Chapter 2206 - All Out Recommendation

Chapter 2206 - All Out Recommendation

“Xiaoli, I naturally know that there is no one more suitable than him in our Red Butterfly Society. However, there are individuals that are more suitable than him outside of our Red Butterfly Society,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Master, I don’t understand what you mean by that,” the Red Butterfly Society’s President said with a confused expression.

“Chu Feng, the honored guest I invited here today, his world spirit techniques most definitely surpass Zhao Ruofan’s,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Chu Feng?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President revealed a skeptical expression. She said, “Master, you’ve seen that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques? It is not that this disciple does not trust you, rather, that Chu Feng seems to be truly young. He is no different from a child.”

“For him to have his cultivation of rank two Half Martial Ancestor at his age, it would mean that he is very talented. However, it also means that he has focused wholeheartedly on martial cultivation.”

“How could someone who has wholeheartedly focused on martial cultivation like him possibly be a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist? How could his world spirit techniques possibly surpass Zhao Ruofan’s who has trained for thousands of years?”

“Not long ago, my illness had relapsed ahead of time.” Liu Chengkun said. “It was Chu Feng who stabilized my illness. As for the time it took him, it was a day and night.”

“A day and night?” Hearing those words, the Red Butterfly Society’s President revealed an astonished expression.

After all, she was the one who had been stabilizing Liu Chengkun’s illness every time it relapsed. Furthermore, it would always take her at least two days and nights to stabilize Liu Chengkun’s illness.

Yet, Chu Feng had actually only used a single day and night. As such, how could she not be startled? However, after being astonished, she became even more skeptical.

“Although you might not believe me, that is the truth. Huang Luo can bear witness to it.”

“Most importantly, Chu Feng is an Asura World Spiritist,” Liu Chengkun continued.

“Asura World Spiritist?!” Hearing those three words, the Red Butterfly Society’s President’s expression changed enormously.

It was not that she had a low tolerance for shock. Rather, this matter was no small matter. After all, Asura World Spiritists were extremely rare.

“Master, are you certain of that?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President asked.

“I saw it personally. Else… how could a rank six Half Martial Ancestor-level world spirit be able to kill Hong Xi?” Liu Chengkun said.

“You’re saying that Chu Feng used his world spirit to kill Hong Xi, and that his world spirit is only a rank six Half Martial Ancestor?!” The astonishment in the Red Butterfly Society’s President’s eyes grew stronger and stronger.

“That’s right,” Liu Chengkun nodded. Then, he added, “Furthermore, the aura of his world spirit is without a mistake that of an Asura World Spirit.”

“Sssss~~~” At that moment, even the Lady Society President was unable to contain herself, and sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Then, a smile appeared on her astonished face. She said, “In that case, this Chu Feng could be considered to be a gift to our Red Butterfly Society by the heavens.”

Hearing what the Red Butterfly Society’s President said, Liu Chengkun’s expression changed. He said, “Xiaoli, I have indeed invited Chu Feng to join our Red Butterfly Society. Merely… he did not wish to do so.”

“Master, you’re saying that Chu Feng does not wish to join our Red Butterfly Society?” Hearing those words, the smile on the face of the Red Butterfly Society’s President immediately froze.

“That is indeed the case,” Liu Chengkun shook his head.

“Master, if that Chu Feng is truly as you described him to be, I am willing to have him replace Vice President Zhao and accompany me to Mount Cloud Crane.”

“After all, he is an Asura World Spiritist. It would be understandable for me to nurture him. Merely… if he isn’t a part of our Red Butterfly Society, how could I have him accompany me?”

“Master, please try to advise that Chu Feng again. As long as he is willing to join our Red Butterfly Society, I am most definitely willing to bring him with me,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said. Judging from her appearance, it seemed like she would definitely refuse to give Chu Feng the opportunity should he refuse to join their Red Butterfly Society.

“You don’t have to mention this matter anymore. He doesn’t want to join, and I do not want to force him,” Liu Chengkun said.

“That is truly too much of a pity then,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President sighed. It could be seen that she really wanted Chu Feng to join their Red Butterfly Society.

“Xiaoli, do you know why I thought so highly of Chu Feng after seeing him once?” Liu Chengkun asked.

“Master, that is actually also what I wanted to ask,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“His moral quality. He helped the Tang Family take care of the Cao Family. Yet, the Tang Family decided to kick their benefactor in the teeth, and joined hands with the Cao Family to take care of him.”

“Logically, he should feel hatred for all of the people in the Tang Family.”

“Yet, Chu Feng did not. Even though the Tang Family was unrighteous and unjust toward him, Chu Feng still decided to brave dangers to save the Tang Family’s Young Miss Tang Ying. From this, it could be seen that he is a person that is able to clearly distinguish grudges and grievances, someone who is affectionate and true.”

“Do we really need someone like him to join our Red Butterfly Society? Even if he doesn’t join our Red Butterfly Society, he will definitely come to our aid should our Red Butterfly Society be in danger in the future,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Master, what you say is reasonable. However, that is merely your hypothesis,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Indeed,” Liu Chengkun smiled. He did not deny that. However, he still continued, “Then, let me ask you this. If there was an unrivaled grand character, someone that surpassed the Golden Crane True Immortal, would you want to befriend that person or not?”

“If possible, I would definitely try to befriend that person. Merely…”

Before the Red Butterfly Society’s President could finish her words, Liu Chengkun interrupted her, “Merely, if you are to wait for that person to become a grand character to befriend that person, your actions will be akin to boot-licking. At that time, he will not truly befriend you. At the very most, he will take into consideration that you were his former acquaintance and act politely toward you.”

“However, if you were to befriend him before he matured, he would definitely treat you extremely well after he becomes a grand character.”

“Xiaoli, you must remember this. What people need the most is not to add flowers to a brocade. Rather, it is to send charcoal in snowy weather.”

[1. Add flowers to a brocade → adding things to something that’s already perfect. Aka. flattering someone. Sending charcoal in snowy weather → helping someone in their time of need.]

“.....” Hearing those words, the Red Butterfly Society’s President grew silent. She found what her master had said to be very sensible.

“But master, there are a lot of different kinds of geniuses. Many of them are people that ruled over a region in their youth. However, not many of those geniuses were actually able to mature in strength. Instead, the majority of them ended up dying young,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“I understand what you are thinking. However, I dare to guarantee that the genius Chu Feng will definitely not die young,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Master, I have already declared to Vice President Zhao that we’ll be going, if I am to go back on my word now, wouldn’t it be…?”

“After all, Vice President Zhao is a distant relative to a management elder in the Sunset Clouds Valley,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Xiaoli, I,your Master, has watched you grow up. I naturally understand what you are thinking.”

“Actually, it is also because of Zhao Ruofan’s distant relative in the Sunset Cloud Valley that you acted so leniently toward him.”

“You must be thinking that he will be able to curb Luyang’s Pavilion. After all, Luyang’s Pavilion relies on the Sunset Cloud Valley.”

“But, Xiaoli, I can tell you this with certainty. In the future, Chu Feng is someone that not even a hundred thousand Luyang’s Pavilions would be able to compare to,” Liu Chengkun said.

At that moment, the Red Butterfly Society’s President grew silent. She was placed in a difficult situation. Liu Chengkun did not say anything. Just like that, he stood there looking at his disciple.

“Master, since I have till tomorrow to announce this matter, allow me to consider it a bit more,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Very well,” Liu Chengkun nodded. He revealed a disappointed expression in his aged gaze. Based on his understanding of his disciple, he knew that it would be hopeless to make her bring Chu Feng with her to Mount Cloud Crane.

“Lady Society President, this subordinate is a bit tired. I will return to rest,” Liu Chengkun bowed respectfully. Then, he turned and left.

“Master,” Seeing Liu Chengkun leaving, the Red Butterfly Society’s President wanted to say something. After Liu Chengkun left, she muttered with a low voice, “Master, I am thinking for the sake of the Red Butterfly Society. I hope that you will one day understand your disciple’s pains.”

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