Chapter 2202 - Deliberately Making Things Difficult

Chapter 2202 - Deliberately Making Things Difficult

After deciding, Chu Feng followed Liu Chengkun and Huang Luo until they directly arrived outside of a small city.

Although the small city was not very large, that was only so when compared to the other cities in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. If this city were to be placed in the Nine Provinces Continent, it would be considered a small country with countless tangled and complicated powers.

According to Liu Chengkun, the strongest person in the city was the master of the city. As for his cultivation, it was only that of a peak Half Martial Emperor.

Being managed by the city master, the small city was very neat and tidy. The ordinary commoners in the city could be said to be living in peace and working happily.

However, no one would’ve imagined that this unremarkable looking city actually possessed an underground city below it. Furthermore… that underground city was the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters.

At that moment, Chu Feng had followed Liu Chengkun and Huang Luo into the underground city.

Although it was considered an underground city, due to powerful world spirit techniques, there was a blue sky, white clouds and a blazing sun in that underground world. Furthermore… not only was the sun emitting blazing heat, it would also rise from the east and set in the west everyday.

Looking at it, that place resembled a completely different world. However, with a single glance, Chu Feng was able to tell that all of these were done by a world spiritist. To put it simply, this underground palace could be said to be an independent space created by a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

Furthermore, in that independent space were many powerful defensive formations and slaughtering formations.

If one wished to bypass those spirit formations, one must pass through a spirit formation gate. However, outside of the spirit formation gate stood a total of a hundred Half Martial Ancestor-level experts.

Those guards all possessed grave expressions. They were on high alert as they surveyed the surroundings. Furthermore, they all held Incomplete Ancestral Armaments. They were truly well-trained guards.

At the very least, this was the first time Chu Feng had seen guards as earnest to their task as them.

“We pay our respects to Lord Elder.”

Right after those guards saw Liu Chengkun, they all immediately revealed respectful gazes. One after another, they began to greet him respectfully.

Furthermore, the guards also hurriedly opened the world spirit gate.

“Thank you all for your troubles,” Liu Chengkun said to the guards. He did not put on the airs of arrogance that elders generally had. Instead, he was concerned for the guards from the bottom of his heart.

“No, not at all,” The guards replied in unison. Their voices were very loud and clear. It could be seen from their attitude that they respected Liu Chengkun from the bottoms of their hearts.

“Yoh, isn’t this Elder Liu? You’ve finally returned.”

Before Liu Chengkun, Huang Luo and Chu Feng even entered the world spirit gate, a voice sounded from within the gate.

Turning his head toward the direction of the voice, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed. There were two men. One had the appearance of a middle-aged man, whereas the other had the appearance of a young man.

Chu Feng had seen that young man before. It was that fellow that had disliked Chu Feng on the day Chu Feng had first met Liu Chengkun and the others. Chu Feng even remembered his name to be Zhao Xiao.

As for that middle-aged man, he possessed an appearance that resembled that Zhao Xiao. Chu Feng felt that middle-aged man to most likely be Zhao Xiao’s father.

Neither of the two men were hiding their cultivation. Zhao Xiao possessed a cultivation the same as Chu Feng’s, he was a rank two Half Martial Ancestor.

As for Zhao Xiao’s father, he possessed the same cultivation as Elder Huang Luo, a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

“Mn?” Suddenly, Zhao Xiao’s father noticed Chu Feng. His expression changed immediately. He pointed at Chu Feng and shouted, “Who is that man?”

“Father, that man is that Chu Feng,” Zhao Xiao said. His ‘father’ verified that Chu Feng’s guess was correct, that the middle-aged man was indeed his father.

“Chu Feng? How could someone like him be allowed to enter our Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters? Men! Capture that Chu Feng!” Zhao Xiao’s father shouted.

“Who dares?!” Elder Liu Chengkun shouted coldly. Once he said those words, not a single guard dared to move.

“Elder Liu, how could you bring someone like him to our Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters?”

“As an elder of the Red Butterfly Society, have you forgotten even the most basic rule that we have? Not to mention an outsider like him, even for the people of our Red Butterfly Society, they would not be allowed to enter our Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters without a significant amount of contribution to our Red Butterfly Society!” Zhao Xiao’s father shouted loudly.

“Impudent! Have you forgotten your status?! How dare you speak to me in such a manner?!” Liu Chengkun was angered. Not only that, he even unleashed his own oppressive might.

Once his rank one Martial Ancestor-level oppressive might was unleashed, not to mention Zhao Xiao, even Zhao Xiao’s father’s expression changed enormously.

Even if he was a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, an existence a step away from becoming a Martial Ancestor, it remained that he was not yet a Martial Ancestor. When faced with the oppressive might of a rank one Martial Ancestor, he would not be able to withstand it.

“In that case, what if I am to say that to you?!” Right at that moment, a sneer sounded from within the world spirit gate. Following that, a boundless oppressive might appeared.

Not only did that oppressive might instantly neutralize Liu Chengkun’s oppressive might, it also caused Chu Feng to frown deeply.

The reason for that was because that oppressive might was much more powerful than Elder Liu Chengkun’s oppressive might.

That was not the oppressive might of a rank one Martial Ancestor. Instead, it was the oppressive might of a rank two Martial Ancestor. Furthermore, that oppressive might was very vicious. It was not simply there to frighten someone.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt that his body was about to be crushed, his breathing was about to stop and blood was about to burst out. Then, unable to contain himself, a mouthful of blood sprayed from Chu Feng’s mouth.

Following that, “snap, snap” sounds began to be heard from Chu Feng’s body nonstop. Chu Feng’s bones were being shattered by that oppressive might.

“Zhao Ruofan, what are you doing?! Little friend Chu Feng is an honored guest invited by me, how could you injure him like this?!” In response, Liu Chengkun, who was also in a very difficult state started to shout.

“Haha…” Soon, a laugh was heard. At that moment, an old man had appeared at the world spirit gate.

“We pay our respects to Lord Vice President,” Upon seeing that old man, the guards hurriedly clasped their fists to greet him. Even Huang Luo, who was also being crushed by the oppressive might’s pressure, bore the pain from the oppressive might and greeted that old man respectfully.

“Grandfather, Elder Liu, he actually… unleashed his oppressive might at father and I for the sake of an outsider. Grandfather, you must uphold justice for us,” After seeing that old man, Zhao Xiao revealed an expression of grievance. He was on the verge of crying. He truly had the appearance of a grandson. [1. Grandson is also a derogatory term.]

His ‘grandfather’ explained the identity of the old man. Evidently, he was not only the Red Butterfly Society’s Vice President, he was also closely related to Zhao Xiao and his father.

“Rest assured, as the Vice President of the Red Butterfly Society, I have always handled things justly. I will definitely not allow anyone to violate the rules of our Red Butterfly Society,” After Zhao Ruofan said those words, he suddenly pointed to Chu Feng and said, “Men! Capture that outsider!”

“Who dares?!!!” Liu Chengkun was so furious his eyes turned red.

“I dare!!!” Zhao Ruofan shouted. His oppressive might increased.

His surging oppressive might suddenly descended. Not only did his oppressive might overwhelm Chu Feng to the ground, it also made Liu Chengkun fall on his knees with a loud “putt.”

“Lord Vice President, please be lenient. Elder Liu is seriously ill,” In response, Huang Luo hurriedly started pleading for mercy.

“Seriously ill? How many years ago has it been since he was declared to be seriously ill? However, he’s living better off than anyone else.”

“You have returned together with him. As such, you are his accomplice. Thus, you must kneel too,” Seeing that Huang Luo was begging for mercy for Liu Chengkun, the anger in Zhao Ruofan’s eyes increased. Using his oppressive might, he forced Huang Luo to also kneel before him.

Then, Zhao Ruofan swept his cold gaze at the guards. “What’s this? Are you all not even listening to the orders of your Vice President?”

At that moment, how could those guards possibly dare to continue to stand there? One by one, they hurriedly moved forward to capture Chu Feng.

“Liu Chengkun, listen carefully. Don’t think that you can strut around in the Red Butterfly Society just because you’re the Society President’s master.”

“In this Red Butterfly Society, I, Zhao Ruofan, hold the highest authority after the Society President!” Zhao Ruofan pointed at the kneeling Liu Chengkun and spoke fiercely.

“The Society President has arrived!!!”

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from within the world spirit gate.

Hearing that voice, the expression of Zhao Ruofan, who had been wearing an expression of complacence, suddenly changed.

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