Chapter 2152 - Looking Down Upon Others With Dog’s Eyes

Chapter 2152 - Looking Down Upon Others With Dog’s Eyes

“Stop!” However, right after Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Liu Yue approached the restaurant, several tens of guards blocked their path.

The guard with the Martial Emperor-level cultivation was standing at the forefront of the guards. He had a very fierce and ill-intended gaze.

“Liu Yue, is this a place where someone like you can set foot? Scram!” It turned out that those people had not come here for Chu Feng. Rather, their target was Liu Yue.

“Is this the way that such a big restaurant does business, the way that it entertains its guests?” Chu Feng’s eyebrows narrowed as he asked coldly.

“We would naturally be refined and courteous when entertaining guests. However, for little bandits like you who only plan to stir up trouble, there is no need for us to show you any etiquette,” Seeing that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang had arrived together with Liu Yue, the guards also did not place them in their eyes.

Suddenly, the leading guard shouted at them, “Scram immediately. If you don’t scram immediately, do not blame us for being impolite!”

“Chu Feng, let’s go,” Seeing that, Liu Yue became even more panicky. He grabbed Chu Feng and Wang Qiang with his hands and tried to pull them out of this place.

However, the moment he grabbed them, Liu Yue was startled. He was surprised to discover that Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were standing firmly like Mount Tai; he was simply unable to move them at all.

“I shall see how you all are going to be impolite,” Chu Feng said coldly.

“Truly one who refuses a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. You are courting a beating,” In response, the leading guard snorted coldly. Then, a layer of boundless oppressive might swept forth.


The oppressive might of a rank two Martial Emperor swept across. Immediately, violent whistling wind could be heard. Like a fierce tiger descending from the mountain, the surrounding space started to distort.

After that oppressive might was revealed, the corners of that guard’s mouth lifted involuntarily.

Naturally, this oppressive might was not the limit of his power. However, he felt that this oppressive might was more than sufficient to blow Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Liu Yue rolling and crawling on the ground and leaving them bruised and bloodied.

Not only would they suffer external injuries, they would also suffer internal injuries. Without at least eight or ten years, they would not be able to recover from those injuries. In fact, it might even be possible that their future prospects would be ruined.

However, that guard did not feel that he was being excessive at all. The way he saw it, this was the consequence of offending him. Chu Feng and the others had brought this upon themselves.


However, after that powerful oppressive might dispersed, the guards present all revealed astonished expressions. This was especially true for that Martial Emperor-level guard; he was so shocked that his mouth was wide open. His expression was uglier than even someone who had just been fed swine feces.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng and Wang Qiang were not moved in the slightest; they were not at all affected by his oppressive might. Furthermore, even Liu Yue, a mere Half Martial Emperor, was completely unharmed.

“Are you done?” Chu Feng asked.

“Ah?” That guard’s expression changed. He was at a complete loss.

“Then it’s my turn,” As Chu Feng spoke, coldness flashed through his eyes. Then, his rank one Half Martial Ancestor-level oppressive might swept forth.


Immediately, heaven and earth started to tremble. The guards present were all like fallen leaves as they were knocked flying by the shaking. Ruthlessly, they crashed into the Hundred Levels Red Sparrow’s Restaurant.

The powerful impact caused even the Hundred Levels Red Sparrow’s Restaurant to tremble violently. As for those guards, they all vomited out mouthfuls of blood; they were seriously injured.

“T-T-T-This…” At this moment, Liu Yue was struck dumb. No matter what, he had never expected Chu Feng, a mere young man, to be this powerful.

After all, he knew very well that the leader of the guards was a Martial Emperor, an actual Martial Emperor.

Chu Feng was actually able to send a Martial Emperor flying with merely his oppressive might. He was truly stunned by this.

“What audacity!!!” Right at this moment, a white-haired old man walked out from the Hundred Levels Red Sparrows Restaurant. This old man wore gorgeous clothes, and revealed a golden gaze. Furthermore, he possessed the cultivation of a rank seven Martial Emperor.

“C-Crap, quickly, we need to escape,” Seeing that old man, Liu Yue revealed a frightened expression. He turned around and tried to leave.

As someone from this place, he knew how powerful that old man was. He was the master of the Hundred Levels Red Sparrows Restaurant, the City Master of this city. He was the strongest person in this city.

Since Chu Feng had actually injured his subordinate, it was obvious that Chu Feng would end up suffering.

Even though the aura Chu Feng emitted was extremely powerful and had deeply astonished Liu Yue, his cultivation was too low. Thus, he was simply unable to tell that Chu Feng’s aura was that of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor.

Thus, the way he saw it, regardless of how powerful Chu Feng might be, he would not be more powerful than that City Master. If they did not escape now, the only thing that awaited them would be death.

“Insolent fools, you are truly filled with overwhelming audacity!”

However, right at this moment, that City Master suddenly turned around and angrily berated the guards lying on the floor.

Not only did he berate them, he even raised his hand and gave the guards resounding slaps to their faces, leaving them with bloodied noses and swollen faces.

“Quickly, apologize to the three guests immediately!” The City Master shouted.

“Dear guests, please spare us, please spare us,” The guards did not dare to hesitate. They immediately crawled back up while grunting with pain, and then kneeled before Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Liu Yue. With snot and tears, they began to kowtow and beg for forgiveness.

It was a truly wretched and miserable scene.

However, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang completely ignored the begging from the guards. It was as if they did not even see them.

The two of them knew very well that dogs like them who would threaten others based on their master’s power were unworthy of their sympathy.

“You bunch of dogs who look at others with contempt with your dog eyes, continue to kneel!” Seeing that, the City Master shouted again. Then, he put a smile on his face, turned to Chu Feng and said, “Dear guests, please come in. The inconsiderate reception of the guards was my fault. Today, the meal’s on me. Please, eat as you wish.”

At this moment, Liu Yue was completely baffled. He thought to himself, ‘What the hell is this? The fierce and vicious City Master had always been someone who shields his people. If anyone dares to attack his subordinates, he’d definitely skin them alive.’

‘What Chu Feng did just now most definitely triggered the anger of the City Master. Yet, why did what I anticipate not happen? Instead, everything’s turned around. The City Master is actually greeting them with a smile on his face?’

“That’s more like it,” Chu Feng had an expressionless face as he walked into the restaurant.

Although Liu Yue was confused by why the City Master was acting in such a servile manner, Chu Feng knew why very well.

That City Master had noticed the disturbance outside the moment the guards had blocked their path.

Merely, he had not concerned himself with it. From this, it could be seen that the City Master was also looking down on Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Liu Yue, and was deliberately allowing his guards to drive them away.

As for his current behavior, it was naturally because he was scared by Chu Feng’s strength.

Although that City Master was also a Martial Emperor, he should know very well how meek his status was before Chu Feng, a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. He knew very well whether or not he could afford to offend Chu Feng.

Then, that City Master personally led the way for Chu Feng and the others. He brought them to the most luxurious room in the restaurant.

“Dear guests, what might you all wish to eat? All of the food that we serve here is made with the best quality materials. We then have Royal-cloak World Spiritists create medicinal pellets that our top-notch cooks use to make the food.”

“Not only is our food delicious, it also smells extremely good, and can strengthen one’s body and replenish one’s martial power,” the City Master introduced his restaurant.

“Y-Y-You g-got dumplings?” Wang Qiang asked.

“Naturally. Dumplings are a specialty of our restaurant. We have all kinds of dumplings,” The City Master said proudly.

“G-Good, b-bring me a s-shit load,” Wang Qiang said.

“This…” Hearing those words, the City master started to frown. He said, “I’m sorry, while we have all kinds of dumplings, we do not possess excrement dumplings.” [1. The way Wang Qiang said large amount sounds exactly the same as saying number two.]

“Puu…” Hearing those words, the tea that Chu Feng just drank was sprayed out with his laughter. Furthermore, by pure coincidence and unlucky seating, his tea was sprayed directly onto Wang Qiang’s face.

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