Chapter 2244 - Liangchen’s Villa

Chapter 2244 - Liangchen’s Villa

“Who is it?!” Suddenly, Chu Feng turned his sharp gaze toward the distance.

Sure enough, several figures were in that location. They were rapidly flying over.

Upon seeing those people, Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli hurriedly rushed toward them.

The reason for that was because those people were actually all members of the Red Butterfly Society.

Merely, those people all possessed weak levels of cultivation. At the very least, not one of them was a management elder.

“Lady Society President, Lord Chu Feng, you all have finally returned! Our Red Butterfly Society has encountered an enormous calamity!!!”

Upon seeing Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli, those people all started weeping bitter tears.

“Enormous calamity? Why would our Red Butterfly Society suffer a calamity out of nowhere?” Liu Xiaoli asked.

“Calm yourselves. Exactly what happened, exactly who did this, do you all know about it?” Chu Feng asked.

“We do,” The leader of that group nodded his head repeatedly. He was an old man that had lived for over a thousand years. Yet, tears and nasal mucus covered his face. Even his lips were trembling nonstop.

It could be seen that what had happened back then was truly tragic. It seemed that the Red Butterfly Society had truly suffered disastrous casualties. Else, he wouldn't be grieving in such a manner.

“Was it Luyang’s Pavilion?!” Chu feng asked. The way he saw it, only Luyang’s Pavilion would dare to attack the Red Butterfly Society. As such, the most likely culprit would be Luyang’s Pavilion.

“No,” That man shook his head.

“Then who was it?” Upon hearing that it was not Luyang’s Pavilion, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He was unable to understand whom other than Luyang’s Pavilion would eliminate the Red Butterfly Society, whom other than Luyang’s Pavilion possessed the strength to eliminate the Red Butterfly Society.

“It was Liangchen’s Villa,” The Red Butterfly Society’s survivors said in unison.

“Liangchen’s Villa?!” Liu Xiaoli was startled to hear those words. Then, she asked, “Why would Liangchen’s Villa attack our Red Butterfly Society with no reason or cause? We have never had any grudges or grievances with them.”

“We also do not know why. That day, Liangchen’s Villa’s Villa Master personally led their army here. Without saying anything, they began to massacre our Red Butterfly Society’s people.”

“It was not only the people from our Red Butterfly Society that ended up being massacred. Even those innocent commoners in that city were all massacred. Not a single person was spared,” The survivors’ leader said.

“All killed? Then, what about Elder Liu Chengkun?” Chu Feng asked. At that moment, Chu Feng, who was always calm, became nervous.

Of the people in the Red Butterfly Society, the person Chu Feng worried for the most, the person he cared for the most, would be none other than Liu Chengkun.

“Elder Liu, he… he… he was also killed!!!” The man wept.

“What?!” Hearing those words, the expressions of both Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli simultaneously changed.

Struck by five lightnings. At that moment, Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli felt as if five Divine Lightnings had struck them straight on the head, stunning them completely.

“Are you certain, certain that Elder Liu and the others were killed?” Chu Feng asked again. He was unwilling to accept that Liu Chengkun had been killed.

“Lord Chu Feng, we are certain, because we had personally seen Lord Elder and the others being killed.”

“Not only did they kill Lord Elder, they also took his and the others’ corpses away with them. We did not even have the chance to bury them,” When mentioning these things, the survivors began to weep even more tearfully.

“If Senior Liu and the others were all killed, how did you all manage to survive?” Chu Feng was confused. In terms of power, the Red Butterfly Society’s management elders were most definitely more powerful than these people. Since they were also present that day, it shouldn’t be possible for them to have survived.

Regardless of what sort of reason the attackers might have, since they had killed even the innocent commoners, they should not have spared these people from the Red Butterfly Society. Unless...

“We also do not understand why they didn’t kill us,” The survivors shook their heads. Then, with a ‘putt,’ they kneeled to the ground. They said to Liu Xiaoli, “Lady Society President, we are incompetent. We failed to protect our Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters. Please punish us.”

“What are you all doing? This is not your fault. How could I punish you all? Quickly, get up. All of you, get back up,” With shivering hands, Liu Xiaoli started to help them up one by one. As she walked in the air, her footsteps began to waver.

To Liu Xiaoli, although Liu Chengkun was only her master, he exceeded her biological father in her heart. At the moment she discovered that Liu Chengkun had died, her heart had been thrown into utter confusion.

As for Chu Feng, he entered a deep contemplation.

Suddenly, he said, “They did it on purpose.”

“What?” Liu Xiaoli’s expression changed. She hurriedly asked, “Chu Feng, what do you mean by on purpose?”

“They deliberately left them alive so that they could tell us who it was that extinguished the Red Butterfly Society, so that we could go and find them for revenge,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah?!” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Liu Xiaoli and the survivors all came to a sudden realization.

“Tell me, what sort of strength does that Liangchen’s Villa possess?” Chu Feng asked Liu Xiaoli. He had realized that Liu Xiaoli should have an understanding of Liangchen’s Villa.

Furthermore, he also realized that Liangchen’s Villa should not be a simple power. Else, Liu Xiaoli would not be so astonished upon hearing their name.

Furthermore, he had discovered upon looking at Liu Xiaoli that her cheeks were already wet. They were drenched with tears.

After all, Liu Chengkun was her master, and the Red Butterfly Society was her home. Now that her master and the many elders in the Red Butterfly Society had all been killed, the pain that she felt would be extremely difficult to bear.

However, Chu Feng discovered that even though Liu Xiaoli was feeling very pained, there was no anger in her eyes. He was puzzled by that.

Could it be that Liu Xiaoli did not wish for revenge? Or could it be that she did not dare attempt to take revenge?

Liu Xiaoli did not answer Chu Feng immediately. Instead, she closed her eyes. After a long time passed, she opened her eyes again and said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, you don’t have to concern yourself with this matter.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. He had verified that it was not that Liu Xiaoli did not wish for revenge, but rather that she did not dare to attempt to take revenge.

That Liangchen’s Villa was most definitely not an ordinary power. Else, Liu Xiaoli wouldn’t be acting in such a manner where she would refuse to take revenge for the death of her master.

“I cannot ignore this matter. Even if you do not tell me about them, I will still not spare that Liangchen’s Villa,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you really shouldn’t concern yourself with this. This matter is personal to our Red Butterfly Society. Allow me to handle it. I do not wish to implicate you into it,” Liu Xiaoli started to urge Chu Feng against it.

At that moment, Chu Feng looked Liu Xiaoli in the eyes. He discovered that it was not that there was no anger in Liu Xiaoli’s eyes. Rather, her eyes were filled with rage.

Merely, she had deliberately concealed her anger and the urge to take revenge.

It turned out that it was not that she did not wish for revenge, nor was it that she did not dare to take revenge.

Rather, she had already made the decision as to how to take revenge.

Merely, she did not want Chu Feng to involve himself in it.

She was afraid of implicating Chu Feng.

Thus, she wanted to take revenge by herself.

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