Chapter 2216 - Arrival Of Ill-intended Guests

Chapter 2216 - Arrival Of Ill-intended Guests

“Don’t you use your older cousin to frighten me. You are a part of our Red Butterfly Society. As such, I am qualified to punish you as per the rules of our Red Butterfly Society.”

“This is our Red Butterfly Society’s domestic affair. No one will be able to interfere with it,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Domestic affairs? Haha. Very well. Then go ahead and kill me, go ahead and kill my son and grandson.”

“I shall see whether or not a second tier power like the Sunset Cloud Valley will be able to interfere in the domestic affairs of a third tier power like the Red Butterfly Society,” Zhao Ruofan said.

“Sunset Cloud Valley?” Upon hearing those three words, the expressions of many elders changed enormously. They all revealed fear.

At this moment, even the Red Butterfly Society’s President was left speechless. The killing intent that she had revealed earlier started to slowly dissipate.

“Sunset Cloud Valley?” Upon hearing those three words, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. After all, he had heard of that place from that woman called Xu Yiyi.

This Zhao Ruofan was the second person to mention the Sunset Cloud Valley. Furthermore, Chu Feng had already noticed that the Sunset Cloud Valley seemed to be Zhao Ruofan’s hidden trump card that he had been relying on the entire time.

“Senior Liu, exactly what is that Sunset Cloud Valley? What sort of relationship does it have with Zhao Ruofan?” Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to ask Liu Chengkun.

“The influential powers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm could be separated into three tiers. Our Red Butterfly Society could be considered to be a third tier power, whereas the Sunset Cloud Valley is a second tier power.”

“The Sunset Cloud Valley is very powerful. It is an existence that our Red Butterfly Society cannot compare to. Even Luyang’s Pavilion, that huge monster, has submitted to the Sunset Cloud Valley.”

“As for Zhao Ruofan, he possesses a distant relative, that older cousin that he mentioned, that is a management elder in the Sunset Cloud Valley.”

“It is because of that older cousin that our Lady Society President yields to him so much,” Liu Chengkun informed Chu Feng through voice transmission.

“No wonder he dares to act this arrogantly. Sure enough, he has backing,” Chu Feng started to frown slightly. Although Zhao Ruofan was a worthless nobody, since he had such backing, it would truly be difficult to take care of him. After all, this matter concerned the continued existence of the Red Butterfly Society. It was no longer a matter of Chu Feng’s personal life and death.

“Humph,” Seeing that the people from the Red Butterfly Society were somewhat terrified, the complacent expression on Zhao Ruofan’s aged face grew even denser.

“You two, get up! Do not shame our Zhao Family!” Zhao Ruofan shouted at his son and grandson.

Zhao Xuan and Zhao Xiao hurriedly stood up. Before, they were extremely frightened. However, now, they were confident.

“Zhao Ruofan, with your character, our Red Butterfly Society will no longer shelter you. However, taking into account your previous contributions, I will not punish you too extremely.”

“However, you and Zhao Xuan are to be expelled from our Red Butterfly Society today,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said coldly.

“Liu Xiaoli, I might as well tell you things bluntly. My older cousin has said that as long as I leave the Red Butterfly Society, the Sunset Cloud Valley will assist Luyang’s Pavilion and eliminate the Red Butterfly Society.”

“Why do you think that your Red Butterfly Society was able to survive till today after fighting against Luyang’s Pavilion for so long? It was all because of me, Zhao Ruofan, being here,” Zhao Ruofan sneered.

“Do not use your older cousin to threaten me. Till this date, your older cousin has not helped our Red Butterfly Society with anything,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Then go ahead and try expelling me from the Red Butterfly Society. However… you shall bear the consequences of your actions,” Zhao Ruofan said confidently.

The Red Butterfly Society’s President frowned. She did not dare to take that risk. At this moment, she was at a loss as to what to do.

The reason for that was because she had been scared by Zhao Ruofan’s threat.

“Liu Xiaoli, if you have me continue to stay in the Red Butterfly Society, it will only be beneficial and not detrimental to the Red Butterfly Society.”

“Furthermore, little friend Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques indeed surpass my own. It is also reasonable and fair for him to proceed to Mount Cloud Crane. However, his world spirit techniques are most definitely above yours too.”

“Thus, you might as well have little friend Chu Feng proceed to Mount Cloud Crane together with me,” Zhao Ruofan said.


Once Zhao Ruofan said those words, the management elders present immediately started discussing it.

Zhao Ruofan was actually forcing their Lady Society president to hand over her own invitation to him. That was a rebellious behavior against one’s superior, something truly unforgivable.

“Can you guarantee that the Sunset Cloud Valley will be willing to take our Red Butterfly Society as their subsidiary power should I hand the invitation to you? That they will help our Red Butterfly Society eliminate Luyang’s Pavilion?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President asked.

“Of course. If I cannot accomplish that, you can kill me then,” Zhao Ruofan said confidently.

“Society President, while I am fine with not having the invitation, you absolutely cannot hand an invitation to Zhao Ruofan. There is absolutely no credit to his words, he is simply untrustable,” Chu Feng said.

“You are not qualified to butt into our Red Butterfly Society’s domestic matters,” Zhao Ruofan shouted at Chu Feng.

“Then what about us? We, the management elders, are qualified to butt in, no?” Liu Chengkun asked with glaring eyes.

“Vice President Zhao, it must be said that your actions have been too excessive today. It was you who put forth the suggestion to compete with little friend Chu Feng in world spirit techniques. In the end, not only did you lose, you actually dare to demand Lady Society President’s invitation. Your action is simply a rebellion against your superior.”

The other management elders also started to reprimand Zhao Ruofan. After all, they were members of the Red Butterfly Society. Thus, they were unable to tolerate Zhao Ruofan’s actions.

“Humph,” However, Zhao Ruofan scoffed at the crowd’s reaction. Then, he turned to the Red Butterfly Society’s President and said, “I have said all that I should. You can decide your actions.”

“I can hand you the invitation. However, should you dare to deceive me, I will definitely take your life,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Lady Society President, you mustn’t,” In response, Liu Chengkun and the others all began to advise against it.

“Say no more. I have decided,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President waved her hand. For the sake of the Red Butterfly Society’s future, she had decided to sacrifice her treasured opportunity.

“As expected of the Society President, you are truly sensible,” Zhao Ruofan revealed a complacent gaze. Then, he took a mocking gaze at Liu Chengkun, Chu Feng and the others.

His gaze seemed to be saying ‘So what if you won against me in this world spirit techniques match? So what if you have ruined my reputation completely? I still obtained the invitation to Mount Cloud Crane. Furthermore, I snatched it from the Lady Society president.’


Seeing that sort of provocative gaze, Liu Chengkun tightly clenched his fist, causing it to give off cracking echos.

Anger. How could he not be angry? Even though he knew that Zhao Ruofan was a vile character, he was unable to do anything to him. This caused him to feel extremely sullen.

It was not only him. The Red butterfly Society’s President was also sullen. The Red Butterfly Society’s management elders were also sullen.

It could be said that all of the people in the Red Butterfly Society were feeling extremely sullen.

However, there was truly nothing else they could do. This was the truth. After all, Zhao Ruofan possessed the backing of a Sunset Cloud Valley’s management elder.

“Lady Society President, this is bad!!!” Right at this moment, a person rushed in with a panicky expression.

“What happened? Why are you making a big fuss?!” The Red Butterfly Society’s President shouted furiously.

She was not angry because of the person that had rushed in. Rather, she shouted furiously because she wanted to vent the anger in her heart.

“Lady Society President, the Luyang’s Pavilion is here! They currently have us surrounded! It’s not only Luyang’s Pavilion, even the Sunset Cloud Valley is here!” That person spoke in a panicky manner.

“Are you serious?!” The Red Butterfly Society’s President asked.

“This subordinate would not dare deceive Lady Society President. Right now, they have completely surrounded us. Lady Society President, what should we do?!” That person asked.

In response, the Red Butterfly Society’s President flipped her palm. Then, a watermelon-sized crystal ball appeared. The scene of the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters’ surroundings appeared on the crystal ball.

At this moment, the expressions of everyone present changed enormously. In an instant, some people turned pale, and some were even shivering with fear.

What appeared was indeed Luyang’s Pavilion’s army. Furthermore, it was not only Luyang’s Pavilion, the Sunset Cloud Valley was also present. At this moment, they had surrounded the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters, sealing it off completely.

Furthermore, anyone could tell that they had come with ill-intentions.

“Zhao Ruofan! Speak! Exactly what is going on here?!” The Red Butterfly Society’s President was furious. She grabbed Zhao Ruofan’s by his lapel.

“This… this… this…” Zhao Ruofan, who had been feeling immensely proud of himself earlier, was completely stunned now. Not to mention explaining, he was unable to even finish a single sentence.

What sort of situation was this? Exactly what sort of situation was this?

Not to mention the others, even he did not know what was going on!!!

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