Chapter 2205 - Chat Between Master And Disciple

Chapter 2205 - Chat Between Master And Disciple

“Old fart? Eggy, are you talking about that Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who else other than him? Do you not feel him to be someone that is extremely detestable?” Eggy said.

“Indeed. However, it remains that it is a domestic matter of the Red Butterfly Society. There does not seem to be a reason for me to get involved,” Chu Feng said.

Eggy stood up emotionally and said to Chu Feng in a disappointed manner, “Oh please. There’s a lot of reason for you to be involved, okay?”

“Indeed. Senior Liu has treated me very well. Furthermore, the Red Butterfly Society’s President is his disciple. For the sake of Senior Liu, it does seem like I have a reason to help them take care of that Vice President. Merely, it remains that I am not someone from the Red Butterfly Society…. If…”

“Fool, that’s not what I’m talking about,” Eggy interrupted Chu Feng.

“What other reason could there be then?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“What other reason?” Eggy placed her hands on her waist, “He has injured you. That is enough reason for you to kill him.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng suddenly burst into laughter. Then, he stood up and said, “Indeed, that is a reason.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, a trace of coldness appeared in Chu Feng’s gaze.

Today, it was clearly the first time he met that Zhao Ruofan. There was simply no hatred nor grievance between them. Yet, that Zhao Ruofan had attacked him. Not only did he injure him, he also forced him onto all fours.

Indeed, Chu Feng could not disregard such hatred. Furthermore, Chu Feng felt that Zhao Ruofan’s character was not good at all. Moreover, he had noticed that Zhao Ruofan was extremely hostile toward Liu Chengkun.

Thus, Chu Feng had decided that he might as well go and eliminate that Zhao Ruofan. After all, leaving him alive would only cause disaster.

“That’s more like the Chu Feng I know,” Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, Eggy smiled sweetly.

As Eggy knew Chu Feng very well, she was able to tell that killing intent had emerged in Chu Feng’s heart. As such, that Zhao Ruofan would die sooner or later.

Actually, Eggy was deliberately inciting Chu Feng. She was able to tell that Chu Feng was reacting as if his hands and legs were tied because of his refusal to join the Red Butterfly Society.

Had it been before, if someone had dared to attack Chu Feng and even forced him to the ground on all fours, Chu Feng would have definitely not spared that individual.

However, this time around, Chu Feng had not looked deeply into the matter. The reason for that was because that Zhao Ruofan was part of the Red Butterfly Society. Chu Feng felt that he was not qualified to involve himself in the business of the Red Butterfly Society, and that he should not attack someone from the Red Butterfly Society, as he had not joined them.

As for the reason why he reacted in such a manner, it was because he felt guilty toward Liu Chengkun. After all… he had refused Liu Chengkun’s invitation repeatedly.

However, Chu Feng had now been awakened by Eggy. Eggy let him know that he did not have to overthink things if he wanted to take care of a single person. As long as he possessed a simple justification, it would suffice.

At the same time. In an extremely hidden forbidden area in the Red Butterfly Society. The Red Butterfly Society’s President and Liu Chengkun were together.

“Lady Society President, it was truly all thanks to your assistance today. Vice President Zhao was determined to make things difficult for me. If it wasn’t for your arrival and declaration that Chu Feng was invited by you, I fear that it would truly have been extremely hard for me to disentangle myself,” Liu Chengkun said with a grateful expression.

“Master, there are no outsiders here. You do not have to address me as Lady Society President. Just address me by my name,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Lady Society President, regardless of whether or not there are other people present, you are still the Society President. As such, it is only natural that I address you as such,” Liu Chengkun said respectfully.

“But master, this position of the Society President should have been yours. After all, this Red Butterfly Society was personally established by your mother. You…” When mentioning this matter, the Red Butterfly Society’s President became emotional. She seemed to be feeling injustice for Liu Chengkun.

Liu Chengkun sighed. “I know my body best. Over these years, had it not been for your constant treatments, I would have already died. As such, how could I succeed the Red Butterfly Society?”

“Furthermore, you possess the strength. No one will dare refuse you as the Society President. Even that Zhao Ruofan has no choice but to comply.”

“However, if I were to become the Society President, how would the people be willing to accept me? The Red Butterfly Society would end up being ruined by my hands,” Liu Chengkun said with a wry smile.

“Master, your cultivation is only affected because of your illness. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were born with that illness, how could your cultivation only be that of a rank one Martial Ancestor? It would not be strange for you to be a rank five Martial Ancestor now,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“This is fate. No matter what one says, it’s useless,” Liu Chengkun waved his hand.

“No, master, this is not fate. One’s fate is determined by oneself, and not the heavens.”

“I have thought of a way to completely cure your illness. If you don’t trust me, look at this,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President took out two title plates with a beaming smile across her face.

The two title plates appeared to be very normal. They were merely two wooden title plates.

However, the two title plates were anything but normal. Both of them were emitting a faint glimmer. That glimmer was no ordinary glimmer. Rather, it was world spirit power. Furthermore, it was Immortal-level world spirit power.

This was especially true for Liu Chengkun after he saw the four words on the title plates. Immediately, his expression changed enormously.

The four words were: ‘Golden Crane True Immortal!!!’ [1. Golden Crane, or Jin He, could be both a title or a name because Jin(gold) is a surname. But, It is highly unlikely that someone would name their child ‘crane,’ the bird. Thus, I feel that it is more likely a title. Also did some search on baike, he is a Daoist. More likely to be a title than a name.]

“Golden Crane True Immortal, Xiaoli, you managed to obtain the Golden Crane True Immortal’s invitation title plates?!” Liu Chengkun asked extremely emotionally. [2. Her name means Little Jasmine.]

“Master, you’re finally willing to call me by my name,” At that moment, the Red Butterfly Society’s President was smiling beautifully. Then she nodded and said, “Indeed, these are invitation title plates given to me by the Golden Crane True Immortal.”

“Master, you also know that only Immortal-cloak World Spiritists are capable of healing your illness. As for that Golden Crane True Immortal, not only is he an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, he is also a True Immortal-level expert. His world spirit techniques are definitely not something that ordinary Immortal-cloak World Spiritists could compare with,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

As for Liu Chengkun, he was nodding his head repeatedly. He naturally knew how powerful True Immortals were; they were existences above Martial Ancestors.

If the Martial Ancestor realm could be said to be the limit of the human body, then True Immortals were beings that had surpassed the limits of the human body.

“Although it would be impossible to have the Golden Crane True Immortal treat master’s illness, the Golden Crane True Immortal personally created a grand formation at the Immortalization Assembly conducted on the Mount Cloud Crane. Upon entering that spirit formation, Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists will obtain the opportunity to comprehend and contact Immortal-level spirit power.”

“As for these invitation title plates, they are the entrances ticket to the assembly. I have decided that I will go there with Vice President Zhao. The two of us are both Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists. Even if I am unable to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, it might be possible for Vice President Zhao to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.”

“As long as one of the two of us is able to become an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, we will be able to completely treat master’s illness.”

“After master is healed from your illness, it will not be an issue for you to live for another five thousand years. Your future accomplishments will definitely surpass Vice President Zhao’s. At that time, I will have master become the Society President,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said excitedly.

At that moment, the previously excited Liu Chengkun grew silent.

“Master, what is wrong? Are you not happy with this?”

“Indeed, I have purchased these two invitation title plates from others using a great amount of wealth and damaged our treasury.”

“But, master, I have done all this for your sake,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Xiaoli, your master knows of your kind intentions. As such, how could I blame you? Furthermore, you are the Society President. Thus, you are qualified to make all kinds of decisions.”

“Merely, is it possible to change the person that will go to Mount Cloud Crane with you?” Liu Chengkun said.

“Change a person?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President frowned. She said, “Master, please forgive this disciple for being unfilial and saying things that I should not say.”

“I know that you possesses deep grievances with Vice President Zhao. However, when considering the greater good, among our Red Butterfly Society’s Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, only he and I are capable of becoming Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.”

“If someone else is to go instead, I fear that we will end up wasting… the invitation title plate that I spent a great amount of our wealth to purchase.”

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