Chapter 2217 - Well-deserved Death

Chapter 2217 - Well-deserved Death

“Tell me, exactly what is going on here?! Why would the Sunset Cloud Valley be helping Luyang’s Pavilion attack us?!”

“Didn’t you say that the Sunset Cloud Valley wouldn’t do anything because your older cousin is there?!”

At this moment, the Red Butterfly Society’s President was emitting overflowing killing intent. If Zhao Ruofan did not give her a reasonable justification, she would definitely kill him on the spot.

“Misunderstanding, this must be a misunderstanding. Lady Society President, please let me out to talk to them. Perhaps this might really be a misunderstanding,” Zhao Ruofan said while trembling with fear.

“Lady Society President, maybe you should let him try talking to them, Else…” A management elder sighed helplessly.

If the Sunset Cloud Valley was truly helping Luyang’s Pavilion against them, they would definitely be killed today.

Perhaps the only opportunity for them to live would be to rely on Zhao Ruofan. After all, his older cousin was a management elder in the Sunset Cloud Valley.


Right at this moment, heaven and earth started to tremble violently. The people from Luyang’s Pavilion had started attacking.

“Follow me out,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President brought Zhao Ruofan and flew out.

In response, the other management elders followed them out.

“Little friend Chu Feng, this matter is unrelated to you. I will think of a way to bring you away,” Liu Chengkun said to Chu Feng.

“Senior Liu, I cannot run away. Perhaps that Luyang’s Pavilion has not come for the Red Butterfly Society, but me instead,” As Chu Feng spoke, he flew into the air and started to chase after the Red Butterfly Society’s President and the others.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you…!!!” Liu Chengkun had had originally wanted to stop him. However, seeing how determined Chu Feng was, he ended up sighing before flying after Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the Red Butterfly Society’s management elders and elites had all arrived in the sky.

After they personally saw the many experts from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the grand army from Luyang’s Pavilion, they began to feel even more uneasy.

If this battle were to truly commence, their Red Butterfly Society would definitely have no chance of surviving. Without mentioning the army from Luyang’s Pavilion, merely the Sunset Cloud Valley’s experts would be sufficient to completely eliminate their Red Butterfly Society.

“You all are quite courageous to actually show up here,” Chu Luyang was standing at the front of Luyang’s Pavilion’s army, and coldly swept his gaze over the people from the Red Butterfly Society. Contained in his eyes was the anger that he had accumulated over the years, as well as complacence in being able to secure certain victory.

“Mn?” Suddenly, Chu Luyang revealed a gaze with even greater hatred.

His eyes were on Chu Feng!!!

Chu Luyang pointed to Chu Feng and asked, “Are you… Chu Feng?”

Although he felt enormous hatred toward Chu Feng, this was still the first time that he had seen Chu Feng face to face. His impression of Chu Feng remained only on the portraits drawn by the people that had seen Chu Feng before. That was why he needed to ask to confirm Chu Feng’s identity.

In response, Chu Feng wanted to admit to it. However, Liu Chengkun pulled Chu Feng away and indicated to him not to admit to it.

“It is I,” However, Chu Feng still admitted to it.

“Very well. Truly, your fame does not compare to seeing you for myself,” Even though Chu Luyang had tried his hardest to conceal his hatred, his killing intent was involuntarily leaking out from him.

“Go and speak,” Sensing that the situation was bad, the Red Butterfly Society’s President signaled to Zhao Ruofan with her eyes. Furthermore, she secretly held Zhao Ruofan’s life in her hands. If Zhao Ruofan dared to attempt escape, she would immediately kill him.

As this matter concerned his life, Zhao Ruofan hurriedly asked, “Misunderstanding, could there be a misunderstanding?”

“Who the hell are you? What makes you think that you’re qualified to speak to me?” Chu Luyang said with contempt. He was able to tell that Zhao Ruofan was not the boss of the Red Butterfly Society.

“Wait a moment,” Right at this moment, an extremely thin old man wearing the Sunset Cloud Valley’s outfit walked out.

“Older cousin, so you were here. This is truly great. Please tell them of our relationship. Exactly what is going on here?” Upon seeing that old man, Zhao Ruofan was overjoyed. The reason for that was because that old man was his distant older cousin.

Upon hearing what Zhao Ruofan said, the people from the Red Butterfly Society were all secretly delighted. It was as if they had seen a trace of hope to live.

After all, the person Zhao Ruofan was relying on was present.

In this manner, the misunderstandings would be explained more easily.

“My foolish little brother, do you still not understand the situation now? Did you truly think that I will help your Red Butterfly Society?”

“I might as well tell you the truth. The reason why I asked you about the location of the Red Butterfly Society was precisely so that I could help Luyang’s Pavilion eliminate your Red Butterfly Society in a single stroke.”

“As for you, do not blame me for not taking our old affection into consideration. After all, the battlefield is a heartless place, and the two of us belong to different factions. Thus, I will not act leniently toward you,” That Elder Zhao said with a beaming smile.


It was like a bolt from the blue. Upon hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan collapsed on the spot.

He had never expected that the person he had trusted and relied on the entire time, his older cousin, would actually be exploiting him, and had the intention of killing him.

“So it was you who sold us out! You damned absolute disgrace! I will dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!!!!” At this moment, the Red Butterfly Society’s President was overflowing with killing intent. Without saying anything more, she shot forth her palm and surrounded Zhao Ruofan with her boundless Ancestral-level martial power.

Then, her martial power turned into blades that pierced Zhao Ruofan’s body. She was planning to split him apart alive.

“Older cousin, save me! Please consider the fact that we are relatives!” Even though he was left in a very petty and low situation, Zhao Ruofan knew that his older cousin was the only person that could save him now.

“Relative? You’re nothing more than a distant relative. As far as I’m concerned, your life is of no value at all,” That Elder Zhao said indifferently. Even though he was smiling as he said those words, his words had revealed how treacherous and ruthless he was.


Right at this moment, Zhao Ruofan let out a heart-tearing and lung-splitting scream. It was an extremely miserable scream.

The Red Butterfly Society’s President was planning to kill him. However, she did not plan to let him die easily. Instead, she planned to make him suffer before dying. Else, she would not be able to alleviate the anger in her heart.

As for Zhao Ruofan, not only did the people from the Red Butterfly Society not feel any sympathy for him, even the outsiders did not feel any sympathy for him.

This was especially true for the people of the Red Butterfly Society. When they saw what was happening to Zhao Ruofan, they all felt a sense of satisfaction.

“Pah, you deserve it,” In fact, there were even management elders that started to spit at Zhao Ruofan.

Miserable. Zhao Ruofan was truly miserable. However, it was as that management elder had said, he deserved it.


Following a muffled explosion, Zhao Ruofan’s body shattered to pieces. He was completely killed.

“And here I thought that the Red Butterfly Society was a power devoted to righteousness. It turns out that you’re also this ruthless.”

“If my guess is correct, you must be the Red Butterfly Society’s President, right?” Chu Luyang said mockingly.

“Enough of your rubbish. The ruler is the king, and the loser the thief. Today, I admit defeat.”

“However, all of the operations against your Luyang’s Pavilion were arranged by me. If you have any grievances, aim them toward me. Do not harm the others,” The Red Butterfly Soceity’s President said.

“You’re telling me to cut the grass but not eliminate the roots, to leave behind future troubles, is that right?”

“Let me ask you this then: do I really look like a brainless idiot?” Chu Luyang smiled mockingly. Then, he shouted, “Men! Eliminate the Red Butterfly Society! Leave not a single fowl or dog alive!!!” [1. Chinese families used to live in places called ‘courtyards.’ Back then, raising chickens and having dogs would be common. So killing even the chickens and dogs would mean utter extermination of the family.]

Once Chu Luyang’s command was spoken, Luyang’s Pavilion’s elites, as well as the many Sunset Cloud Valley’s elders all revealed their weapons and unleashed their boundless killing intent. They were planning to unleash a slaughter.

Their killing intent surged forth from all directions and caused everyone to feel a fatal threat.

Death. Today, they were destined to be killed. Not a single one of them would be able to escape.

At this moment, the Red Butterfly Society’s President, Liu Chengkun and the many people present all closed their eyes.

They knew that resistance was futile. Thus, they had decided to give up on resisting. One by one, they made the preparations to die.

Merely, they were unreconciled. They were unreconciled to die just like this.

“All of you, stay your hands,” Right at this moment, an extremely imposing voice sounded. That voice caused space itself to tremble violently, and the legs of the crowd present to grow soft.

After that voice was heard, the expressions of the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley and Luyang’s Pavilion all changed. They immediately retrieved their weapons and their boundless killing intent.

Then, respectfully, they bowed toward the direction where the voice was heard. At the same time, they said, “We pay our respects to Elder Su!!!”

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