Chapter 2248 - Debauchery

Chapter 2248 - Debauchery

The reason why Ying Liangchen came out with his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings unleashed was because he had originally thought that it was the Red Butterfly Society that had come to attack his Liangchen’s Villa, and furiously rushed out with his villa manager with the intention of massacring the attackers.

However, after he saw Her Lady Queen, his eyes immediately flashed with light. He was bewildered by Her Lady Queen’s beauty, and even started drooling.

It was not only him; even that old villa manager who stood behind him had the same reaction as him.

Those two fellows were truly outrageously bold in their lust; they were actually thinking indecent thoughts toward Her Lady Queen.

“I am your ancestor,” Her Lady Queen revealed an ominous glint. Holding the scythe in her hand, she hacked down, sending a blade ray toward Ying Liangchen.


That blade ray was extremely powerful, and sliced through even space itself.

However, even though Ying Liangchen was faced with this sort of power, he merely raised his hand and waved at the blade ray. Immediately, a strong burst of wind was brought forth, forcibly scattering Her Lady Queen’s slash.

“My dear beauty, you are truly hot-spirited. However, this Young Master is precisely fond of difficult and untamed horses like you.”

“Come. This Young Master will definitely subdue you. I will ride the enchanting untamed horse that is you.”

Ying Liangchen laughed lasciviously. At the same time, he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. Immediately, boundless martial power turned into countless enormous hands. Like dragons soaring into the sky, those hands soared into the sky and surrounded Her Lady Queen.

Seeing this scene, Her Lady Queen started to frown. Even though her Lady Queen possessed overwhelming battle power, her cultivation was truly too weak.

While she was able to easily take care of someone like Hong Xi, it was difficult for her to handle someone with battle power on par with an ordinary rank three Martial Ancestor like Ying Liangchen.


However, right at this moment, a figure suddenly shot up from the ground and arrived before Her Lady Queen, blocking her.

That person shot forth a fist strike and completely shattered all of the vicious enormous hands.

That person was Chu Feng. Merely, there was an enormous difference to the current Chu Feng compared to before.

His entire body was glimmering with twilight. That was Immortal-level spirit power.

Merely, the Immortal-level spirit power that surrounded him appeared different from ordinary Immortal-level spirit power. It appeared to resemble the aura of an Immortal.

Being enveloped by this Immortal’s aura, Chu Feng’s cultivation was no longer that of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Instead, it had increased to that of a rank three Martial Ancestor.

Chu Feng had taken the first Immortal Transformation Pellet.

“Who are you?!” Ying Liangchen revealed an annoyed expression with killing intent filling his eyes as he looked to Chu Feng, who had appeared out of nowhere.

“I am called Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied coldly.

“So you’re that Chu Feng. Brat, you are truly bold. You actually dare to stir up troubles at my Liangchen’s Villa?!”

“However, that’s fine. You’ve saved this Young Master the time to go and capture you.”

After finding out Chu Feng’s identity, Ying Liangchen revealed a cold smile. Evidently, he had heard about Chu Feng.

However, more clearly than anything, Ying Liangchen simply did not place Chu Feng in his eyes at all.

“I’ll ask you this. Were you the one that killed the people of the Red Butterfly Society?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, I killed them. What about it?” Ying Liangchen replied in a disapproving manner.

“What about it? Those who owe a debt shall repay their debt. Those who kill another shall pay with their life. Today, I, Chu Feng, will make you pay with your life.”

Before Chu Feng even finished saying those words, he had already slashed forth with his Magma Emperor Sword. Immediately, a pillar of flame soared forth. Like a sea of flame, it surged toward Ying Liangchen.

Even though Chu Feng’s Heavenly Bloodline, his Thunder Armor, Thunder Wings and heaven-defying battle power were all restricted, he had, through the miraculous power of the Immortal Transformation Pellet, turned into an actual rank three Martial Ancestor.

As such, his attack was no small matter at all.

“Brat, don’t you think that this Young Master is a pushover. This Master Ying is the strongest genius of the Ying Heavenly Clan!”

Although Chu Feng’s attack was very powerful, Ying Liangchen was not afraid at all. He flipped his wrist, and an enormous green hammer appeared in his hand.

That was also an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Even though Ying Liangchen was quite thin, he was able to unleash extremely powerful might using that enormous green hammer.


With a smash of the hammer, space started to crumble.Chu Feng’s attack was also destroyed.


Following that, Ying Liangchen shouted loudly, and then he actually threw his enormous green hammer at Chu Feng.


When the enormous green hammer was thrown at Chu Feng, it started to roar. Soon, an enormous monster appeared.

It was a huge humanoid monster with green armor covering its entire body. The giant monster’s body shone with lingering green light. It possessed overwhelming power. As it moved its mountain-sized fist, it rushed to attack Chu Feng.

Even though that monster was enormous, its speed was extremely fast. The might of its punch rushed rapidly toward Chu Feng.


However, faced with this attack from the Incomplete Ancestral Armament, Chu Feng snorted coldly. He clenched his five fingers into a fist and shot forth a punch.

The size difference of the two fists was truly enormous.

After the two fists collided, a loud ‘boom’ was heard. Immediately, energy ripples began to spread all around. Chu Feng did not move in the slightest. However, Ying Liangchen’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament stepped onto the mountain, and then began to take several more steps back, stomping countless palaces to the ground in the process. In fact, its enormous body caused even the mountain range to be full of cracks.

“That guy, how could he be this strong?!”

“That bastard Chu Luyang actually dared to deceive me?!”

Upon seeing how powerful Chu Feng was, Ying Liangchen was both shocked and furious.

He was shocked because he had heard from Chu Luyang that Chu Feng was merely a rank two Half Martial Ancestor.

He was furious because he felt that Chu Luyang had deceived him. After all, the Chu Feng before him was an actual rank three Martial Ancestor.

It would be one thing if he were a rank three Half Martial Ancestor. Yet, he was a rank three Martial Ancestor. Furthermore, his battle power was so strong, simply on par with his own even.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was emitting overwhelming killing intent. He had come with ill intentions. It was clear that he planned to kill him.

Even though Ying Liangchen was extremely confident, he would still feel panic when faced with such a maverick as an opponent.

“I do not have the time to bother wasting with you. Magma Emperor, I’ll leave this guy to you.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng tossed the Magma Emperor sword he held in his hand. Immediately, blazing fire filled the sky as the overwhelmingly domineering Magma Emperor appeared before that giant monster.

“Come, little guy. This Emperor will properly teach you what is actual fear.”

The Magma Emperor and Chu feng were linked with one another. Thus, as Chu Feng became more powerful, he too would become more powerful. Right now, with the assistance of the Immortal Transformation Pellet, Chu Feng’s cultivation had reached that of a rank three Martial Ancestor. As such, the Magma Emperor’s strength had also increased enormously.

The Magma Emperor’s every punch and kick would give rise to surging waves of flame. In no time, he had completely turned this region into a frightening sea of flames. The flames were going to burn everything in their surroundings.

Faced with the Magma Emperor’s ferocious attacks, that Ying Liangchen’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament was actually unable to match up to it. At this moment, it had entered a state of absolute inferiority.

“How could this be? My Green Flame Emperor Hammer is actually no match for that fiery humanoid?” Ying Liangchen became even more astonished upon seeing the scene before him.

“You do not have the time to be worrying about someone else,” At this moment, Chu Feng had already arrived before Ying Liangchen. Furthermore, he shot forth a punch aimed directly at Ying Lingchen.

“Damn it!” Everything had happened too suddenly. Ying Liangchen was unable to react in time. As such, Chu Feng’s punch landed on Ying Liangchen’s chest.

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