Chapter 2156 - Bizarre Ferocious Beast

Chapter 2156 - Bizarre Ferocious Beast

Chu Feng turned around and discovered that there were several hundred silhouettes on the distant horizon. They were speeding toward him through the air.

Those people were all riding a sort of horse-like animal. However, those were not horses, nor were they monstrous beasts. Instead, they should be a sort of special mount. The mounts possessed extremely fast speed; they were actually able to reach the speed of Half Martial Ancestors.

Thus, although they were very far away when they shouted at Chu Feng, they were already less than ten thousand meters away from Chu Feng after a mere moment passed.

“Hey, are you deaf or what? I said move out the way, can you not hear me?!” The woman leading the group shouted at Chu Feng angrily.

That woman appeared to be only eighteen or nineteen years old. Her appearance could be said to be very young. That said, she was quite a beauty. However, her eyes were filled with hostility.

Chu Feng completely disregarded that woman. The reason for that was because she was only a rank one Martial Emperor. Although that cultivation was very strong for someone her age, she could not amount to anything before Chu Feng.

However, although that woman was weak, the people following behind her were all very strong.

The great majority of them were peak Martial Emperors. However, there were also Half Martial Ancestors among them. The strongest in the group were two white-haired old men.

Those two old men possessed the exact same appearance. They should be twin brothers. Although they were wearing ordinary clothing, they were unable to contain their extraordinary air. The two of them were rank six Half Martial Ancestors.

“Is this place your home? Why must I move aside just because you demand it?”

“Furthermore, with how vast the sky is, why don’t you all move around me? Why must you move through where I am standing? Are you all fine in the brain?” Chu Feng ended up refuting them.

Although there were two rank six Half Martial Ancestors among his opponents, and their overall strength was very strong, likely originating from an extraordinary power, Chu Feng was not scared of them.

Although Chu Feng was not fond of stirring up troubles, he was not one to cower from troubles. Chu Feng would not tolerate someone picking a fight with him.

“Aiyo, you have truly grown tired of living. Do you know who I am?”

“Kneel immediately. Else, I’ll break your legs,” That woman raised her whip and lashed at Chu Feng.


As there was a distance of ten thousand meters between her and Chu Feng, her whip would naturally not reach Chu Feng. However, after martial power was instilled into the whip, it turned into a ten thousand meter-long golden whip. Like a giant dragon, the whip lashed toward Chu Feng.

However, how could such an attack possibly injure Chu Feng?


Chu Feng stood where he was without moving at all. He merely snorted coldly.


Immediately, the oppressive might of a Half Martial Ancestor swept forth. The ten thousand meter-long giant golden whip was instantly shattered by Chu Feng’s oppressive might.

“Rank one Half Martial Ancestor?”

Sensing Chu Feng’s aura, the expressions of many of the people in the group changed. Even the two white-haired old man who stood aloof and remote from the group turned their gazes toward Chu Feng. A trace of surprise was present in their eyes.

Evidently, they had not expected someone of Chu Feng’s age to have that sort of cultivation.

“You dare go against my younger sister? I shall cripple you!” However, a robust black haired man shouted angrily.

Once he said those words, other than the two white-haired old men with cultivations of rank six Half Martial Ancestor, the rest of the Half Martial Ancestors all unleashed their dense killing intent. They were planning to attack Chu Feng.

They were planning to kill Chu Feng.


However, right at this moment, an ear-piercing roar sounded from the depths of the Radiance Immortal Mountain.

Once that roar was heard, the mountain range started to tremble, and thousands of birds soared into the sky. It was a magnificent sight.

Seeing this scene, the robust man immediately shouted, “It’s the Ghostfiend Beast.”

“Heeah!!!” [1. Sound of telling one’s horse to run.]

He kicked the saddle of his mount fiercely, causing it to rapidly run toward the direction of that roar.




Following that, the others also kicked their saddles and rushed into the Radiance Immortal Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, the furious crowd had all rushed into the vast Radiance Immortal Mountain.

“Humph,” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng snorted coldly.

The way Chu Feng saw it, those people were lucky to leave.

If they were to truly fight earlier, Chu Feng would likely massacre all of them.

As they had already aimed their killing intent at Chu Feng, if Chu Feng didn’t kill them, he would instead be killed by them.

Furthermore, Chu Feng would have had to eliminate all of them. Else, if they were to escape to their power, they would cause him no end of trouble.

However, they left, and Chu Feng was not someone who planned to pursue them relentlessly. After all, he was not someone who refused to spare others.


Chu Feng’s body shifted. He also entered the vast Radiance Immortal Mountain.

Wang Qiang was captured by that demonic woman, and might end up being eaten by her at any moment. As such, Chu Feng was in a battle against time. He had to find that Demon Subduing Spring quickly.

After entering the Radiance Immortal Mountain, Chu Feng spread out his spirit power and activated his Heaven’s Eyes to survey his surroundings. He wanted to quickly find that Demon Subduing Spring.

However, the Radiance Immortal Mountain was too enormous. It was larger than even the ten Nine Provinces Continents.

With how enormous that mountain range was, it would be very difficult for even Chu Feng to search for something.

In the blink of an eye, three days and night passed. However, Chu Feng… had yet to discover anything.

“Mn?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyebrows moved.

He discovered a ferocious beast.

This Radiance Immortal Mountain was just like the Red Sparrows City’s City Master had described it. There were a lot of ferocious beasts in here. Over the course of the past three days and nights, Chu Feng had encountered a lot of ferocious beasts.

Generally, Chu Feng would not waste time on them. Thus, he would conceal his aura and dodge the ferocious beasts.

Merely, this ferocious beast was somewhat different.

Although it was not very large, being only around ten meters tall, it had a very fierce appearance.

Its body was completely pitch-black, and looked like a metal frame. Just by looking at it, one could tell that it was very strong.

Especially that face, it was like that of a ghost; it was extremely frightening.

Furthermore, this ferocious beast also possessed a very strong cultivation. It was emitting the aura of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

At this moment, that powerful and strange ferocious beast was currently eating. Upon careful inspection, it was actually eating a person.

It was a ferocious beast that fed on people.

Ferocious beasts were very commonly seen. It was also very common for ferocious beasts to eat people, let alone someone who was already dead.

However, Chu Feng was still very surprised. The reason why Chu Feng was so surprised was because he discovered that the flesh of that ferocious beast was cultivation resource.

Furthermore, the Natural Energy contained in its flesh was extremely dense. If Chu Feng were to eat its flesh, he would be able to gain a great amount of Natural Energy.

Even though Chu Feng already possessed enough Natural Energy to break through to rank three Half Martial Ancestor in his dantian, Chu Feng could not be too relaxed because of that.

Instead, he had to continue to accumulate Natural Energy. He could not let any opportunity to accumulate Natural Energy slip by him. Thus, he would naturally not let this ferocious beast get away.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body shot forth rapidly like an arrow leaving a bow. He was rushing toward that ferocious beast.


To Chu Feng’s surprise, after that ferocious beast sensed Chu Feng approaching it, it did not charge to attack Chu Feng like the other ferocious beasts.

Instead, that ferocious beast actually turned around and rapidly fled. Furthermore, its speed was extremely fast.

It had actually managed to throw Chu Feng far behind.

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