive the consequences?

“So you’re Lady Zi Ling’s grandfather. Of course I know who she is, but without hiding anything, Elder Xuanyuan, although I came to participate in the Marriage Gathering, I am here for the event.”

“However, I accidentally got lost. I’ve already been separated from them for a whole day, and right now, I truly don’t know where Lady Zi Ling and the others are.”

Chu Feng had just escaped from that place, so how could he throw himself into back into the net? And even bringing such an overwhelmingly powerful old man! He would simply be looking to die.

“Ohh, so it was like that. Boy, you’re truly stupid enough.”

“But no matter. Your luck is good as you met me. I’ll bring you back to them.”

As Zi Xuanyuan spoke, he got a map out from who knew where. The map was the same as theirs: the map where the event area was marked.

“Elder Xuanyuan, there is no need to trouble you. You can go find themselves on your own as I don’t want to rely on your strength to return.”

“After all, this is an experience. I carelessly got lost, and that is because I am not capable enough. I must fill in such incapability. So, I want to rely on my own power to find my way back.” Chu Feng shook his head and refused.

“Ahh, you just don‘t know how dangerous this place is. Boy, with your strength, you are simply looking for your own path of death by walking around here randomly.”

“Senior, it’s really fine, I should still...”

“No more useless words, let me bring you back.”

Zi Xuanyuan did not listen to Chu Feng’s nonsense. He extended his hand, grabbed, and grabbed onto the front folds of Chu Feng’s clothes. Quickly after, Chu Feng only felt a blur in front of his eyes and gusts of violent wind started to blow next to his ear. He was already brought into the air by Zi Xuanyuan. His speed was quick and it was actually several times quicker than when Chu Feng used his Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

Also, Zi Xuanyuan had very strong sense of direction and he seemed to understand the landscape of the Thousand Monster Mountain quite well. So, after going around in the air for several loops, he quickly locked onto the location where the event was held.

Within the area of the event and after circling around for a while more, Zi Xuanyuan’s face suddenly changed and along with Chu Feng, they stabbed straight into the forest underneath.

As they landed into the forest, Chu Feng hidden cursed became from the appearance of the forest, he could tell that it was the place where Liu Zhizun and the others set up camp. It seemed like this time, a disaster was heading his way.


However, after Chu Feng landed into the forest and saw everything in front of his eyes clearly, his face couldn’t help but change.

Because, he astonishedly discovered that in the forest, it was in completely chaos. The Spirit Formation was destroyed and the tents that were set up were also ripped into shreds. Even from a nearby place, there were dozens of various corpses laying there. They were the ones who participating in this Marriage Gathering and their deaths were all very wretched. Not a single complete corpse was left behind.

“Dammit.” Seeing that scene, Zi Xuanyuan seemed to have guessed something and the uneasiness on his face couldn’t help becoming a bit stronger.

“Why did this happen? They were just nice and well, so it is possible that...?” And Chu Feng’s face was also, similarly, filled with shock. He never would have thought in the short amount of time that he left, such a change happened. Obviously, Zi Ling and the others had met with misfortune

Looking at such cruel methods and the traces of destruction from claws, Chu Feng roughly guessed who did all of that. Clearly, they were attacked by Monstrous Beasts, and they were extremely strong Monstrous Beasts or else with Zi Ling’s, Liu Zhizun’s and the others’ power, it would not be possible for everything to end up like this.

Chu Feng was not concerned about the life or death of others, but after all, Zi Ling had a Divine Body and Chu Feng still wanted to gain some benefits from her body, so naturally, he did not hope that anything bad would happen to her.

Thus, Chu Feng hurriedly spread out his Spirit power as he wanted to find some clues.

Although he did not expect much, he had actually felt some signs of life. Within the corpses that laid on the ground, there was still someone living.

“Elder Xuanyuan, this way!”

Chu Feng hurriedly ran towards that person. Only after running near did he discover it was a male. He no longer had any of his legs, and it was as if someone forcibly ripped them off with brute force. But that person was indeed still living. Chu Feng could feel that he was still living.

“Oi, what happened to you?” Because that person was laying on the floor without moving, Chu Feng could only flip him over.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” However, just as Chu Feng touched him, he started to loudly yell. So it turned out that he wasn’t unconscious, and he was just broken from fright.

“My friend, don’t be afraid. I’m an elder from the Prestigious Villa.” Just at that time, Zi Xuanyuan also went close. He put his skinny palm onto that person’s head and imbued some special power.

With Zi Xuanyuan’s interference from his special power, the male’s incomparably frightful expression started to gradually steady and he had actually recovered his reason.