Chapter 2154 - That Is The Demonic Woman

Chapter 2154 - That Is The Demonic Woman

“F-Fuck! Chu Feng, U-Uncle Liu, the two o-of you a-are truly r-refusing to believe me here.”

“F-Forget about it. If you d-don’t believe me, so b-be it. T-Those with s-strength do not necessarily need to p-prove themselves.”

“I, Wang Qiang, am a l-low-key i-individual,” Wang Qiang placed away the bottle.

Chu Feng and Liu Yue seemed to have anticipated this action from Wang Qiang. Thus, the two of them did not bother to expose him. However, they were still unable to contain their laughter.

“No, i-it would s-seem that I must prove m-myself.”

“E-Else, the t-two of you w-will really t-t-take me, Wang Qiang, as s-someone who boasts.”

As Wang Qiang spoke, he moved to the window and looked outside. Evidently, he was planning to find a beauty to test out his charm so that he could prove himself to Chu Feng and Liu Yue.

Originally, Chu Feng did not take Wang Qiang’s action to heart at all. Based on his understanding of Wang Qiang, he determined that Wang Qiang was putting on an act, that he would not do anything.

Even if he did do something, it would only be a farce. In fact, he might end up concluding with a tragedy.

“Wow, t-that beauty, s-she’s beautiful enough,” However, not only was Wang Qiang becoming more and more serious, he even started to shout loudly.

“Where? Let me see,” Seeing that, Uncle Liu also stood up and rushed to the window.

“Aiyah, when did such a beauty appear in our city? This is the first time I’ve seen someone like her,” To Chu Feng’s surprise, even Uncle Liu reacted with excitement.

With both of them acting like this, Chu Feng became curious too. Thus, Chu Feng walked to the window to look. He discovered that a large group of people were standing around the city gate.

The great majority of them were men. Densely packed, they formed a small sea of people. In the center of that sea of people was a woman.

That woman was truly beautiful, devastating beautiful, in fact. Her enchanting figure and curvy outline could be said to be perfect. Her fair and exquisite skin seemed to be extremely soft.

A rarity. She was truly a rarity. Especially when she wore that red dress, she appeared extremely hot and sexy.

“Haha, the h-heavens a-are helping me. T-That girl is m-mine,” As Wang Qiang spoke, he planned to leap out through the window.

“Wait,” However, Chu Feng grabbed Wang Qiang. He said, “Something’s fishy about that woman. With how beautiful she is, why would she be standing there and exposing her beauty to that many men? Someone like her should be extremely conceited. Ordinary men should not be able to enter her discerning eyes.”

“Aiya, y-you’re o-overthinking it. I-Isn’t a w-woman’s beauty f-for men to s-see? D-Don’t tell me that t-their beauty is for t-themselves to see,” Wang Qiang brushed it off.

“That’s only one of the reasons. Most importantly, I am unable to see through her cultivation,” Chu Feng said solemnly.

“Doesn’t matter. Just w-watch my p-performance.”

“N-No m-matter how powerful she might be, t-today, I, y-your brother am going t-to conquer her,” Wang Qiang leapt out through the window of the Hundred Levels Red Sparrows Restaurant and landed in the sea of people.

Then, Wang Qiang passed through the crowd and arrived at the center of the crowd. Suddenly, he shouted, “Ahhh!!!”

Not only did his shout successfully capture the attention of that woman, he also captured the attention of everyone around him.

Although that red-dressed woman was extremely beautiful, Wang Qiang’s outfit was truly strange. Thus, his appearance caused the crowd’s gaze to shine with shock.

Right at that moment, Wang Qiang started to look at that red-dressed woman with an adoring gaze. Slowly, he began to walk toward that woman one step at a time.

Not only was he walking toward her, he was even reciting poetry as he walked toward her.


“M-M-My d-dear beauty.”

“I am w-willing to b-be t-turned into a s-stone bridge and endure five h-hundred years of wind, sun and r-rain. I w-wish for n-nothing m-more than you w-walking over me so t-that I might s-see the color of y-your p-panties.”

Wang Qiang’s words stunned not only the surrounding crowd, but even Chu Feng and Liu Yue who were still far away.

“The hell!? A hoodlum!”

“Scoundrel! Animal! Simply a pervert!”

Immediately, the crowd burst into an uproar. The men present were all enraged. They rolled up their sleeves and planned to attack Wang Qiang.

They had the appearance of masses beating up a hoodlum to help out a beauty.

However, that red-dressed woman did not reveal the slightest trace of anger. Instead, her eyes narrowed into two beautiful crescents as she asked Wang Qiang, “To dare speak to me like that, do you not fear death?”

“To d-die by a t-t-tree peony, e-even in d-death, I w-will f-feel accomplished,” Wang Qiang said proudly.

“What about you all?” The red-dressed woman looked to the other surrounding men.

“I’m willing.”

“I’m also willing to die for you.”

In response, the men all began to shout their willingness to die. They even began to swear upon the heavens to express their determination.

“Very well. Since you all are willing to die for me, then go ahead and die for me,” Suddenly, that red-dressed woman’s eyes shone with crimson light, revealing a frightening killing intent.

At the same time, her beautiful body started to change.

Her alluring figure immediately grew fatter by more than tenfold. Her fair skin turned fiery red.

Her black hair turned red as well, and started to flutter about everywhere in a demonic manner.

Her delicate, ruby-lipped mouth became enormous. As she opened that mouth, sharp teeth were revealed.

“This is bad,” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng’e expression immediately changed. His body shifted, and he began to fly toward where Wang Qiang was standing.


However, right at the moment Chu Feng moved, a beast-like roar sounded. Then, a violent wind began to sweep around in all directions.

Faced with that violent wind, Chu Feng was actually unable to approach it. In fact, he was pushed back repeatedly.

After the violent wind passed, Chu Feng was shocked to discover that many of the buildings in the city had collapsed. There were countless casualties.

The men that had surrounded that red-dressed woman earlier had all disappeared.

This included Wang Qiang.

“Damn it!”

Chu Feng flew into the sky and used his Heaven’s Eyes and spirit power to survey the surroundings. However, he was simply unable to find that red-dressed woman nor Wang Qiang.

The woman had disappeared. Wang Qiang had also disappeared, along with all of the men that had surrounded that woman.

In that moment of chaos, Chu Feng suddenly recalled what Liu Yue had mentioned earlier. He said that a demonic woman that specialized in capturing men had appeared in this area in recent days.

Thus, Chu Feng returned to the Hundred Levels Red Sparrows Restaurant and asked Liu Yue, “Uncle Liu, was that woman earlier the legendary demonic woman?”

“I, I, I don’t know either. Merely, that seemed to resemble it,” At this moment, Liu Yue was deeply frightened. After all, the might emitted by the red-dressed woman earlier had been truly frightening.

“Dear guest, that was indeed that demonic woman,” Right at this moment, the Hundred Levels Red Sparrows Restaurant’s owner, this city’s City Master, appeared.

“You know about that demonic woman?” Chu Feng asked.

“Dear guest, this old man does know a bit about that demonic woman,” The City Master said.

“Tell me about it,” Chu Feng said.

“No one knows whether that demonic woman is a demon or a ghost. All we know is that woman originates from the Darknight Ghost Forest,” The City Master said.

“Darknight Ghost Forest?” Chu Feng started to frown. He felt amiss merely by hearing the name of that place.

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