Chapter 2213 - Breaking Through The Formation

Chapter 2213 - Breaking Through The Formation

“If both sides are ready, the match shall start. However, you two are to decide upon the rules of the match,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“You decide,” Chu Feng said casually to Zhao Ruofan.

“Even if you didn’t say so, it should be me who gets to decide. After all, I have trained in world spirit techniques for much longer than you, and could be considered to be your senior,” Zhao Ruofan sneered. He did not appreciate Chu Feng letting him decide at all.

At that moment, many of the Red Butterfly Society’s elders started to frown. Ever since yesterday, when Zhao Ruofan had had a falling out with their Lady Society President, the crowd discovered that Zhao Ruofan was acting more and more shameless.

Even though they all felt a great amount of disbelief, they faintly had the feeling that these were Zhao Ruofan’s true colors.

At that moment, many people felt disgusted with Zhao Ruofan as their Vice President.

“Enough of your superfluous words. Tell me, how do you want to compete?” Chu Feng said.

“Very simple, an exchange in attack and defense. I will set up a defensive formation for you to breach.”

“If you are able to break through it, it’ll be your win,” Zhao Ruofan said.

“Since that is the case, let’s start,” Chu Feng said.

“I’m not done yet. The time which the two of us are to spend on setting up our world spirit formations must be the same. You must set up your spirit formation to breach my defensive formation in the same amount of time I use to set up my defensive formation. If you spend more time than me, it will be your loss,” Zhao Ruofan added.

“Isn’t that too difficult?” Once Zhao Ruofan said those words, before Chu Feng could even reply, the Red Butterfly Society’s other elders began to spiritedly discuss his proposal. They all felt those rules to be very unfair.

However, Chu Feng smiled lightly and said, “You can start then.”

“You agree to the rules?” Zhao Ruofan was shocked. Even he did not expect Chu Feng to agree to the rules so easily.

“Do you not understand human speech?” Chu Feng said impatiently.

“What arrogance. I will let you experience the abilities of a true Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist,” Zhao Ruofan snorted coldly. Then, he began to set up his defensive spirit formation.

When his boundless world spirit power appeared, many of the people present revealed astonished expressions. Even the Red Butterfly Society’s President acted in such a manner.

The reason for that was because Zhao Ruofan’s methods were truly akin to moving clouds and flowing water. They were so natural, and flowed like calligraphy as they linked with one another. In his hands, that extremely complicated spirit formation appeared to be extremely simple. Effortlessly, he set up his spirit formation.

In merely a short moment, in the time of a count to ten, he had managed to create a defensive spirit formation that looked like a fort. That defensive spirit formation covered Zhao Ruofan within it.

“Chu Feng, I have finished setting up my spirit formation. It is your turn now. Remember, you cannot spend more time than me on setting up your spirit formation,” Zhao Ruofan spoke complacently.

“Done? He actually completed his spirit formation in such a short period of time?” The crowd were all astonished upon hearing those words. However, upon closer inspection, the crowd discovered that the fort dazzling with golden light was truly extremely powerful. It was likely not something that an ordinary rank two Half Martial Ancestor could breach, let alone using only world spirit techniques.

“Zhao Ruofan was actually concealing his abilities before. So this is his actual strength in terms of world spirit techniques,” At that moment, even the Red Butterfly Society’s President was frowning.

As matters stood, she naturally wished for Chu Feng to win. However, as she saw the spirit formation that Zhao Ruofan had set up, even she felt that it would be very difficult for Chu Feng to win. The reason for that was because the spirit formation that Zhao Ruofan had set up possessed an extremely powerful defense even though he spent a very short amount of time to set it up.

In comparison, it was more difficult to break through a spirit formation than it was to set up a defensive spirit formation.

To set up a spirit formation capable of breaking through a defensive formation in the same time it took for the defensive spirit formation to be set up was extremely difficult. Even she did was not certain she would be able to accomplish that.

When even she could not accomplish it, how could Chu Feng possibly be able to?

This was not something that only the Red Butterfly Society’s President was worried about. Liu Chengkun, Huang Luo and many of the Red Butterfly Society’s management elders were also worried about it.

“Open your tiny eyes and watch carefully. Your granddaddy will spend less time setting up my spirit formation than the time you spent to set up your spirit formation.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng actually said those words. He shocked all of the people present.

Arrogance. He was so arrogant that he could cause people’s hair to stand on end. It could be said that he simply did not place Zhao Ruofan in his eyes at all.

At that moment, even those people that were originally standing on Chu Feng’s side had a change in gaze. They felt that what Chu Feng said was truly too boastful.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly Chu Feng’s hands began to rapidly change. His boundless spirit power began to emerge from his body like golden dragons.

In the end, they actually turned into eighteen golden dragons that spiraled around Chu Feng.

“I’m done,” Chu Feng said.

“Done? Done already?”

Hearing those words, the crowd was astonished. The reason for that was because Chu Feng spent but a mere instant to set up those eighteen golden dragons. If Zhao Ruofan taken ten entire seconds to finish his spirit formation, Chu Feng had finished his spirit formation in merely a single second. This was truly too fast.

To the crowd’s greatest surprise, Chu Feng’s eighteen golden dragons were all vivid and lifelike. They were emitting intimidating might all over. From their intimidating strength, they really did appear to have surpassed Zhao Ruofan’s spirit formation.

“Merely false bravado. What matters in spirit formations is their practicality, and not how artistic they might be,” Zhao Ruofan said.

“How do you know that my spirit formation is not practical?” Chu Feng asked.

“Your spirit formation will definitely not be able to break through my spirit formation,” Zhao Ruofan said with full confidence. He was not saying those words recklessly. As a world spiritist, he was able to deduce the strength of a spirit formation. The way he saw it, the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up would not be able to break through his defensive spirit formation.

In fact, it was not only Zhao Ruofan who felt that way. The Red Butterfly Society’s President was also shaking her head repeatedly.

The way she saw it, Chu Feng was truly too careless. He was clearly capable of spending more time. Yet, for the sake of face, he decided to finish his spirit formation instantly. She felt that a spirit formation like that would definitely not be able to break through Zhao Ruofan’s defensive formation.

“Are you certain, certain that my spirit formation will not be able to break through your spirit formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Absolutely certain,” Zhao Ruofan said.

“Then open your dog eyes, and carefully watch how my spirit formation will break through your spirit formation,” Once Chu Feng said those words, his eyes shone with coldness.


Following that, eighteen ear-piercing dragon roars were heard in unison. Following that, the eighteen golden dragons soared into the air and began to fly toward Zhao Ruofan’s spirit formation.


A loud explosion was heard. That explosion punctured the heavenly dome and shattered the void and space itself.

At that moment, even the extremely sturdy Red Butterfly Society palace hall started to tremble violently.

This scene alarmed the guards stationed in the Red Butterfly Society. They thought that something had happened. One by one, they hurriedly flew over.

However, after they approached, they all stood there stunned.

It was not only the people that had arrived later that stood there stunned. The people in the palace hall, apart from Chu Feng, were all stunned.

Inside the palace hall, eighteen golden dragons were displaying their impressive power. They were spiraling around Zhao Ruofan. Their killing intent was pressing toward him nonstop. Their dreadful gazes seemed to be saying that they would devour Zhao Ruofan instantly should Chu Feng give the order.

As for the spirit formation that Zhao Ruofan had set up, it had already been shattered, turning into golden light and drifting through the air.

Even though the crowd were all in disbelief and finding it hard to accept, the truth was placed before their eyes.

Chu Feng had successfully broken through the defensive spirit formation!!!

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