Chapter 2247 - Overwhelming Anger

Chapter 2247 - Overwhelming Anger

“Ying Chong? Lord Villa Master, why has this subordinate never heard that name before?” The villa manager said.

“You naturally would have never heard of his name before,” Ying Liangchen smiled lightly. He said, “Do you know why I am so talented, yet my father still allowed me to go outside instead of keeping me in the Ying Heavenly Clan to nurture me?” Ying Liangchen asked.

“This subordinate is slow-witted. Lord Villa Master, please explain!!” The villa manager said curiously.

“Actually, it is not that my father has never thought about nurturing me. In fact, before I was five hundred and eighteen years old, I had been kept in the Ying Heavenly Clan the entire time. My entire daily life would always revolve around martial cultivation.”

“Even though all of my clansmen knew that I did not possess much interest in martial cultivation, my father still insisted on fully nurturing me. The reason for that is all because my talent was the best in the history of our Ying Heavenly Clan.”

“However, when I was five hundred and eighteen years old, my younger brother Ying Chong finally grew into an adult. He took the test of talent and obtained a superb result, a result that surpassed even my own.”

“Furthermore, ever since my younger brother Ying Chong has started martial cultivation, he has not only displayed his outstanding talent for martial cultivation, he has also display his adoration for martial cultivation, as well as his perseverance on the path of martial cultivation.”

“Ever since that day, my father began to wholeheartedly nurture my younger brother Ying Chong. As for my younger brother Ying Chong, his performance began to satisfy my father and the clansmen more and more. As a result, I obtained my freedom,” Ying Liangchen said.

“Never would I have expected that such a genius has actually appeared in the Ying Heavenly Clan. In that case, in the near future, your younger brother will definitely show his face in worldly affairs. Once that is to happen, he will definitely amaze the entire world,” The old villa manager said.

“That’s right. That is also what our Ying Heavenly Clan thought too. Unfortunately, no one will ever get to know his name again. Even if they do, very few people would remember him,” When saying those words, Ying Liangchen revealed a regretful and sorrowful expression.

“Why?” The villa manager was confused.

“I also do not know about the specific details. I’ve merely heard that he had entered a certain ancient remnant to train, and ended up being consumed by a spirit formation. Calculating it, it should have been several years since that happened.”

“Although I did not have much contact with him, and did not possess much sentiment toward him, it remained that it was his existence that allowed me to enjoy such an unrestrained livelihood.”

“Thus, I am also quite saddened by his death. After all, he was still so young,” Ying Liangchen said.

“The two of you are, after all, blood brothers. As Lord Villa Master is a loyal and true individual, you will naturally feel sad,” That villa manager said.

“Heh…” Hearing the villa manager saying that he was a loyal and true individual, Ying Liangchen smiled a profound smile. Then, he said, “It is precisely because my younger brother has died that my father turned his vision to me once again. The days when I can continue to live this freely will not last long.”

“That is why I agreed to help Chu Luyang do that sort of thing. I only helped him because I fancied those beauties in his palace,” Ying Liangchen said.

“Although this subordinate dislikes that Chu Luyang, it is true that there were truly many top quality women in his palace,” When mentioning this matter, the old villa manager revealed an expression of lust. He even started to gulp down his saliva in excitement.

“Haha, rest assured, after this Young Master is done playing with them, I will bestow them to you,” Ying Liangchen said.

“Thank you, Lord Villa Master,” The old villa manager hurriedly bowed as he spoke excitedly.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng arrived before Liangchen’s Villa.

After arriving at Liangchen’s Villa, the anger in Chu Feng’s heart burst forth instantly.

He saw several heads being hung above the entrance of Liangchen’s Villa. Those were all the heads of the Red Butterfly Society’s elders. Among them was Liu Chengkun’s head.

Although they were only heads now, Chu Feng was able to determine through the bruises and scars on the faces of the heads that Liu Chengkun and the others had been tormented miserably before being killed.


Chu Feng pulled out his Magma Emperor Sword and pointed it at Liangchen’s Villa. Then, he shouted, “All the people of Liangchen’s Villa, listen carefully! You can either scram or die!!!”

Once those words were spoken, heaven and earth started to tremble. It was like there were thunderclaps hovering in the sky as Chu Feng’s words echoed in the air.

It was not only Liangchen’s Villa; the entire mountain range was startled by Chu Feng.

“What boldness! Who is it that dares to behave atrociously in our Liangchen’s Villa?!!”

Right after Chu Feng said those words, not only did a single person not escape from Liangchen’s Villa, but over a hundred guards rushed out of Liangchen’s Villa. They all had fiendish appearances, and immediately surrounded Chu Feng with the intention of taking his life.

Upon seeing those people, Chu Feng knew that not a single one of them are good people, that all of them had done all sorts of evil.

After all, if they were truly good, how could they be willing to serve someone like Ying Liangchen?

At this moment, Chu Feng was filled with rage to begin with. Upon seeing this bunch of evildoers, his anger grew even more furious.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The Magma Emperor Sword Chu Feng held in his hand began to move about. Immediately countless flame rays were shot forth in all directions.

In merely an instant, the Liangchen’s Villa guards that had come out to attack Chu Feng were all killed.

At the same time, the flame rays shot downward toward the villa, engulfing it in raging flames.

“Eggy, help me kill them. Leave none alive. Kill all of them,” As Chu Feng spoke, he opened his world spirit gate and released Eggy.

“Rest assured, this Queen’s most beloved exercise is slaughter,” Her Lady Queen smiled sweetly. Then, she clenched her lily-white hand. Immediately, dark black gaseous flames began to rise from her hand. Then, the gaseous flames turned into a three meter-long black scythe.

With the scythe in hand, Her Lady Queen began her massacre. Not to mention those guards that rushed out to attack her, even the people that were planning to flee were not spared by Her Lady Queen. They all received miserable deaths.

Her Lady Queen did not spare a single living creature that appeared in her line of sight. Even the exquisite buildings in the villa were destroyed by Her Lady Queen.

Even though Her Lady Queen was as beautiful as a fairy, her methods were more ruthless and savage than even the methods of demons.

At the moment when Her Lady Queen was wantonly wreaking destruction and massacring the people of Liangchen’s Villa, Chu Feng descended from the sky and arrived before the heads of Liu Chengkun and the others.

With a face filled with apology, he bowed to Liu Chengkun and the others’ heads, “Seniors, Chu Feng has returned late.”

Chu Feng knew that those heads were not fake, that they were indeed Liu Chengkun and the others’ heads. However, Chu Feng felt that the only remains of Liu Chengkun and the others’ corpses must be their heads.

Thus, after he bowed to the heads, he used his world spirit techniques to form bodies for them so that they would appear to be whole.

Then, he used his world spirit techniques to create many coffins, and placed their corpses into the coffins before placing the coffins into his Cosmos Sack.

“Wow! I’m not dreaming right? The Red Butterfly Society’s President is actually this beautiful?” Suddenly, a lascivious laugh was heard. It was Ying Liangchen.

At this moment, Ying Liangchen was covered with his Thunder Armor, and Thunder Wings were growing from his back. His cultivation had already increased from rank seven Half Martial Ancestor to rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

However, it remained that he was someone who possessed a Heavenly Bloodline. Thus, like Chu Feng, he possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. In other words, after his current cultivation had increased to that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, his actually battle power was on par with ordinary rank three Martial Ancestors.

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