Chapter 2155 - Move Aside

Chapter 2155 - Move Aside

“The Darknight Ghost Forest is a very frightening place. It possesses many spirit formations from the Ancient Era. It is simply impossible for ordinary people to set foot in there. Thus, no one dares to enter that place. It is a forbidden area.”

“In truth, other than that demonic woman, practically no living creature could survive in the Darknight Ghost Forest.”

“The demonic women have always been feeding on young men. It seems to be capable of increasing their cultivation. However, no one knows exactly why they need to do that.”

“Wait a moment, you said they? There’s more than a single demonic woman?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. However, the number of demonic women is not a lot either. One would generally appear once every several hundred years,” The City Master said.

“One every several hundred years? Could they be the same one?” Chu Feng asked.

“That shouldn’t be possible. The reason for that is because all of the demonic women that appeared before were killed. Thus, it’s impossible for them to be the same demonic woman.”

“Furthermore, even though the demonic women that appeared before were strong, they were still at a level that we could handle. However, the demonic woman that has appeared this time around is exceptionally powerful.”

“Dear guest, I am able to tell that you are a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. However, you should have also sensed that demonic woman’s strength earlier. She is most definitely not an ordinary Half Martial Ancestor,” The City Master said.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng nodded. Earlier, as he was worried for Wang Qiang’s safety and only wanted to save Wang Qiang, he had forgotten about that.

With his strength, if he were to truly fight against that demonic woman, he might really be no match for that demonic woman.

After all, that demonic woman was able to capture that many people in front of Chu Feng without him being able to do anything. Instead, Chu Feng was shook back several meters by a single scream from that demonic woman.

From that, it could be seen that that demonic woman was extremely powerful. Her strength greatly surpassed Chu Feng’s.

At this moment, Chu Feng started to frown. He couldn’t just ignore Wang Qiang. After all, Wang Qiang was his friend.

However, with how powerful that demonic woman was, Chu Feng would be no match for her. As such, how was he to save Wang Qiang?

“Dear guest, although the demonic woman that appeared this time around is much more powerful than the ones that appeared before, the demonic women that appeared before were all very strong too.”

“Actually, there is a method to eliminate demonic women,” That City Master said.

“What is the method?” Chu Feng asked.

“Across from the Darknight Ghost Forest is a mountain called Radiance Immortal Mountain.”

“Inside Radiance Immortal Mountain is a spring. That spring is called the Demon Subduing Spring.”

“The water of the Demon Subduing Spring is capable of restraining the demonic women.”

“As long as you sprinkle the spring water from the Demon Subduing Spring onto the demonic woman, the demonic woman’s strength will decrease enormously,” The City Master said.

“Where is that Radiance Immortal Mountain?” Chu Feng asked.

“Dear guest, please wait a moment,” As the City Master spoke, he took out a map. He marked three locations on the map with circles. Then, he drew a line and handed the map to Chu Feng. He said, “Dear guest, please have a look. This is where our Red Sparrows City is located. As for this here, it is the Radiance Immortal Mountain. Opposite from the Radiance Immortal Mountain is the Darknight Ghost Forest.”

“The demonic woman is in the Darknight Ghost Forest. That place has always been their lair. No one knows how the demonic women are able to survive in the Darknight Ghost Forest.”

“As for the Demon Subduing Spring, it is located in the Radiance Immortal Mountain. Merely, its exact location is very hard to tell.”

“The reason for that is because the location of the spring changes constantly. Thus, no one knows its exact location.”

“Furthermore, dear guest, if you plan to go there, you must be careful. Although the Radiance Immortal Mountain might sound very upright, there are many ferocious beasts living in it. Many of the ferocious beasts even possessed Half Martial Ancestor-level cultivations. It is a truly dangerous location,” The City Master said.

Chu Feng put away the map, and then asked, “Why are you helping me?” Chu Feng had already managed to see through the nature of the Red Sparrows City’s City Master and knew that he did not seem to be an individual who would help others out of kindness of his heart.

“That demonic woman is extremely cunning. Instead of committing her crimes in the vicinity of the Darknight Ghost Forest, she instead came here to commit her crimes.”

“It’s actually very simple. She is afraid of the powers in the vicinity of the Darknight Ghost Forest and the Radiance Immortal Mountain. That is why she came to bully us, who are weak.”

“Dear guest possesses the cultivation of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor at such a young age. It means that Dear Guest most definitely possesses an extraordinary origin. If you are willing to help take care of that demonic woman, it would be a blessing for us.”

“As for me, I have not done much. I have only provided dear guests a bit of useful information,” The City Master explained himself in a very deferential, honest and sincere manner.

Chu Feng smiled indifferently. He stared at the City Master with his sharp gaze and said, “I hope that what you have said is the truth.”

“Uncle Liu, let’s go,” After Chu Feng said those words, he turned around and a light wind swept through the room. Then, Chu Feng and Uncle Liu disappeared.

Right after Chu Feng left, that City Master’s complexion turned deathly pale. Pea-sized beads of sweat began to drip down his face like rain.

Then, his body grew weak and, with a ‘putt,’ he fell to his butt. He began to involuntarily and violently tremble.

“Lord City Master, what’s wrong?” Seeing that, a large amount of guards rushed in.

“I’m fine,” The City Master waved his hand. Then, he said, “Today, you all have nearly brought forth a great calamity for me. You bunch of bastards with no eyes. We are not people that can afford to offend just anyone.”

“Lord City Master, exactly who is that man?” Some curious guards asked.

“I also do not know exactly who he is. However, he is most definitely not someone that we can afford to offend. Not to mention the power that might be standing behind him, merely he himself with his cultivation of rank one Half Martial Ancestor would be able to completely destroy our Red Sparrows City with a wave of his sleeve,” The City Master said.

Hearing those words, the guards all revealed expressions of fear. One by one, they began to feel lingering fear.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?”

After moving several miles away from the Red Sparrows City, Liu Yue held a Cosmos Sack and looked to Chu Feng with an excited yet embarrassed expression.

That Cosmos Sack was given to him by Chu Feng. Contained within it were weapons, cultivation resources and a large amount of treasures.

To Liu Yue, the things in that Cosmos Sack might be things that he would not be able to gather in his entire lifetime.

At this moment, Liu Yue finally realized why even the Red Sparrows City’s City Master was afraid of Chu Feng. Chu Feng was no ordinary person.

Merely, Liu Yue felt embarrassed to accept such an enormous gift. After all, he and Chu Feng were neither related nor friends. Furthermore, he had not provided any enormous assistance to Chu Feng. They were merely strangers that only recently became acquainted with one another.

“Uncle Liu, my identity might end up bringing you disaster in the future. Take that Cosmos Sack and move far away from Red Sparrows City, far away from this place,” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he turned around and left without waiting for Liu Yue’s response.

While Chu Feng and Liu Yue had only recently been acquainted, he did not wish for this short while of knowing him to bring harm upon Liu Yue.

Chu Feng knew that although he was still a nobody right now, he would one day have enemies.

Perhaps, at that time, wanted posters for Chu Feng would be spread all over. If Liu Yue were to continue to stay in Red Sparrows City, someone like the Red Sparrows City’s City Master might end up selling Liu Yue out for the sake of personal benefits.

Chu Feng journeyed according to the map and passed over mountain ranges. He traveled without sleeping or eating.

He did so because he wanted to arrive at Radiance Immortal Mountain quickly. He wanted to rescue Wang Qiang; he did not want Wang Qiang to be eaten by that demonic woman.

Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped. He looked to the vast and limitless mountain range before him. A surprised expression appeared in Chu Feng’s gaze.

That mountain range could be said to be the most enormous mountain range Chu Feng had encountered so far. Even the giant continuous mountain ranges in the Holy Land of Martialism were not as vast as the one before him.

As for this mountain range, it was that Radiance Immortal Mountain.

“Move aside!” Suddenly, a shout sounded from behind Chu Feng.

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