Chapter 2215 - Complete Defeat And Fall From Grace

Chapter 2215 - Complete Defeat And Fall From Grace


Sensing that the situation was bad, Zhao Ruofan shouted and planned to interfere. He was planning to save his hundred-plus world spirits.

After all, Eggy had unleashed her killing intent. If he didn’t interfere, his hundred-plus world spirits would definitely be killed.


However, right at that moment, a loud shout was heard. That shout caused space and the void itself to tremble.

At the same time, a boundless power also swept forth. In a flash, that power sealed off Zhao Ruofan’s power and formed an invisible cage around him.

Zhao Ruofan was unable to attack or cause any harm.

It was the Red Butterfly Society’s President. Even though she was only a rank one Martial Ancestor, and might appear to be inferior to Zhao Ruofan, her body was currently flickering with purple light. She looked like a celestial fairy.

It turned out that she was actually a Divine Body. Not only was she a Divine Body, she was also capable of increasing her cultivation by a level through the use of her Divine Power.

Having activated her Divine Power, her current cultivation was that of a rank two Martial Ancestor, the same level of cultivation as Zhao Ruofan.

However, her battle power was stronger than Zhao Ruofan’s. Zhao Ruofan was only an ordinary rank two Martial Ancestor without any heaven-defying battle power.

She, on the other hand, was someone who possessed heaven-defying battle power.

Although her heaven-defying battle power was only capable of surmounting a single level of cultivation, when added on to her current cultivation of a rank two Martial Ancestor, she was capable of fighting against ordinary rank three Martial Ancestors. Thus, she would naturally be able to subdue Zhao Ruofan, a mere ordinary rank two Martial Ancestor.


At the moment Zhao Ruofan was stopped, miserable screams began to be heard from the sky.

Massacre. A hair-raising massacre was currently happening.

The people present were all people that had seen major events They were all people that have seen killings and massacres before.

However, the massacre that was happening right now caused them to tremble with fear.

Not only was the killer a beautiful young girl, her killing methods were also extremely ruthless.

Cruel. Although the hundred-plus Fairy World Spirits were killed in but a short moment, they all met with extremely cruel and miserable deaths. Before dying, they were all filled with cuts and bruises.

“Are there any more world spirits? This Queen has not yet killed enough,” After killing all of Zhao Ruofan’s world spirits, Her Lady Queen mocked him.

She did not feel the slightest bit of guilt in killing those world spirits. Instead, joy filled her face. It was as if killing was a very merry thing to her.

“You!!!” Zhao Ruofan was so furious that his body trembled nonstop. Only he knew how much effort he had put into contracting those world spirits.

Yet now, they were all killed by Eggy. His meticulous efforts of many years were all ruined today.

“Seems like there aren’t any more. With merely this bit of ability, I truly don’t know where you got the confidence to compete with Chu Feng in terms of world spirit techniques.”

“Could it be that you’ve gone senile?” Eggy mocked. She did not care about Zhao Ruofan’s twitching lips, or his expression as if he had been fed feces. Just like that, she confidently, beautifully and charmingly walked into the world spirit gate before disappearing from everyone’s line of sight.

“Lady Society President, why did you stop me from saving my world spirits?” Zhao Ruofan asked angrily. As matters stood, he no longer cared about offending the Red Butterfly Society’s President. There was not the slightest trace of respect in his tone. Instead, he only wanted to obtain justice.

“Why?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President smiled coldly. She said, “Earlier, you had clearly stated that you would compete in defensive spirit formations. However, you ended up losing. Yet, you refused to admit your defeat, and insisted that Chu Feng set up a defensive spirit formation for you to attempt to breach.”

“Chu Feng did not bicker with you, and set up one such spirit formation. Yet, what did you do? You did not even dare to attempt to try breaching it.”

“Why did you not dare? It’s because you knew that you would not be able to set up a spirit formation that could break through Chu Feng’s defensive spirit formation in such a short period of time.”

“Thus, you decided to withdraw your previous remark, and demanded that Chu Feng compete with you with world spirits. Furthermore, you even declared that Chu Feng’s world spirit was merely a rank six Half Martial Ancestor, and was merely seeking death by coming out. This meant that you had already decided to kill Chu Feng’s world spirit.”

“However, after the world spirits began to fight, you discovered that your world spirits were no match for Chu Feng’s world spirit. Thus, you actually planned to personally interfere, planned to use your power to ruin the contest between the world spirits.”

“Let me ask you, as the Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President, do you not think that your actions and deeds today have been extremely disgraceful?”

“...” Zhao Ruofan was left speechless. He knew fully well how shameless he had been today.

“It would seem that Vice President Zhao doesn’t have anything to say. However, I do have things to say. May I speak?” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, there is no harm in you saying what you want to say,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said with a beaming smile. Her attitude toward Chu Feng was extremely good now.

If she had only decided to help Chu Feng because of Liu Chengkun before, now, after personally seeing Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques, she firmly believed that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques far surpassed her own.

She felt that a person like Chu Feng most definitely possessed unbounded potential, and would be able to accomplish great things in the future.

Right now, without even her master telling her, she herself wanted to befriend Chu Feng. After all, a genius like him was someone rarely seen in even ten thousand years.

“Vice President Zhao could be said to have put forth meticulous effort for today’s competition. Perhaps everyone present is unaware of this, but his action of repeatedly going back on his word and changing the rules of the competition are merely cheap tricks.”

“He already used his main trick on me last night,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, why is it that I do not understand what you are implying?” Some elders asked in confusion.

“Senior Liu, please,” Chu Feng said to Liu Chengkun.

“Liuzhu, get out here!” Liu Chengkun shouted.

Then, that servant girl walked out. She bowed to the crowd present.

Upon seeing that servant girl, the expressions of Zhao Ruofan and Zhao Xuan changed enormously.

‘What’s going on? Why would she be here? Could it be that the poisoning has been exposed?’

‘No, that’s impossible. The plan went off flawlessly. How could it have been exposed?’

Even though they were panicking, Zhao Ruofan and Zhao Xuan still held a trace of hope in their hearts. They hoped that all of this was merely a coincidence.

“Lady Society President, Elders, this servant deserves to be punished to death. I should not have given in to Vice President Zhao and Lord Zhao Xuan’s threats and poisoned Lord Chu Feng’s wine,” Suddenly, that servant girl fell to her knees.


Zhao Ruofan sat on the ground. He was completely stunned.

It was not a coincidence. That servant girl had already admitted to it. This was most definitely not a coincidence. Their crimes were actually really exposed.

“Outrageous servant! You dare to frame us father and son?! You shall be killed!!!” Zhao Ruofan shouted angrily. Then, he planned to kill that servant girl.


However, a loud explosion was heard. That servant girl was not injured. Instead, Zhao Ruofan was knocked several steps back. Even though he managed to stabilize himself, scarlet blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

“I am still alive, how could I allow you to behave this atrociously?!” The Red Butterfly Society’s President shouted furiously. Then, she looked to the servant girl and said, “What happened? Tell me honestly.”

As for that servant girl, she did not attempt to conceal anything, and spoke of the course of events in detail to the crowd present.

Not only did that servant girl confess, she also took out evidence against Zhao Ruofan and Zhao Xuan. Faced with this irrefutable evidence, Zhao Ruofan and his son were unable to argue.

“Truly never would I have expected Vice President Zhao to be this sort of person,” The tongues of the elders present were wagging. Disdain filled their eyes as they looked to Zhao Ruofan, Zhao Xuan and even Zhao Xiao.


A bolt from the blue. Not only was Zhao Xuan stunned, Zhao Xiao was also stunned. They both fell onto their butts.

It was a complete defeat and fall from grace. Likely, from today on, the three of them, grandfather, son and grandson, would no longer be able to remain in the Red Butterfly Society.

“Zhao Ruofan, I trusted you and appointed you as our Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President in vain.”

“Never would I have thought that you were this despicable. For your own personal interest, you actually did such a thing. You truly deserve to die,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President lashed out at Zhao Ruofan angrily.

“Deserve to die? If you have the ability, go ahead and kill me. I shall see if my older cousin will let you, will let the Red Butterfly Society, get away with it!” Zhao Ruofan shouted.

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