Chapter 2243 - Razed To The Ground

Chapter 2243 - Razed To The Ground

“Eh…” Faced with the sudden invitation from Daoist Three Swords, Chu Feng revealed a difficult expression.

“Why would Chu Feng have this sort of reaction? He couldn’t possibly be thinking about refusing, right?” Seeing that Chu Feng was hesitating to answer Daoist Three Swords, the crowd began to have misgivings.

‘Humph, that guy truly doesn’t know how to tell good from bad. Serves him right,’ As for Jiang Hao, he started to sneer in his heart.

The way he saw it, grand characters like Daoist Three Swords were all people who held grudges; they were not people that one could afford to offend.

This was especially true for Daoist Three Swords, who was famous for his fiery temper.

If Chu Feng were to refuse his invitation before all these people, it would simply be akin to slapping him in the face. Thus, Jiang Hao felt that Chu Feng would definitely suffer consequences today.

In fact, it was not only Jiang Hao that was thinking like that. Many people present were also thinking that way.

“Little brother Chu Feng, could it be that you have some difficulties with my request? That’s fine, if there are difficulties, you can go ahead and tell me about it,” Daoist Three Swords said with a smile.

Hearing what Daoist Three Swords said, Jiang Hao nearly fainted from anger.

What the hell was this?

Didn’t Daoist Three Swords possess a fiery temper? Wasn’t he someone that refused to allow others to talk about him? Why would he have such a good attitude toward Chu Feng?

“Senior, this junior does indeed have something that I must take care of. I fear that I will have to let you down,” Chu Feng said. The ‘something’ he mentioned was naturally Liu Chengkun.

Liu Chengkun’s illness would always relapse several times a year. Before, his relapse would always occur at the same time. However, it had become unstable recently.

Chu Feng had to hurry back to the Red Butterfly Society with Liu Xiaoli so that they could return before his relapse occurred. Like that, he would be able to prevent Liu Chengkun from suffering the pain of a relapse of his illness.

“Haha, it’s alright. Little brother Chu feng possesses things that he must take care of. If you have the time in the future, you can come and visit our Immortal Sword School at any time. As long as I am there, you will definitely be treated as an honored guest,” Daoist Three Swords said. As he spoke, he tossed a title plate to Chu Feng.

Seeing that title plate, the crowd all revealed stunned gazes. This was especially true for Jiang Hao. He was completely stupefied, and his eyes were filled with envy.

That title plate was the Immortal Sword School’s invitation title plate. Those who held the invitation title plate would not only be allowed entrance to the Immortal Sword School, they would also be received as an honored guest.

What sort of place was the Immortal Sword School Sect? It was one of the four first-tier powers of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. To anyone, being able to obtain one such invitation title plate would be an honor.

“Chu Feng, quickly, accept it. That is the Immortal Sword School’s invitation title plate,” Seeing that Chu Feng was still standing there, Xu Yiyi beside him pinched Chu Feng’s leg to urge him.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng not only received the title plate, he also bowed again to express his thanks to Daoist Three Swords. After all, merely from the reaction of the crowd, Chu Feng was able to tell that the title plate was highly valued.

“It is fate that has brought us here together. Thus, there is no need for you to stand on ceremony, for it will only create distance between us.”

“Little brother Chu Feng, in that case, I hope we meet again,” Daoist Three Swords clasped his fist.

“Farewell,” Chu Feng clasped his fist in response.

After Daoist Three Swords left, Grandmaster Pocket also arrived before Chu Feng while leading the experts from the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple.

“Good indeed, good indeed. Actually, this humble monk also wishes to invite almsgiver Chu Feng to our Buddha’s Heavenly Temple as a guest.”

“However, since almsgiver Chu Feng has matters at hand, I will not force you. Merely, this humble monk must thank almsgiver Chu Feng.”

“If it weren’t for almsgiver Chu Feng’s assistance, we would likely not have been able to pass even that purple fog, much less be able to even see the appearance of the comprehensive formation,” Grandmaster Pocket said with a smile.

“Grandmaster, you are being too modest. What this junior has done are all things that I should have done,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Almsgiver Chu Feng is truly humble. Although you possess a demon-level character’s talent, you do not give off the slightest air of arrogance. It has been a very long time since I’ve meet a sensible young person like you.”

“Good, good. This is a good thing,” Grandmaster Pocket praised Chu Feng nonstop.

Even though everyone knew that Grandmaster Pocket was a benevolent person, it was still very rare for him to praise someone in such a manner.

At that moment, many of the surrounding crowd were staring blankly at that scene. This was especially true for the people from the Sunset Cloud Pavilion; they all had expressions of astonishment on their faces.

After all, both Daoist Three Swords and Grandmaster Pocket were extremely influential grand individual’s. For both of them to think so highly of Chu Feng meant that it was most definitely not a mistake. Instead, it meant that Chu Feng possessed outstanding aspects.

After Grandmaster Pocket left, the Zhou Heavenly Clan and the Kong Heavenly Clan, those two other tier one powers, actually also moved toward Chu Feng to greet him.

Although they did not explicitly state it, they both made it clear that they wished to invite Chu Feng to be guests at their powers.

However, it remained that it was only Daoist Three Swords who actually ended up granting Chu Feng an invitation title plate.

However, regardless, it remained that all four of the tier one powers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, the four most powerful huge monsters, had actually all extended an olive branch to Chu Feng. That by itself was sufficient to indicate how valuable they viewed Chu Feng to be.

Originally, due to Chu Feng’s killing of Li Rui, the others from the Sunset Cloud Valley had felt some hatred and complaint toward Chu Feng.

However, after seeing the invitations from those grand characters, their impression of Chu Feng had changed.

In fact, even Jiang Hao, who had viewed Chu Feng as an enemy from the very beginning, had a change of sight. His gaze became very complicated. However, undoubtedly, the hatred that he held toward Chu Feng appeared to have decreased at that moment.

Afterwards, many others proceeded toward Chu Feng to greet him. However, they merely greeted him. It seemed that none of them were inviting Chu Feng to be their guests.

After all, they were no fools. When even the four tier one powers had been refused, even if they were to offer invitations to Chu Feng, they would definitely receive a refusal.

“It seems that it will be hopeless for me to invite you to our Sunset Cloud Valley as a guest,” Xu Yiyi looked at Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

Following that, Elder Ning Shuang added, “Little friend Chu Feng, if you have the time in the future, this old man hopes that you will come visit our Sunset Cloud Valley.”

“Miss Yiyi, Elder Ning Shuang, after I finish the matter at hand, I will personally come and pay you all a visit,” Chu Feng said.

“It’s a deal! You promised that. You must come,” Xu Yiyi said.

“Definitely,” Chu Feng replied earnestly.

“Pinky swear,” Xu Yiyi extended her pinky.

“Sure,” Chu Feng smiled and extended his pinky to hook with Xu Yiyi’s pinky.

Then, Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli began to return toward the direction of the Red Butterfly Society.

Calculating the time, the new headquarters of the Red Butterfly Society should not have been completed yet.

Thus, Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoli did not proceed toward the location of the new headquarters, and instead proceeded toward the location of the old headquarters.

However, when the two of them returned to the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters, before they even descended, their expressions changed enormously.

The city above the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters had been destroyed. Not only had the city been destroyed, but the entire place had been turned into an enormous ravine.

This meant that someone had razed the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters to the ground.

“What, what is this?” Seeing this scene, Liu Xiaoli was immediately stunned. Disbelief filled her face as her eyes instantly turned red.

After all, with the scene before her, even without any explanation, one could guess that the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters must have been attacked by others.

At that moment, even though Chu Feng’s eyes were not red like Liu Xiaoli’s, he was also somewhat stunned.

He had entered Mount Cloud Crane and discovered the place where the Exalted had trained. He was clearly capable of increasing his cultivation to at least that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. However, he had given up on that.

Why did he do that?

It was all for the sake of becoming an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist so that he could return to treat Liu Chengkun’s illness.

Yet, what was this? The Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters had clearly not yet moved. Thus, why would it be leveled to the ground?

Didn’t this mean that Liu Chengkun and the others might’ve suffered a calamity? That even though Chu Feng had become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, he would not have the opportunity to cure Liu Chengkun’s illness?

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