Chapter 2245 - Must Take Revenge

Chapter 2245 - Must Take Revenge

“Liu Xiaoli, I know that you are doing this with good intentions. I also know what you are thinking. However, you should know this.”

“Your master and I were but strangers. Yet, he was willing to sacrifice his life in order to save me.”

“I do not care whether he suffered from a serious illness and had limited time, it remains that he was willing to give up his life to save me.”

“To me, his grace and kindness are as enormous as the heavens themselves.”

“To me, Chu Feng, Senior Liu Chengkun was not only a benefactor, but rather a close relative.”

“And now, he has been killed. This is a hatred that I cannot live on with while ignoring.”

“Yet you, you actually want me to sit by and watch without doing anything? How could I possibly do that?!”

“Give me a reason! Give me a reason why I should sit by and watch without doing anything, why I should look on without lifting a finger, why I should remain indifferent toward Senior Liu’s death!” Chu Feng stared at Liu Xiaoli and shouted.

Liu Xiaoli did not dare to look Chu Feng in the face. The reason for that was because she did not know how to answer Chu Feng.

She was unable to provide a reason for Chu Feng to sit by and watch without doing anything.

She was unable provide a reason for Chu Feng to look on without lifting a finger.

She was also unable to provide a reason for Chu Feng to remain indifferent.

“Liu Xiaoli, it is impossible for me, Chu Feng, to ignore Senior Liu Chengkun’s revenge. If you still consider me a friend, tell me what you know concerning that Liangchen’s Villa.”

“However, if you do not wish to tell me, I will also not make things difficult for you. However, you should know that even if you do not tell me, I will still be able to find out about it from others,” Chu Feng said earnestly.

He actually did not blame Liu Xiaoli. Merely, he wanted her to understand that he would definitely involve himself in the matter.

Hearing those words, Liu Xiaoli grew completely quiet. It was not only her, those Red Butterfly Society’s survivors were also completely silent.

They did not expect that Chu Feng would place such a heavy importance on the grace Liu Chengkun had shown him.

At that moment, everyone felt Chu Feng’s absolute determination in taking revenge.

Even though they were all heartbroken by the death of Liu Chengkun and the others, they felt warmth in their hearts after hearing what Chu Feng said.

“Liangchen’s Villa only possesses power comparable to that of a third tier power. In fact, they are inferior to even our Red Butterfly Society.”

“Though Liangchen’s Villa’s Villa Master is the strongest person there, I have certainty that I can fight him.”

“However, that is not the important aspect. The strength of Liangchen’s Villa is not important at all. What is important is the background of the Liangchen’s Villa’s Villa Master.”

“His name is Ying Liangchen. He is a member of the Ying Heavenly Clan,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“Ying Heavenly Clan?” Chu Feng’s gaze changed upon hearing those words. Perhaps Chu Feng might not be susceptible to the mentioning of other Heavenly Clans, however, the Ying Heavenly Clan possessed a special significance to Chu Feng.

After all, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master who had wreaked havoc throughout the Holy Land of martialism had been a member of the Ying Heavenly Clan.

Chu Feng still remembered that man’s name. He was called Ying Chong.

Although Ying Chong was already dead, Chu Feng’s impression of the Ying Heavenly Clan was extremely bad due to the various evils Ying Chong had done.

And now, after Chu Feng discovered that the Liangchen’s Villa’s Villa Master was actually also from the Ying Heavenly Clan, his impression of the Ying Heavenly Clan grew even worse.

“That Ying Liangchen is not only a member of the Ying Heavenly Clan, he is also the biological son of the Ying Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. He possesses an extremely grand status in the Ying Heavenly Clan.”

“Furthermore, it is said that Ying Liangchen is the the most pampered son of the Ying Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.”

“If something were to happen to him, the Ying Heavenly Clan would definitely spare no effort to kill the person that did it to him,” Liu Xiaoli continued.

“If he is someone from the Ying Heavenly Clan, why did he not continue to properly stay in the Ying Heavenly Clan but instead stayed in that so-called Liangchen’s Villa?” Chu Feng asked.

“That Ying Liangchen possesses a superb talent for martial cultivation. It is said that he is the most talented individual to have appeared in the Ying Heavenly Clan.”

“However, he is not fond of martial cultivation, and instead enjoys sightseeing and amusements. He is fond of being free and unconstrained, fond of living a life without worries.”

“Furthermore, as he possesses a special identity, very few people dare to do anything to him. Thus, his father decided to pamper him, and allows him to do as he wishes.”

“Over the years, Ying Liangchen had set up villas at many locations with beautiful sceneries all over the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. As for that Liangchen’s Villa, it is one of the many villas he has established,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“So that’s the case. In that case, does he have powerful experts protecting him?” Chu Feng asked.

“While I cannot be certain about others, I can be certain that Ying Liangchen most definitely does not possess powerful experts from the Ying Heavenly Clan protecting him from the shadows.”

“The reason for that is because I’ve heard that what Ying Liangchen hated the most was being followed by the people from the Ying Heavenly Clan when he amuses himself outside.”

“Thus, there is also no one from the Ying Heavenly Clan in the many villas he has established. All of the people in them are outsiders.”

“Furthermore, as that Ying Liangchen is fond of controlling others, there is no one more powerful than him in his villas. He is always the most powerful person in his villas,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“If that is the case, it will be easy to take care of,” Chu Feng said.

After all, Liu Xiaoli had already declared that Ying Liangchen’s strength was on par with her own.

If Ying Liangchen was only that powerful, there would simply be no need for Liu Xiaoli to act. Chu Feng himself would be able to take care of Ying Liangchen. After all, the Golden Crane True Immortal had bestowed Chu Feng three Immortal Transformation Pellets.

“Although it is very likely that Ying Liangchen does not possess any guards protecting him from the shadows, I have heard that his father has requested an expert to set up a spirit formation on him.”

“When Ying Liangchen’s life is in danger, his father will be able to see all that he is seeing.”

“If anyone dares to attempt to take Ying Liangchen’s life, his father, the Ying Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, would personally see it.”

“Thus, if one attempts to kill Ying Liangchen, they will become enemies with the entire Ying Heavenly Clan,” Liu Xiaoli said.

“I understand,” Chu Feng said. Then, he looked to Liu Xiaoli and said very earnestly, “Liu Xiaoli, I have only a single request that I hope that you will agree to.”

“What is it?” Liu Xiaoli asked.

“Do not involve yourself in this matter. Let me take care of Ying Liangchen. No matter what, I will definitely kill him and avenge Senior Liu, as well as the others of the Red Butterfly Society that died,” Chu Feng said.

“No, I can agree to any other request. However, that request is something that I cannot agree to,” Liu Xiaoli refused immediately. Then, she stubbornly said, “Chu Feng, if you cannot sit and watch but remain indifferent, then I, Liu Xiaoli, cannot sit and watch but remain indifferent even more.”

“Hear me out,” Chu Feng said, “If you kill Ying Liangchen, you will definitely be chased by the Ying Heavenly Clan. As for you… you are not someone who can afford to offend the Ying Heavenly Clan.”

“As for me, at the very least, I am an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. You also saw what happened at the foot of Mount Cloud Crane. Even the four tier one powers tossed olive branches at me.”

“Even if I am to kill Ying Liangchen and cause the Ying Heavenly Clan to want to kill me, I am able to join a first tier power for asylum. At that time, the Ying Heavenly Clan will not be able to do anything to me,”

“Although that might be the case, but… with your cultivation, how could you possibly take care of Ying Liangchen?” Liu Xiaoli asked.

“You do not have to worry about that. I possess certainty of being able to kill Ying Liangchen,” Chu Feng said.

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