Chapter 2203 - Society President

Chapter 2203 - Society President

At the moment the declaration of the Society President’s arrival was heard, Zhao Ruofan hurriedly removed his oppressive might that was crushing Chu Feng, Liu Chengkun and Huang Luo.

Escorted by a group of Red Butterfly Society experts, Chu Feng managed to see the Red Butterfly Society’s President.

Merely, Chu Feng was surprised to find out that the mysterious Red Butterfly Society’s President was actually a female.

The Lady Society President appeared to be very young. She could not be considered extremely beautiful. However, she was very dignified and charismatic.

Furthermore, she was much younger than Chu Feng had imagined the Society President would be. She was actually not even a hundred years old. Strictly speaking, she was still only a member of the younger generation.

However, her strength was not weak at all. Chu Feng was able to tell that she was a rank one Martial Ancestor.

This was the first time Chu Feng had seen a member of the younger generation with the cultivation of Martial Ancestor.

However, Chu Feng felt that her strength was not only limited to that of a rank one Martial Ancestor. Else, she wouldn’t be qualified to become this Red Butterfly Society’s President or make Zhao Ruofan, a rank two Martial Ancestor, fear her like that.

That’s right, he was afraid. Even though Zhao Ruofan had managed to conceal his fear very well, Chu Feng was able to tell from Zhao Ruofan’s flickering gaze that he was panicking and feeling uneasy.

“I pay my respects to Lady Society President!!!”

Sure enough, after adjusting himself, Zhao Ruofan hurriedly stepped toward that Lady Society President to respectfully greet her.

In response, the others also greeted her respectfully. Even Liu Chengkun and Huang Luo, who had been forced to kneel on the ground, hurriedly stood up to greet her respectfully.

“Vice President Zhao, what are you doing? Why did I see my master and Elder Huang kneeling on the ground earlier? Furthermore, not only is my honored guest lying on the ground, he is also seriously injured,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President asked.

“Honored guest?” Hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan’s expression turned sluggish, and more fear appeared in his gaze.

“Chu Feng is the honored guest that I had my master go invite,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“This subordinate deserves to die. This subordinate did not know that Chu Feng was invited here by Lady Society President. That is why I acted to stop him, and accidently injured him,” The Vice President hurriedly kneeled to the ground.

However, Chu Feng noticed that even though he was very afraid and had made the appropriate apologetic actions, he was not kneeling on the ground completely. If it were someone else, they would definitely kneel with both of their knees. However, he was only kneeling with one knee.

“There is no fault to Vice President Zhao in strictly upholding the rules I set. However, my master is ill. I hope that you do not make him kneel the next time you try to display your might.”

“Although in terms of status, you are above my master, my master is your senior in terms of seniority,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

“Yes, what Lady President said is extremely correct. This subordinate will definitely remember that. I will not dare to act rudely toward Elder Liu again,” Zhao Ruofan nodded repeatedly.

As for Zhao Xiao and his father, they stood to the side and did not dare to even raise their heads. It could be seen that they feared the Red Butterfly Society’s President even more than Zhao Ruofan.

Truly, what one fears will come. After the Red Butterfly Society’s President finished warning Zhao Ruofan, she cast her gaze toward Zhao Xiao and his father. She said, “I’ve heard that the two of you… were actually also stopping my master and the others?”

“Lady Society President, we were wrong,” In response, Zhao Xiao and his father immediately kneeled to the ground. As for the two of them… they were kneeling with both knees.

To be exact, they were on all fours, and did not dare to even raise their heads. This was especially true for Zhao Xiao, as his body was actually shivering with cold. He seemed to be extremely scared of that Society President.

“Vice President Zhao is our Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President. As per his post, he is qualified to question my master’s actions.”

“However, Zhao Xuan and Zhao Xiao, is there a need for me to mention your statuses?”

“Yet, the two of you actually also dared to question my master’s actions? Do you know what is meant by seniority?” After saying those words, the Red Butterfly Society’s President unleashed her powerful oppressive might, flipping them over on the ground.

Even though the two of them were only forced to roll several times in the ground and did not suffer any substantial injuries, the actions of the Red Butterfly Society’s President were sufficient to demonstrate her anger.

“Lady President, we were wrong. Please have mercy.”

In response, even though Zhao Xiao and his father had already been publicly shamed, they still hurriedly crawled back up and kneeled on the ground. They did not dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect.

“To offend one’s superior is unpardonable. Men! Imprison Zhao Xuan and Zhao Xiao,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said coldly.

“Yes,” Faced with the order from the Red Butterfly Society’s Society Master, no one dared to not comply. The Red Butterfly Society’s guards began to step forward to tie up Zhao Xiao and his father, then speedily, escorted them away.

In that sort of situation, not only did Zhao Xiao and his father not dare to beg for forgiveness, even their grandfather Zhao Ruofan, the grand Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President, did not dare to ask for leniency.

“Vice President Zhao, is there anything else you need?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President asked Zhao Ruofan.

Hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan’s body grew stiff, and his expression grew slightly ugly. After all, even a fool could tell that the Red Butterfly Society’s President was driving him out.

However, even though he knew that that was the case, he did not dare to show any bit of inappropriate behavior. Instead, he hurriedly made a respectful gesture and said, “This subordinate shall leave now.”

“Wait,” Right at that moment, Liu Chengkun suddenly spoke.

“Elder Liu, is there something that you still need?” Zhao Ruofan asked.

“You injured little friend Chu Feng earlier. Although it was only a minor injury, it remains that little friend Chu Feng is an honored guest. Are you planning to leave without even apologizing for your actions?” Liu Chengkun said.

“This…” Zhao Ruofan revealed a difficult expression. If Liu Chengkun were to have demanded that Zhao Ruofan apologize to him, he would be willing to do so. After all… Liu Chengkun currently possessed the backing of Lady Society President.

However, he was truly unwilling to apologize to Chu Feng, an outsider. Thus, he turned his gaze to the Red Butterfly Society’s President.

He thought that since his son and grandson were already being punished, the Lady Society President should be willing to give him some face.

“I feel that what master said is very reasonable,” The Red Butterfly Society’s President said.

The words spoken by the Red Butterfly Society’s President caused not only Zhao Ruofan but also the guards present to have a change in expression.

As the Vice President of the Red Butterfly Society, Zhao Ruofan was someone with status below a single person and above everyone else. Even their Lady Society Master would not deliberately make things difficult for him. Generally, should he make any minor mistakes, she would simply laugh it off.

However, the behavior of their Lady Society President was completely different in this instance. If it was because of Liu Chengkun, they could understand. After all, he was her master. However, she actually wanted the Vice President to apologize to Chu Feng. This was something that the guards were truly unable to understand.

However, as the matter was already decided, Zhao Ruofan would also not dare to put forth any excuses. As such, he could only clasp his fist at Chu Feng unwillingly as he said, “Little friend Chu Feng, this old man did not know that you were Lady Society President’s honored guest. Please forgive me for my offense.”

“Vice President Zhao, you are overly courteous. As Lady Society President said, there was no wrong to your action in upholding your duty. Thus, how could I find fault with you?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. Even though he was clearly injured by Zhao Ruofan, he did not express the slightest bit of anger.

Hearing those words, Zhao Ruofan, who was originally feeling very unpleasant, started to sneer in his heart.

After knowing about the matter between Chu Feng and Luyang’s Pavilion, he had thought Chu Feng to be some sort of extraordinary thorn. But it turned out that he was also one that feared consequences. Even though he had made Chu Feng kneel on all fours, Chu Feng did not dare to blame him in the slightest.

At that moment, Zhao Ruofan truly thought that this brat by the name of Chu Feng was scared of him.

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