Chapter 2207 - Above Martial Ancestor

Chapter 2207 - Above Martial Ancestor

After Liu Chengkun left the forbidden area, he did not return to his own residence. Instead, he arrived at the palace that Chu Feng was resting in.

Liu Chengkun was currently sitting face to face with Chu Feng. Deeply concerned, he asked, “Chu Feng, how are your injuries?”

“Senior, please rest assured. They were merely some light injuries and, have already healed,” Chu Feng said indifferently. He was worried that Liu Chengkun would feel guilty for his injuries.

“It’s great that you’re fine,” Sure enough, after seeing that Chu Feng was fine, Liu Chengkun revealed a smile. Then, he said, “Chu Feng, there is good news.”

“What is this good news?” Chu Feng asked.

“Do you know of the Golden Crane True Immortal?” Liu Chengkun asked.

“I do not” Chu Feng shook his head.

“He is a True Immortal-level expert,” Liu Chengkun said.

“True Immortal-level expert, could it be a cultivation realm above Martial Ancestors?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

The reason for that was because this was the first time he was hearing the words ‘True Immortal.’

In fact, even Eggy grew spirited. The reason for that was because her understanding of martial cultivation also stopped at the Martial Ancestor level. She truly had no idea of martial cultivation above Martial Ancestor.

Both Chu Feng and Eggy were able to deduce that it was very possible for True Immortal… to be the cultivation realm above Martial Ancestor.

“Chu Feng, you actually don’t know of the True Immortal realm?” Seeing Chu Feng’s confused expression, Liu Chengkun was extremely surprised.

Although very few people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm were capable of becoming True Immortals, everyone knew of the True Immortal realm.

“Senior, truth be told, I am from a Lower Realm. At our Lower Realm… the Half Martial Ancestor cultivation realm is already the limit. There are simply no Martial Ancestor-level experts. Thus… I simply do not know of the cultivation realms above Martial Ancestor,” Chu Feng said.

“So you’re actually from a Lower Realm. It’s no wonder I’ve never heard of you before. But… if you’re from a Lower Realm, you must definitely reveal your talent on the Hundred Refinements Stage. Could it be that you’ve refused all of the invitations from the various major powers?” Liu Chengkun revealed an astonished expression.

He knew very well that all of the people from the Lower Realms would have to enter the Hundred Refinements Stage. Furthermore, there would always be talented individuals who appeared in the Hundred Refinements Stage. Every year, the various powers of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm would always proceed for the Hundred Refinements Stage to invite the excellent talents from the Lower Realms.

Liu Chengkun had also been to the Hundred Refinements Stage on behalf of the Red Butterfly Society. The way he saw it, someone like Chu Feng was most definitely the most powerful existence in the Hundred Refinements Stage.

A person like him would be someone that all the powers would fight over. At that time, it would not be a question of whether or not he would want to join a power. As such, how did Chu Feng manage to arrive here safely?

“Due to a certain reason, I was unable to enter the Hundred Refinements Stage,” Chu Feng said.

“Ssss~~~” Hearing those words, Liu Chengkun was unable to contain himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. He discovered… that Chu Feng was more and more remarkable.

“Senior Liu, can you explain the True Immortal realm and the cultivation realms above it to me?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Of course. If Martial Emperors are capable of unleashing their body’s full potential, then Martial Ancestors are capable of unleashing the limits of their body’s power. However, both of them are still limited by their human bodies.”

“However, True Immortals, that realm above Martial Ancestors, are cultivators who have transcended the limits of their bodies.”

“In other words, once one reaches True Immortal Realm, they will no longer be humans. Rather, they will become immortals.”

“Very few people in our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm are capable of reaching the True Immortal realm. However, it is reported that there are a lot of True Immortal realm experts in the Upper Realms.”

“For example, after you reach the Upper Realm, it is very possible that an island in the sea or a city in the wilderness are all not real. Instead, they would be things created by True Immortal-level experts,” Liu Chengkun said.

“In that case, True Immortals have already transcended their physical bodies, and can change their forms at will?” Chu Feng was very shocked. The reason for that was because it would mean that their cultivation, Source Energy and dantian had combined into one, causing even their souls to transform to a higher level.

To put it simply, a person would then be able to change into any sort of object as long as they wanted to do so. Thus, it would not be too excessive to declare those people as ‘Immortals.’

“That is indeed the case,” Liu Chengkun nodded.

“Then, what about the cultivation realms above True Immortal?” Chu Feng asked.

“The True Immortal realm is merely the introduction toward Immortality. Above the True Immortal realm is the Heavenly Immortal realm. And above the Heavenly Immortal realm is the Martial Immortal realm.”

Chu Feng was extremely entranced. He firmly remembered the three realms of cultivation in his heart.

True Immortal, Heavenly Immortal and Martial Immortal.

“If True Immortal is the introduction, then Heavenly Immortal would be the transformation, and Martial Immortal would be the actual integration with Immortality,” Liu Chengkun continued.

“I have heard that even in the vast and omnipotent Upper Realms, very few people are able to become Martial Immortals. Furthermore, all of the Martial Immortals are unsurpassed existences.” When mentioning the Martial Immortals, Liu Chengkun had an expression of reverence filling his face.

“Then, what about the cultivation realms above Martial Immortal?” Chu Feng continued to ask.

“The path of martial cultivation is never-ending. There are naturally cultivation realms above Martial Immortal.”

“Exalted; that is the realm above Martial Immortal. Although that is a legendary realm of cultivation, there has been people that have reached that realm.”

“For example, the Mount Cloud Crane where the Golden Crane True Immortal is living at right now was created by an Exalted.”

“Thus, Mount Cloud Crane could be said to be one of the most famous wondrous locations in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Liu Chengkun said.

“As for the cultivation realms above Exalted, next would be the Utmost Exalted. Above the Utmost Exalted is the Martial Exalted.”

“Furthermore, it seems like there are cultivation realms above Martial Exalted. Merely, even I have never heard of those cultivation realms.”

“However, I feel that since Exalted is already akin to legend, Martial Exalted would be a myth. As for the cultivation realms above Martial Exalted, they would be existences akin to gods,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Perhaps that might be the case,” Chu Feng nodded his head in agreement. Even though those realms of cultivation were very distant from him, he had managed to tell how magnificent of a scale the world of martial cultivation was merely from those cultivation realms. At the same time, he had also realized how far from the top he really was.

‘Exalted, Utmost Exalted, Martial Exalted. I wonder what level of cultivation my father is?’ Chu Feng thought to himself.

Although Liu Chengkun had said that Martial Immortals were already unsurpassed in the Upper Realms, Chu Feng felt that his father’s cultivation should have surpassed Martial Immortal, that he would be at least an Exalted.

“Senior Liu, what is with the Golden Crane True Immortal you mentioned to me earlier?” Chu Feng asked.

“The Golden Crane True Immortal is not someone from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, no one knows which Upper Realm he is from. He appeared three years ago and occupied Mount Cloud Crane, which was created by that legendary Exalted.”

“Although the Golden Crane True Immortal only appeared three years ago, his fame has already spread through the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. He is an existence feared and revered by the various powers. He is a true grand character, an absolute expert that stands at the apex of our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“Furthermore, not only does the Golden Crane True Immortal possess a very powerful cultivation, he is also an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Moreover, he is planning to host an assembly in the upcoming days.”

“He is planning to use his world spirit techniques to assist our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists become Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.”

“Our Red Butterfly Assembly has used a great sum to purchase two invitations from others. I want you to accompany our Lady Society President there,” Liu Chengkun said.

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