Chapter 363 - Entrapping Success

MGA: Chapter 363 - Entrapping Success

“Someone! Save me!” With an extremely weak voice, Xia Le’r loudly yelled.

At the same time, the females from nearby tents already ran over. Zi Ling also ran over. Even the males who were in another area ran over with extreme speed, and when they saw that scene, all of them revealed expressions of fury.

And looking at the situation around him and looking back at the appearance of Xia Le’r, Chu Feng truly wanted to yell loudly, “Damn your mother!”

Because he knew that he landed into her trap. Although he did not know why Xia Le’r needed to entrap himself, but currently, she did indeed succeed.

“Senior Xia, I have no grievances nor hatred with you. Why do you need to set me up like this?” Although he knew that the situation wasn’t going well, Chu Feng did not panic. He took out clothes from his own Cosmos Sack, wore them, and questioned Xia Le’r.

“Senior Xia, are you okay?”

“Junior Xia, don’t be afraid. We’re here and Senior Liu will arrive soon.” At the same time, the females from the Prestigious Villa already went up and covered Xia Le’r with clothes.

Very quickly, Liu Zhizun also ran over. He went next to Xia Le’r and asked with concern, “Junior Le’r, what’s the matter here? What actually happened?”

“Wuu~~~~” At that instant, Xia Le’r first loudly sobbed with incomparable grievance, and only after that did she speak to Liu Zhizun with a timid and trembling voice,

“Senior Liu, I saw that Chu Feng was young and it wasn’t easy for him being alone outside. So, after making dinner, I invited him to have a meal with me.”

“But who would have thought that even though he isn’t old, he’s a lustful and shameless person with nerves that can cover the sky. He had actually put poison in my wine when I was looking away, and after my powers were all drained, he had immoral desires and he wanted to go violent on me.”

“If it wasn’t because the Mysterious Technique that I cultivated was deep, allowing me to keep a trace of power, I’m afraid that today, I would have been tainted by this beast in my own tent.” As Xia Le’r spoke to that point, her cries were without sound and her face was filled with tears. As people looked, they felt pity.

And with her superb acting, the surrounding people were all successfully tricked by her. All of them looked at Chu Feng with steaming anger. Especially the males. Bloodlust appeared in their eyes, and they truly wished to cut Chu Feng thousands of times and split him in eight pieces.

However, Chu Feng was not too concerned about others. What he cared about was Zi Ling. The thing he cared about the most was Zi Ling’s opinion on himself. After all, he still wanted to do it with the Divine Body.

But regretfully, although Zi Ling did not show the killing intent that others had nor the fury, at that instant, her little face of absolute beauty was a bit unnatural. She seemed to be a bit angry, and clearly, Xia Le’r brought the negative emotion over to her.

“Chu Feng, what a good person you are! You are young, yet your heart is so sinister. Junior Xia felt pity for you and generously invited you for a meal, but not only did you not know what gratitude was, you even repaid her kindness with hatred and treated Junior Xia like this.”

“If you are already like this in your current age, when you grow up, won’t you became a second lewd old man? How many females in the continent of the Nine Provinces would suffer from your poisonous hands?” Liu Zhizun stood up, pointed at Chu Feng, and furiously roared.

At the same time, several hundred males moved together and tightly surrounded Chu Feng, sealing his escape. Some people were even approaching Chu Feng and they planned to attack him.

“Hmph. Damn Liu Zhizun, you only heard her one-sided words yet you determined that what she said was the truth as if you personally saw what happened. Could it be that this scene was directed by you?” Chu Feng was also not afraid and instead, he started to rebuke Liu Zhizun.

“Nonsense.” After hearing those words, Liu Zhizun’s expression changed, then quickly after, he said, “Many people have seen your actions. You still dare to provide excuses?”

“Excuses? I, Chu Feng, have no need to provide excuses because I know that they will be useless.”

“But Liu Zhizun, and also Xia Le’r, you two remember this well. I, Chu Feng, am not fun to entrap. Sooner or later, I will let you two pay the price.” Chu Feng was also angry. Looking at the pair of dogs in the distance, he fiercely yelled.

“Damn Chu Feng, you even dare to speak such malicious words to threaten! I’m afraid that you won’t have the chance to take revenge on Senior Liu and Senior Xia.”

“Brothers! Let’s go at the same time and tie this little lustful demon and evildoer, Chu Feng, with the ropes of the law!”

Within the crowd, someone suddenly loudly yelled, and after that person yelled his throat out, Chu Feng could distinctly feel that from all directions, layers of boundless auras were surrounding and attacking him.

“Hmph. There are different types of people who throw rocks at people who fall into a well. I, Chu Feng, remember those who attacked me in my heart. The grudge between us will be returned in the future.” Chu Feng leaped, and with a flash under his feet, he rose into the air and shot towards the night sky like an arrow leaving a bow.

“How is this possible? This brat can actually fly?”

Seeing Chu Feng rise into the air, everyone couldn’t help but be astonished. After all, walking on air wasn’t something that those in the Profound realm could do, yet such a young man like Chu Feng had actually done it. How could they not be shocked?

“He only grasps a special type of martial skill. Everyone, don’t worry. A defense formation has already been laid here. Not only does it block the outside, it also blocks the inside. Today, even if Chu Feng has wings, he will not escape.”

However, when he faced Chu Feng’s escape from flight, Liu Zhizun disdainfully snorted coldly and with a thought, an invisible layer of Spirit Formation appeared and it enveloped the mountain, the forest, everything.

Liu Zhizun was also a World Spiritist and he grasped the power of grey-coloured Spirit Formations. When the Spirit Formation was being laid, he became the person who controlled the opening and closing of the formation.


However, facing the Spirit Formation that already covered the sky, Chu Feng only coldly snorted and with a thought, the power of grey-coloured Spirit Formation covered his body and it actually had the appearance of a key.

Then, he faced towards a point in the Spirit Formation above and charged straight at it. With a boom, the Spirit Formation was actually destroyed. Chu Feng passed through, and he started to escape towards the distant horizon.

“Dammit. This brat laid a hole in the Spirit Formation. He already planned this out for a long time.”

Seeing the Spirit Formation he opened up was so easily broken through by Chu Feng, Liu Zhizun was not lightly angered. He heavily regretted letting Chu Feng join in laying the Spirit Formation because otherwise, he wouldn’t have left an opportunity for him to safely escape.

“Don’t worry, he is but a mere brat in the 3rd level of the Profound realm. How could he possibly escape from our hands?”

“Hand this brat over to us.”

However, when Chu Feng broke open the Spirit Formation, three bodies in the crowd rose into the air, and with even faster speeds than Chu Feng, they chased after him.

The three of them were none other than Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Zhizun who were already filled with displeasure, even hatred, towards Chu Feng.

After seeing three people leaving, many people couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although the three geniuses didn't have too proper behaviors, after all, they were Heaven realm experts. Since they went out, no matter how much more Chu Feng’s methods defied common sense, he was certainly going to be caught.