Chapter 2214 - Not Enough For Me To Kill

Chapter 2214 - Not Enough For Me To Kill

After a long moment, the Red Butterfly Society’s President blurted out, “Amazing.”

The way she saw it, Chu Feng was truly amazing. He had decided to break through Zhao Ruofan’s spirit formation not by trying to find flaws. Instead, he had decided to forcibly shatter it with a powerful slaughtering formation.

However, a slaughtering formation that powerful was something that should be extremely difficult to set up. Yet, Chu Feng had managed to successfully set it up in an instant. She felt that to be truly unimaginable.

At that moment, she and the management elders present all realized that Chu Feng’s arrogance was not because he was conceited. Rather, it was because he possessed the capability to be arrogant.

“Impossible! How could this be?!” Zhao Ruofan had a shocked expression.

He was unable to accept the outcome. He was truly unable to accept it, unable to accept that his defensive world spirit formation would be broken through so easily.

Confused, he turned his gaze of blame to his son, Zhao Xuan. His gaze seemed to be asking ‘did you really succeed in poisoning Chu Feng?’

As for Zhao Xuan, he was stunned. He had clearly seen Chu Feng drinking the wine and the poison within the wine with his own eyes. Thus, how could he not be affected?

“So your world spirit formation is actually that weak. It would seem… that I have won,” Chu Feng mocked.

Once Chu Feng’s words were said, not to mention Zhao Ruofan, even the others that wanted Chu Feng to win were stunned.

Won? This match ended this easily?

“Enough of your nonsense. You have merely broken through my defensive spirit formation. This does not mean that I will not be able to break through your defensive spirit formation,” Zhao Ruofan said.

“Oh, I understand then,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he began to set up a spirit formation. In merely a split second, Chu Feng had set up a defensive spirit formation.

The spirit formation he set up was an enormous golden cat. The cat was ten meters tall and sitting on the ground. It had a somewhat hilarious appearance. The reason for that was because the cat was smiling; it was simply a ‘lucky cat.’

However, after the cat appeared, the eyes of the Red Butterfly Society’s President and the other Royal-cloak World Spiritists all shone.

The reason for that was because that cat was most definitely not an ordinary cat.

“You!” Terrified. As a Royal-cloak World Spiritist, Zhao Ruofan was actually terrified.

However, this cannot be blamed on him. After all, even he was able to tell how powerful Chu Feng’s defensive spirit formation was. It was a spirit formation capable of absorbing spirit power, a sort of defensive technique meant to be used against world spirit techniques.

If he was given sufficient time, Zhao Ruofan might be able to break through Chu Feng’s defensive spirit formation. However, it would simply be impossible for him to break through it instantly.

“What’s wrong? Go ahead. The rules shall be the same as what you declared earlier. The time you spend on setting up your spirit formation to break through my defensive spirit formation cannot surpass the time I spent setting up my spirit formation. Else, it would mean that you have lost,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, the strongest method of a world spiritist is not their world spirit techniques. Rather, it is their ability to summon world spirits.”

“The strength of one’s world spirit is the best embodiment of the strength of a world spiritist,” Zhao Ruofan suddenly said.

“You’re implying that you wish to compete with me in terms of world spirits?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. Do you dare?” Zhao Ruofan asked.

“Zhao Ruofan, don’t you act like a sore loser! Everyone knows that a world spiritist’s cultivation is crucial to the strength of the summoned world spirits. After all, world spirits are unwilling to submit to masters inferior to themselves.”

“Little friend Chu Feng is merely a rank two Half Martial Ancestor, whereas you are a rank two Martial Ancestor! With such an enormous difference in cultivation, how could your world spirits be comparable?!” Liu Chengkun shouted.

At that moment, the others also began to spiritedly discuss Zhao Ruofan’s suggestion. They all felt that Zhao Ruofan’s action was that of a sore loser.

After all, he was the one who had suggested that they compete in defensive spirit formations. Yet now, he wanted to change the competition to world spirits instead. This was truly too shameless.

“Haha, I am asking Chu Feng, not you,” Zhao Ruofan snorted coldly. He completely ignored the comments from the crowd. Instead, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, do you dare or not?”

“Chu Feng, don’t be afraid. With this Queen here, how could you admit defeat? Let me take care of him,” Her Lady Queen’s voice was suddenly heard. She was angry. The shameless Zhao Ruofan had invoked Her Lady Queen’s anger.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng felt that his body was filled with boundless power. It was as if he did not have to fear anything, that nothing could make him cower.

Thus, with full confidence, Chu Feng said, “Go ahead and release your world spirits.”


“Chu Feng actually agreed?”

Dumbfounded. Not to mention Liu Chengkun and the others, even Zhao Ruofan, his son and his grandson were all dumbfounded.

Was Chu Feng this bold because he actually possessed the ability, or was it because he lacked the brains?

A mere rank two Half Martial Ancestor dared to compete with a rank two Martial Ancestor with world spirits?

If this was not courting death, then what else could it be?

“As you wish,” However, after a short moment of astonishment, Zhao Ruofan revealed a confident smile.

Once he said those words, he soared into the air and left the vast palace hall. He had flown out.





At this time, a total of thirty world spirit gates were opened.

After the thirty world spirit gates appeared, over a hundred world spirits flew out of them in succession.

They were emitting celestial light and imposing airs. It turned out that these world spirits were from the Fairy Spirit World.

Among the Seven Spirit Worlds, the world spirits from the Fairy Spirit World could be considered relatively strong ones. Furthermore, they all possessed a special characteristic -- conceit. They all gave off airs of standing above everyone.

However, it must be said that after over a hundred Fairy World Spirits appeared, the majority of the people from the Red Butterfly Society all felt cold sweat for Chu Feng.

Without mentioning the special characteristics of the Fairy Spirit World’s world spirits, merely their strength was already enough for the crowd to become worried. The strongest few were rank one Martial Ancestors, whereas the weakest few were rank eight Half Martial Ancestors.

Any random one of them was many times more powerful than Chu Feng. No matter how one looked at it, Chu Feng seemed to be doomed to lose.

“Heh…” However, after seeing those Fairy World Spirits, Liu Chengkun, who had been worried for Chu Feng earlier, actually laughed.

After all, he had personally seen Chu Feng’s Asura World Spirit, and knew how powerful she was. Even Hong Xi was killed by her. He felt that these Fairy World Spirits would likely not be a match for her.

With a smile on his face, Zhao Ruofan mocked, “Chu Feng, you couldn’t possibly be scared witless, right?” The way he saw it, regardless of how powerful Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques might be, he would definitely be no match for him in terms of world spirits.

“I’m afraid of scaring you witless,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he opened a world spirit gate. Her Lady Queen Eggy appeared before the crowd in a stunning manner.

“That’s a world spirit? How could it be that beautiful?” Sure enough, after seeing Eggy, the people present, regardless of whether they were men or women, were all stunned by Eggy’s exceptional beauty.

After all, her beauty was so rarely seen in the world. Even women were attracted by her beauty. As for men, there was no need to mention them.

“How are they to fight?” However, at the moment when the crowd were all stunned by Eggy’s beauty, some among them started to become worried. After all, Eggy’s cultivation of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor was truly too weak.

Although a rank six Half Martial Ancestor-level world spirit would be extremely powerful for Chu Feng’s cultivation, there was too enormous of a gap when compared to Zhao Ruofan’s world spirits.

“Hahaha, rank six Half Martial Ancestor. Are you certain you have not dispatched that world spirit to her death?” Zhao Ruofan laughed mockingly. For a rank six Half Martial Ancestor-level world spirit to fight against his army of world spirits would definitely be an overestimation of their ability.

“Hey hey hey, and here I thought how amazing an Asura World Spirit might be. Turns out, it’s nothing more than trash.”

“However, it must be said that little girl, your appearance is quite decent. With the way you look, we are truly unable to bear killing you. How about you admit defeat right now, and we’ll spare your life?”

It was not only Zhao Ruofan who started to mock Chu Feng. His Fairy Spirit World’s world spirits actually began to mock Her Lady Queen. At that moment, they simply did not appear like a bunch of Fairy World Spirits. Rather, they looked more like a bunch of hoodlums.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” However, at that moment, Her Lady Queen actually began counting.

“Little girl, what are you doing?”

“Could it be that you’ve been scared witless by us?” The Fairy World Spirits asked in confusion.

However, Eggy ignored them. It was only when she counted till a hundred and seven that she stopped.

“There’s actually only a hundred and seven,” Eggy shook her head in disappointment.

“We’re asking you a question here! What are you doing?!” The Fairy World Spirits said impatiently.

At that moment, an ice-cold killing intent suddenly flashed through Eggy’s eyes. She said, “With merely this many, it’s simply not enough for this Queen to kill.”

“What? What did you say?” The Fairy World Spirits all opened their eyes wide. They did not dare to believe what they just heard.


Right at that moment, dark black gaseous flames instantly exploded. Like the devil’s claws, the black gaseous flames extended toward the hundred and seven Fairy World Spirits.

The Grim Reaper’s scythe was fixed onto them.

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