Chapter 2246 - Strongest Genius

Chapter 2246 - Strongest Genius


Liu Xiaoli was slightly hesitant. After all, this matter was a private affair concerning their Red Butterfly Society. And, most importantly, she wanted to personally kill Ying Liangchen to avenge her master Liu Chengkun.

“If you trust me, leave this matter for me to handle. Even if you do not care about yourself, you should still consider them,” Chu Feng looked to the Red Butterfly Society’s survivors.

“Don’t forget, this Red Butterfly Society was entrusted to you by Senior Liu. The Red Butterfly Society must continue to expand. It absolutely cannot be allowed to be eliminated like this,” Chu Feng added.

Chu Feng’s words just so happened to reach Liu Xiaoli’s heart. Although Liu Chengkun had been killed, she absolutely could not allow the Red Butterfly Society to perish.

That held true especially now. The Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters had been destroyed, and practically all of their elites had been killed. If even she were to die, there would truly not be anyone that could continue to maintain the existence of the Red Butterfly Society.

If that were to happen, the Red Butterfly Society would likely collapse completely in a short period of time.


Suddenly, Liu Xiaoli bent her knees and kneeled in midair. She bowed to Chu Feng.

In response, the rest of the people from the Red Butterfly Society also kneeled and bowed toward Chu Feng.

“What are you all doing? Quickly, stand back up,” Chu Feng hurriedly stepped forward to help Liu Xiaoli back up.

However, not only was Liu Xiaoli unwilling to get back up, she also started to kowtow to Chu Feng. She said, “Chu Feng, I, Liu Xiaoli, am currently unable to repay the grace you’ve shown our Red Butterfly Society. However, I will remember this kindness in my heart. In the future, I will definitely repay it.”

“Thank you, Lord Chu Feng, for the grace you’ve shown us today. We will remember it in our hearts, and definitely repay you in the future,” Following that, the survivors of the Red Butterfly Society began to kowtow to Chu Feng.

“Everyone, quickly, get back up. If someone were to see this, even if I kill Ying Liangchen by myself, the Red Butterfly Society will definitely not be able to escape responsibility.”

“Right now, your top priority is not thanking me. Rather, it is to reorganize your Red Butterfly Society,” Chu Feng said.

It was only after hearing those words that Liu Xiaoli and Red Butterfly Society’s survivors began to stand up.

Then, Chu Feng managed to gather the information on the location of Liangchen’s Villa from Liu Xiaoli. Then, he proceeded toward Liangchen’s Villa by himself.

As for Liu Xiaoli, she did not follow Chu Feng. Her top priority right now was to reorganize the Red Butterfly Society’s various branches that were scattered all around, and gather the remaining people from the Red Butterfly Society so as to prevent the complete dissolution of the Red Butterfly Society.

On their way to Liangchen’s Villa, Eggy asked, “Chu Feng, don’t you feel that this is a trap?”

“It’s naturally a trap. They have deliberately left survivors so that we and others will know that it was the Liangchen’s Villa’s Ying Liangchen that eliminated the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters,” Chu Feng said.

“Then, do you think that it was really done by the Liangchen’s Villa?” Eggy asked.

“It was definitely done by the Liangchen’s Villa. Merely, they must have been incited by someone,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re saying that it’s Chu Luyang?” Eggy asked.

“Naturally. After all, Xu Yiyi’s master personally declared that Luyang’s Pavilion was not allowed to attack the Red Butterfly Society again. Else, the Sunset Cloud Valley would not let them get away with it.”

“However, with Chu Luyang’s temperament, how could he possibly leave the matter at that? That is why he went to ask the Liangchen’s Villa’s Villa Master, Ying Liangchen, to help him.”

“Like that, he will be able to extricate himself from responsibility, and also eliminate a thorn in his side. It could be said that he has killed two birds with one stone.”

“After all, no matter how powerful the Sunset Cloud Valley might be, they will, upon considering the relationship Ying Liangchen has with the Ying Heavenly Clan, not attack Ying Liangchen,” Chu Feng said.

“It seems that the two of us are truly thinking the same thing. Merely, how did that Chu Luyang managed to make that Ying Liangchen do his dirty work?” Eggy asked in a puzzled manner.

“Birds of a feather flock together. They most definitely knew one another to begin with. Neither one of them are good birds. As long as it is something that benefits their own interests, so what if they were to kill some people?” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, it would mean that after killing Ying Liangchen, Chu Luyang will be next?” Eggy asked.

“Even if Chu Luyang is not related to this matter, I will still not spare him,” Chu Feng said.

“Why?” Eggy asked.

“Because he attempted to kill me before,” Chu Feng said.


Liangchen’s Villa. On a mountain range.

The mountain scenery was beautiful like a drawing. It was a very rare scene of beauty. This was also one of the reasons why Ying Liangchen had established Liangchen’s Villa here.

Although the surrounding scenery was fascinatingly beautiful, it was not the most important reason why Ying Liangchen was fond of this place.

The reason why Ying Liangchen was so fond of this place that he even named the villa after himself was because this place was filled with beauties.

Gathered in Liangchen’s Villa were countless beauties. To put it simply, this was none other than the place where Ying Liangchen went to to seek sexual pleasures.

Inside a palace hall in Liangchen’s Villa. At this moment, this place was filled with women. They were completely naked, and the entire scene revolved around two men.

Although it was a very unbearable sight, all of the women present did not show the slightest trace of shame. It was as if they had grown accustomed to it. They were using all their capabilities to please those two men.

As for the two men, they were deeply enjoying the pleasures.

However, one thing worthy of mentioning was that one of the two men was actually a white-haired old man.

That old man possessed the cultivation of a rank two Martial Ancestor. He was the villa manager of Liangchen’s Villa. He could be considered to be one of Ying Liangchen’s trusted aides.

As for the other individual, he was a young man with a head of blue hair. This man possessed a cultivation of rank seven Half Martial Ancestor. He was none other than Ying Liangchen.

Ying Liangchen was currently sharing his women with his villa manager.

This could be considered to be one of Ying Liangchen’s kinks. Of course, even though he was willing to share, those that he would share were all women that he had already toyed with.

In other words, to Ying Liangchen, those women could not be considered to be his women. Rather, they were only a group of playthings.

“Lord Villa Master, why did you decide to help that Chu Luyang? Furthermore, you even deliberately left people behind to inform everyone that it was us who extinguished the Red Butterfly Society. To our Liangchen’s Villa, that would be very detrimental.”

“After all, that Red Butterfly Society is a famous group of fugitives. They will likely come to frantically take revenge on us in the future,” The villa manager asked in a puzzled manner. Worry could be heard in his voice.

“You are mistaken with that. What sort of power is their Red Butterfly Society? They are a power that stated that they will rid the world of evils on behalf of the heavens.”

“As for my Liangchen’s Villa, we have done a lot of malicious deeds to capture women for me. Yet, why did the Red Butterfly Society dare to make Luyang’s Pavilion their enemy, yet not dare to make my Liangchen’s Villa their enemy?” Ying Liangchen asked.

“This… this subordinate is slow-witted. Lord Villa Master, please explain it to me,” The villa manager said.

“That’s simple to explain. They are not afraid of my Liangchen’s Villa, nor are they afraid of me, Ying Liangchen. Rather, they are afraid of the Ying Heavenly Clan standing behind me; they are afraid of my father.”

“Thus, in the end, the Red Butterfly Society is a power that only dares to bully the weak and fears the strong. That is the reason why they dared to make Luyang’s Pavilion their enemies, but not make us their enemies.”

“Thus, you can rest assured. The Red Butterfly Society will not dare to pick a quarrel against my Liangchen’s Villa. Even if they dare to come, I will make them suffer the consequences. With this Young Master here, you can rest assured.”

“No matter what, this Young Master is the second strongest genius to have appeared in the Ying Heavenly Clan,” Ying Liangchen patted his chest and said confidently.

“Second strongest? Lord Villa Master, please don’t be modest. I have heard that you are the strongest genius to have ever appeared in the Ying Heavenly Clan,” The villa manager said.

“No, I am not the strongest. The strongest is my younger brother,” Ying Liangchen said.

“Younger brother? Your younger brother actually possesses even better talent in martial cultivation than you?” The villa manager asked curiously.

“His name is Ying Chong,” Ying Liangchen said.

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