Chapter 2204 - Might Be Alive

Chapter 2204 - Might Be Alive

“However, Vice President Zhao, you remain the Vice President of the Red Butterfly Society. As someone holding a status below only a single person, it is not suitable for you to make conclusions without prior investigations.”

“While it is fine for me, after all, I am an outsider, and it was reasonable for you to attack me, it is different for Senior Liu.”

“Even if we do not mention how he is your Red Butterfly Society’s management elder and how you should possess basic trust in him, he is also seriously ill. ”

“Yet, you insisted on punishing him, and even forced him to his knees. Is that not too excessive?”

“Furthermore, it would be one thing if you were really doing so to uphold your duty. But, earlier, you deliberately said to Senior Liu ‘Don’t think that you can strut around in the Red Butterfly Society just because you’re Society President’s master.’”

“I don’t know if I am overthinking things, or if you hold some resentment toward Senior Liu to begin with. Might you have only used my presence here to deliberately make things difficult for Senior Liu so as to show off your might as the Vice President?”

“It is truly not me, an outsider, being too meddlesome. Merely, as Senior Liu is Lady Society President’s master, even if he possesses a status inferior to yours, his seniority is much higher than yours.”

“I truly feel that even if you are the Vice President, you should treat Senior Liu with more respect. It is truly wrong for you to borrow your status as the Vice President to deliberately attack Senior Liu.”

“After all, his health is truly unwell,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you!!!” Hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan’s expression turned green. When Chu Feng was saying those words, he had wanted to interrupt Chu Feng the entire time. Merely… Chu Feng had refused to give him the opportunity to do so.

In fact, the expressions of Liu Chengkun, Huang Luo and the others also changed. Involuntarily, they looked at Chu Feng with a whole new level of respect.

Chu Feng’s words were truly ruthless. Even though he was only attacking Zhao Ruofan indirectly, he had informed the Red Butterfly Society’s President of Zhao Ruofan’s wicked conduct.

As everyone knew, their Lady Society President was someone who respected her master very much.

“Vice President Zhao, is that true? Did you really say those things when you had my master kneel?” Sure enough, the Red Butterfly Society’s President currently had a furious expression on her face.

In fact, those were things that she knew about even without Chu Feng mentioning them.

Merely, it remained that she had arrived later. Thus, it was unsuitable for her to do anything to Vice President Zhao.

Yet now, Chu Feng had declared those things. As the Society President, she now had to do something about Vice President Zhao’s actions.

“Lady Society President, I… that was truly not my intention. I merely…” Zhao Ruofan started to panic slightly. After all, what Chu Feng had declared had actually happened. They were things that all the people present had witnessed. Thus, it was difficult for him to explain himself.

“You don’t have to say anymore. I only hope that this is the last time something like this will happen. If this is to happen again, I fear that the our Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President seat will have no choice but to be given to someone else.”

“I truly do not wish for our Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President to be someone who will use his position for private interests and private revenge,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said coldly.

Her words let Chu Feng realize that Zhao Ruofan and Liu Chengkun should possess personal grudges and grievances. Else, the Red Butterfly Society’s President would not have used those words to describe Zhao Ruofan’s conduct today.

“Lady Society President, I… I…” Hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan’s expression grew even more unsightly. He was at a loss as for what to say. He had never expected things to become this serious, for Lady Society President to have the intention to remove him from the Vice President position.

“Say no more, you can leave now,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President waved her hand coldly.

“This subordinate will leave now,” Zhao Ruofan did not dare to say anything, and could only retire from that place.

Although the people from the Red Butterfly Society felt that the warning of their Lady Society President was already very strict, Chu Feng felt that the Red Butterfly Society’s President was too forgiving to only give Zhao Ruofan a verbal warning, and not any substantial punishment.

Although Chu Feng did not know why she would be this forgiving, he knew that there must be a reason for it. It was because of that secret reason that the Red Butterfly Society’s President did not dare to actually do anything to Zhao Ruofan.

Afterward, Chu Feng really received the honored guest treatment, and was situated in an excellent palace in the Red Butterfly Society to rest.

Not only was the palace very excellent, there were also many servant girls to serve him. In fact, he even had personal cooks.

From this, it could be seen that Chu Feng received very good treatment here.

However, Chu Feng noticed that the Red Butterfly Society’s President did not completely trust him.

Although he was treated very well, there was a spirit formation around the palace. Inside the spirit formation, ordinary people were simply unable to inspect the situation outside.

However, the spirit formation was unable to shield Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes. Merely… it remained that Chu Feng was here as a guest, and a guest should comply with the wishes of the master.

Furthermore, as Chu Feng did not have too much interest in the Red Butterfly Society, Chu Feng did not bother to waste time inspecting the situation and the strength of the Red Butterfly Society.

After all, he had only decided to come here as a guest to give face to Liu Chengkun and repay him for helping him.

Chu Feng did not plan to stay here for long. After all, he had still not avenged Wang Qiang. That was something that had been preoccupying his mind the entire time.

“Eggy, if we are to encounter that demonic woman, are you confident in being able to take care of her?” Chu Feng’s awareness was in his world spirit space. He was sitting on the ground with Eggy and chatting face to face.

“I am also uncertain as to exactly what level of strength that demonic woman possesses. However, I felt that she was at least a Martial Ancestor. At the very most, I am only thirty percent confident in being able to defeat her,” Eggy said.

“Thirty percent? That demonic woman is that powerful?” Chu Feng frowned. He knew that he did not possess sufficient strength to take care of that demonic woman. Thus, he could only place all of his hopes onto Her Lady Queen.

However, even Her Lady Queen said that she only possessed thirty percent confidence in being able to defeat that demonic woman. Then, wouldn’t it mean that avenging Wang Qiang would be something that was very distant?

Suddenly, Eggy said, “Chu Feng, I feel that your head is muddled by hatred, that you’ve turned foolish.”

“Eggy, why would you think such a thing of me?” Chu Feng asked.

“While it is true that Wang Qiang was captured by that demonic woman, how are you so certain that Wang Qiang is dead?”

“Although I do not know much about that stutterer Wang Qiang, I feel that he is not a simple man. That is especially true after the two of you started to travel together. I felt even more certain then that he was not simple.”

“Would a guy like him be so easily killed?”

“Don’t forget, he is someone that grew up in an Ancient Era’s Remnant,” Eggy said.

“But, the number of bones in the Darknight Ghost…”

Before Chu Feng could finish, Eggy interrupted, “It’s easy to explain those bones. Perhaps the demonic woman had already left that pile of bones before she went to capture Wang Qiang and the others. It is also possible that she captured more people afterwards.”

“Although the amount of bones was the same as the number of people she captured that day, that does not mean that Wang Qiang’s bones would definitely be among them.”

“I have actually also thought of that. But, it remains that I have received no news of Wang Qiang,” Chu Feng said.

“While it is very suspicious for there to be no news of Wang Qiang, it is also true that there has been no news of that demonic woman. Do you not feel that to be even more suspicious?” Eggy asked.

“Indeed, what you say is very true,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Although I also feel that it would be unlikely for that stutterer Wang Qiang to still be alive, it remains that there is still a chance that he might be alive.”

“Thus, do not make yourself look this miserable all day, do not immerse yourself in the death of your brother all day long. If he turns out to have never been dead to begin with, wouldn’t you have grieved for nothing?”

“Rather than feeling sad for Wang Qiang, you should think about how to take care of that old fart,” Eggy said.

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