Chapter 364 - Come Chase After Your Grandfather

MGA: Chapter 364 - Come Chase After Your Grandfather

At that instant, Chu Feng was using the Imperial Sky Technique and resisting the air to walk.

However, before escape for too far, he felt three boundless auras quickly chasing after him.

He turned his head to look back, and in the horizon behind, they gave off three atmospheres so horrifying that they surged. The three auras were extremely powerful and even the air twisted.

In the night sky, the surging atmospheres did not even seem like atmospheres. They seemed more like three horrifying faces, and the reason why they were like that was because the ones who emanated them were filled with bloodlust.

And as the three terrifying atmospheres neared, Chu Feng saw their faces clearly. They were exactly Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao.

“Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, Liu Xiaoyao. Are you three not the dog legs of Liu Zhizun? He doesn’t come chase after me, so why the hell are all of you coming over?” Chu Feng turned his head around and cursed.

“Damn brat. Continue cursing! Curse louder! In a while, you’ll know the consequences of cursing us.” Song Qingfeng and the others disliked Chu Feng already before, so since there was actually a chance to openly and justly deal with Chu Feng, how could they let it go?

“Three scums, do you truly think you can catch up to your grandfather, me, with your tiny short legs?”

“I know that the three of you hiddenly love Zi Ling, but let me, your grandfather, tell you this. Sooner or later, Zi Ling will be mine. The three of you shouldn’t even think about getting her.”

“Come! Chase! Continue chasing! Come chase your grandfather! If today, you are able to catch up to me, I’ll say that all of you are impressive; if you can’t catch up to me, then go and regret.”

“Not only you three, the powers behind your backs will also pay the price for today’s actions. Wait for me, your grandfather, to go over to your Fire God School, Hidden White Sect and Free and Unrestrained Valley to pay some visits.”

After speaking those words, the Profound power in his body suddenly started to change, and quickly after, a large area of azure-coloured gas started to surge out of his body and it became the appearance of an azure dragon as it condensed under Chu Feng.

“Brat, quite big words you have there! Right now, I’ll come over to rip your mouth.”

Song Qingfeng could really not endure it anymore. Change happened to his steps and his speed immediately increased significantly. He used a special bodily martial skill.

At the same time, Bai Yunfei and Liu Xiaoyao similarly also displayed the bodily martial skills that they were all proficient in as they speedily forced their way towards Chu Feng.

“Hmph. Three garbages. You should be ashamed of being in the Heaven realm. You can’t even catch your grandfather here who is only in the 3rd level of the Profound realm.”

“All of you truly wasted so many years in martial cultivation and threw away countless resources. Look at all of you! You’re running towards thirty years old, yet you can’t even catch a child who isn’t even an adult. Has your lives been lived as a dog?”

“Whatever, I, your grandfather, am in a hurry and I don’t have time to play with you. You can slowly stroll around. Heaven realm? It is truly a waste for this realm to be put on your bodies.”

Chu Feng kept on insulting the three people, and only when the three were going to reach him did he urge the azure dragon under him and darted towards the distant horizon.

“Little brat, not only will I rip your mouth, I cut off your tongue, split you into eight pieces, then shatter your corpse into ten thousand pieces.”

Song Qingfeng gnashed his teeth in anger and with a grab of his hand, a huge hand condensed by Heaven power wanted to crush Chu Feng.

According to his estimations, with that distance, his hand formed by Heaven power should absolutely be able to grab onto Chu Feng.

But he never would have thought that the azure-coloured thing under Chu Feng’s body swayed, its tail twisted, and it ran several thousands of meters away extremely swiftly. They were all flung far behind, and with a blink, it drilled into the forest underneath and disappeared.


When they personally saw Chu Feng disappear with speed like lightning, Song Qingfeng and the others simultaneously stopped their steps. They stood in the air, their expressions were strange, and they looked at one another. Only after staring at each other without knowing what to do in that situation did they say at the same time, “How is this brat so quick?”

As Song Qingfeng and the two others were chasing after Chu Feng, Xia Le’r also returned to her own tent as she was accompanied by the crowd. In order to calm her emotions, several beauties decided to rest with her in this night.

However, there were still people gathering in the place where Chu Feng was wrongly accused and they were still incessantly talking about Chu Feng’s matter with interest.

Especially the males who endlessly envied Chu Feng. They insulted him by saying he was a beast, inferior to even dogs and pigs, and in short, all sorts of horrible words were all thrown onto his body. The people who knew nothing had actually wanted to use that method to gain the admiration of the beauties.

“Junior Zi Ling, before, I already thought that Chu Feng’s character was inappropriate, but I never would have thought that he was truly a person like this. Luckily, his abilities weren’t enough and he revealed his true form.”

“If not, then given that my Prestigious Villa truly gave a lady to him, that would simply be the same as my Prestigious Villa pushing a good female into a pit of fire.” Liu Zhizun walked to Zi Ling’s side with a face of concern.

And after hearing those words, Zi Ling’s eyes flashed as if she detected something, but she didn’t say much. She only sweetly smiled and said to Liu Zhizun, “Luckily Senior Liu is here, or else there would truly be no safe feeling while having an event in this place.”

“Junior Zi Ling, if you are afraid, I can set up my tent next to you. With me by your side, not to mention scum like Chu Feng, even if it is a Monstrous Beast, I will absolutely not let it return where it came from.” Seeing Zi Ling who was like a little bird relying on a person, Liu Zhizun instantly rejoiced as he patted his chest and guaranteed.

“Ho… I’ve taken your good intentions to heart. However, males and females splitting up to rest was the rule you set. As the leader of this event, you can’t break your own rules right?” Zi Ling sweetly smiled. Her smile could bewitch tens of thousands and it moved one’s heartstrings.

“This...” After hearing Zi Ling’s words, Liu Zhizun’s face was filled with depression and he truly wanted to fiercely slap his mouth.

He regretted setting such a rule. In reality, when he set that rule before, it was to prevent Zi Ling from keeping Chu Feng by her side, which gave Chu Feng advantages.

But he never would have thought that the rule that he set messed himself up. So, he hurriedly thought cleverly, and said while smiling,

“Today is the first day that everyone is getting close, and after all, we are still not familiar with one another so it wouldn’t be too appropriate to sleep together.”

“When everyone is familiar with one another tomorrow, we can set up tents together. After all, if there are any sudden situations, it would be easier to deal with if everyone gathers closer to one another.”

“We’ll all listen to your arrangements.” The beautiful smile was, from start to finish, still hung on Zi Ling’s face. She seemed abnormally cute, and quickly after she also said, “Senior Liu, I feel a bit sleep so I’m going to go back and rest first. Senior Liu, you should also rest early.”

“Ahh, yes. Don’t worry, even if I’m not next to you, I can still guarantee that you won’t be disturbed by others.” Liu Zhizun’s face was filled with consideration and his lustful eyes were constantly staring at Zi Ling. Only after Zi Ling walked into her own tent did he smile and said as he got his way,

“Only I, Liu Zhizun, am worthy of such a beautiful person. All other males should not even think of approaching her. Those who go near, I will put to death.”