Chapter 2153 - Wang Qiang’s Charm

Chapter 2153 - Wang Qiang’s Charm


Wang Qiang slammed his palm onto the table. Then, he used his sleeve to wipe away the tea Chu Feng had sprayed all over his face.

With an angry expression on his face, he looked to the City Master, “W-W-What is w-with your comprehension a-ability?”

“I’m t-telling you to bring me a l-lot of dumplings, not to b-bring me dumplings with e-excrement filling.”

“Did you t-take me a-as a c-crazy man? W-W-Why would I e-eat excrement dumplings?”

“Eh… it is this old man’s fault. I will go and prepare the dumplings right away. Dear guests, please wait.”

At this moment, that City Master’s face turned green with fear. Evidently, not only was he afraid of Chu Feng, he was also very afraid of Wang Qiang. Thus, even though he had yet to ask what Chu Feng and Liu Yue wanted to eat, he immediately left to escape from Wang Qiang’s anger.

“T-Truly, w-what is w-with his c-comprehension ability?” Wang Qiang continued to complain.

As for Chu Feng, he was laughing nonstop. He felt that Wang Qiang was truly amusing. Traveling with him truly made the journey a lot more fun.

Then, a server arrived so Chu Feng and Liu Yue could order their food. Chu Feng was completely unrestrained, and practically ordered all of the delicious specialities this place offered.

However, even with this being the case, the City Master still added many additional delicious delicacies for Chu Feng and the others.

When the delicacies began to arrive, filling the table and piling up like a small mountain, even Chu Feng nearly drooled. It must be said that the aroma of the food was truly good.

As for Wang Qiang, he began to eat large mouthfuls of food. That fellow did not even use chopsticks when eating. He was actually grabbing the food with his hands. Even when drinking his soup, he would use his hand. It was truly a disgusting sight.

That being said, Liu Yue, who had been very offended and carefree earlier, appeared to be very awkward and silent right now.

“Uncle Liu, don’t be afraid. This City Master will not dare to do anything to you today. Likewise, he will not dare to do anything to you in the future,” Chu Feng managed to guess what Liu Yue was worried about.

“Chu Feng, Wang Qiang, may I know exactly what sort of origin the two of you possess?” Liu Yue asked. As he spoke those words, he took a deliberate glance at Wang Qiang.

Evidently, he was not only afraid of the City Master, he was also scared of Wang Qiang. After all, he had been very rude toward Wang Qiang earlier, and even declared him to be ugly and a stutterer. It could be said that he had insulted Wang Qiang’s shortcomings without any restraint.

It was as Wang Qiang said, what Liu Yue had done was make discriminative personal attacks.

Originally, Liu Yue had not cared about insulting Wang Qiang. However, after he realized that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were not simple, he began to regret his decisions. In the end, he was worried that Wang Qiang would take revenge on him.

“Our origins are not important. What is important is that we are your friends.”

“Wang Qiang, say, am I correct?” Chu Feng was able to see through what Liu Yue was worried about. Thus, he used his hand to push Wang Qiang.

“R-Right, U-Uncle Liu, it’s a-all thanks to you. If n-not for you, we w-w-would not have been able to find t-this much good f-food,” Wang Qiang said with a beaming smile. As a carefree individual, Wang Qiang did not hold a grudge against Liu Yue.

Seeing Wang Qiang’s reaction, Liu Yue smiled in a relieved manner.

“Come, Uncle Liu, let me offer you a toast of wine,” Chu Feng raised his wine cup.

“I-I-I’ll offer you a t-toast too,” Wang Qiang also joined in.

“Good,” In response, Liu Yue raised his own wine cup too.

After drinking the wine and several more cups of wine, Liu Yue let go of all the worries in his heart and became more and more merry.

As the saying goes, after wine, one’s true nature will show. Liu Yue was a typical such individual. After several cups of wine, he became very talkative and started to say all sorts of things.

“Chu Feng, Wang Qiang.”

“Listen to me. I can tell that the two of you are extraordinary people. It is no wonder that you are so bold.”

“However, I must still advise the two of you. This place is not a safe place at all.”

“Not mentioning Luyang’s Pavilion, a demonic woman also appeared here in recent days. That demonic woman is extremely malicious. She goes around to seduce men all over the place. Then, she’ll eat the flesh of those men. The two of you must be careful.”

“Especially you, Chu Feng. Look at how soft-skinned and tender-fleshed you are. It’s not safe at all out there.”

“By comparison, Wang Qiang would be much safer,” Liu Yue said drunkenly.

“The hell! Uncle Liu, what are you i-i-implying with that? A-Are you s-saying that I am n-not as handsome as C-Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Wang Qiang was displeased.

“I’m not trying to insult you. Merely, you are truly not as handsome as Chu Feng,” At this moment, Liu Yue was extremely bold. He spoke without any worry.

“A-Aiya, if y-you say it like that, I’ll be u-u-un-unhappy. I don’t k-know about Chu Feng, but i-in terms of being charming, I, W-Wang Qiang am definitely the first under heaven.”

“Here, l-let me e-explain it like this. I-In this world, t-there is no woman t-that I, Wang Qiang, c-cannot handle. Not t-to mention a demonic w-woman, even if it is a woman that is as b-beautiful as a flower, she w-would not be able to e-escape should I, Wang Qiang, w-want to c-c-capture her,” Wang Qiang smirked while patting his chest.

“Puu…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself and burst into laughter.

Although the time Chu Feng and Wang Qiang knew one another could not be considered an extremely long time, it was not short either.

Thus, Chu Feng knew whether or not that fellow was popular with women.

At the very least, Chu Feng knew that Wang Qiang had tried to hit on Xian Miaomiao, Tantai Xue, Bai Ruchen, Sima Ying and even the Misty Peak’s Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu and Dong Xue, all those beautiful women.

Merely, not a single one of them felt a favorable impression toward Wang Qiang.

Even when conversing with Wang Qiang, they only did so because they were unwilling to offend Wang Qiang, as he possessed a high level of cultivation and was Chu Feng’s friend.

In fact, for Xian Miaomiao, she would rain ruthless insults at Wang Qiang should he dare to approach her. She would refuse to even give him the chance to approach her.

Thus, Chu Feng knew very well that Wang Qiang was boasting.

He simply possessed no fate with women.

“C-C-Chu Feng, y-you’re actually laughing at me? I h-have considered you a b-b-brother in vain,” Seeing Chu Feng bursting into laughter, Wang Qiang was displeased.

“Wang Qiang, I am truly not laughing at you. I am just unable to contain myself,” Chu Feng said while laughing.

Wang Qiang sighed. “It would a-appear that you w-will not trust me u-unless I s-show you some proof.”

“S-Since that is the c-case, I, W-Wang Qiang, will s-show great k-kindness and b-broaden y-your horizons t-today,” As Wang Qiang spoke, he took out a box from his Cosmos Sack.

Although Wang Qiang’s outfit was extremely tattered, that box was extremely exquisite. After Wang Qiang opened that box, a red jade bottle appeared within it.

“H-Here, the two of you, l-look carefully. M-Make that e-extremely carefully. T-This is my t-treasure.”

“W-With this, r-regardless of how p-proud and aloof a w-woman might be, even if she is fond of w-women and p-possesses no interest for m-men, s-she will still f-fall for m-me completely once I u-use this treasure. F-For the rest of h-her life, s-she will re-refuse to leave me,” Wang Qiang held the bottle and said proudly.

“Puu~~~” Seeing that jade bottle, Chu Feng burst into more laughter. Even Liu Yue burst into laughter.

The reason for that was because the red jade bottle had a slip of paper pasted onto it. On that paper were several words. The handwriting of the words was extremely ugly. However, that was not the important aspect. Most importantly was the content of the words:

‘Whoever this hits shall fall in love with me!!!’

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