Chapter 365 - Horrifying Force

MGA: Chapter 365 - Horrifying Force

*swish swish swish*

Soon after Zi Ling returned to her tent, three bodies descended from the sky and landed within the group of people.

“Bai Yunfei, Song Qingfeng, and Liu Xiaoyao have returned!”

After seeing the three people, everyone was in ecstasy and they all surrounded them at the same time.

However, after they saw that Chu Feng wasn’t next to the three of them, the joy on their faces instantly froze.

“What happened? Where’s Chu Feng?” Liu Zhizun also walked over and asked the three people.

“That brat was too strange. He used an extremely powerful method and a thing that looked like a snake yet was not a snake, looked like a dragon yet was not a dragon appeared under him. I don’t know if it was a Monstrous Beast or something. Anyway, its speed was oddly quick and it disappeared with a blink. We could not have caught up.” Song Qingfeng said exactly what happened.

“What? Even three peak geniuses in the Heaven realm could not catch up to Chu Feng?”

“That Chu Feng is a bit too strong isn’t he? What should we do? That brat is too mysterious. Who knows what other special methods he grasps. If he comes back in the future for revenge, what should we do?”

At that instant, people panicked. They couldn’t help but remember the words of revenge that Chu Feng said to them when he was escaping.

Especially when they recalled Chu Feng’s super strong battle power when he fought Jie Qingming as well as his strange and special methods, more and more, they felt that Chu Feng was too dangerous. If he were to be developed, his might could not be blocked and all of them would suffer.

“Truly garbage.” And after knowing that Chu Feng had actually ran away, Liu Zhizun’s face also immediately sank.

Originally, he wanted to use their hands to remove Chu Feng and with that, many troubles could be avoided. After all, Chu Feng was part of the World Spirit Guild, and to the World Spirit Guild, he had many hesitations so he didn’t want to personally kill Chu Feng.

But he never, ever, would have thought that Song Qingfeng and the two others were that useless. Not to mention catching Chu Feng to give him a lesson, they didn’t even touch his shadow and they directly let Chu Feng run away. He was extremely furious because that was equal in losing a huge chance in killing Chu Feng.

“It’s not early now. My seniors and juniors from the Prestigious Villa also need to rest, so everyone, return and rest.” After Liu Zhizun, who was in a very horrible mood, yelled at the crowd for a while, he took the lead to walk back to his own resting area.

As for Song Qingfeng and the two others who were insulted as garbage by Liu Zhizun in front of the crowd, they were extremely displeased, but they who knew the strength of Liu Zhizun did not dare to say anymore. He could only mutter in a quiet voice, “God damn, you’re truly taking us as your subordinates! Just you wait, sooner or later, you’ll receive the consequences.”

At the same time, after getting rid of Song Qingfeng and the others with the wondrous bodily martial skill, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, just in case, Chu Feng speedily flew for quite a bit more. Only after feeling that an absolute distance had been pulled apart and that there shouldn’t be anyone chasing after him did he sneak into the mountain range.

“This Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens is truly an outstanding bodily martial skill.”

“The ancestor said that this martial skill was evolved from the Secret Skill he grasped, which also means that the Secret Skill is undoubtedly more profound than this martial skill.”

“Which means that the Secret Skill the ancestor grasps should be an extremely miraculous bodily martial skill. I truly want to get my hands on it.”

“Right now, I have the peerless attacking White Tiger Slaughtering Technique as well as the indestructible Black Tortoise Armor Technique. If I also get an extremely quick Secret Skill, when I exchange blows with others, wouldn’t I be unbeatable?”

For the first time, in a real battle, Chu Feng felt the wonderfulness of the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens and he looked more and more forward to the Secret Skill the Azure Dragon Founder grasped because he knew that it would certainly be a method that was above the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.


But just at that time, an angry roar suddenly rang out from a distance. The sound was extremely deafening and it was even more horrifying than the roar of a fierce tiger.

After that sound rang out, Chu Feng could feel the ground under his feet tremble like an earthquake. Quickly after that, there was even a violent gale that came crashing on him and the trees around Chu Feng were swaying from the wind blowing.

“Monstrous Beast. It’s a Heaven realm Monstrous Beast.”

After hearing that sound as well as the might it created to its surroundings, Chu Feng already confirmed his opponent’s strength. It was a Monstrous Beast. A Heaven realm Monstrous Beast.


Suddenly, the Monstrous Beast miserably cried out, and following that, Chu Feng could clearly see and hear the forest in front of him booming. A large area of trees quickly collapsed, dense smoke rolled and charged into the sky.


With his sharp Spirit power, Chu Feng felt the presence of an extremely terrifying current of air in front of him, and that terrifying current of air was currently engulfing everything and heading straight towards him.

Aware that the situation was going towards a bad direction, Chu Feng subconsciously wanted to escape, but he was still one step slower.

*boom* Just as Chu Feng wanted to turn around, a huge force flew and charged straight towards him head-on, and as he was within that force, he had no way of resisting. He could only go along with the flow and be pushed by the force.

At that instant, Chu Feng could feel that sand, rocks, broken wood, and even a Monstrous Beast with petty strength, being blown by that huge force.


Finally, that burst of force weakened and Chu Feng finally fell onto the ground. He raising his head to look at his surroundings, and he discovered that everything was in chaos around him. Especially behind him, there was a road caused by the destruction of terrifying force.

From the powerful force, the Monstrous Beast that was blown along with Chu Feng was already crushed to death. Even Chu Feng suffered some slight injuries and his clothes were all tattered.

“So strong. What level of power does one need to have to create such powerful destruction?” Seeing the large area of destroyed forest, Chu Feng was shocked because he felt that the guy who had such level of destruction power would certainly be an extremely frightening existence.

But just at that time, with crashing sounds, the ruins in front of Chu Feng suddenly dashed into the air. Rocks and dirt flew everywhere and an enormous huge thing bore out. At the same time, an extremely terrifying aura engulfed everything.

It was a Monstrous Beast. That Monstrous Beast did not transform into a human shape and it was still, completely, in a Monstrous Beast state.

It was three meters tall, ten meters long, its shape was like a wolf, but every single fur on its body was like a sharp blade. From the insides of its body, it emanated extremely powerful aura. It was the Heaven realm. It was that Monstrous Beast in the Heaven realm.

However, it was injured because several of its sharp fur were broken off and a large amount of blood flowed out from its flesh. Even quite a few of its huge and pointy teeth were snapped off.

After seeing Chu Feng, its dim green-coloured eyes instantly lit up. It emanated incomparable fury and hatred, opened its mouth, and wanted to bite Chu Feng.


At that instant, Chu Feng hidden cursed. With such a distance, he had nowhere to escape. The Monstrous Beast’s powerful aura already thoroughly locked Chu Feng in place.

Seeing the continuously approaching blood big mouth, Chu Feng felt that he was going to become its food, be torn into shreds by it, then swallowed into its stomach and refined into blood.