Chapter 2662 - Restricting The Sword

Chapter 2662 - Restricting The Sword

“The Exalted Sacred Tiger gambled with the Exalted Heavenly Fate.”

“The gamble originated from a conversation between the Exalted Heavenly Fate and Exalted Sacred Tiger, where Exalted Sacred Tiger belittled the people from the various lower realms.” 

[1. Lower realms here includes Ordinary Realms. The reason for that is because both Lower Realms and Ordinary Realms are lower realms in the eyes of people from the Upper Realms.]

“He stated that he did not understand why those people from the lower realms refuse to properly stay in the lower realms, and instead think themselves to be extremely talented upon obtaining a mere True Immortal-level cultivation and insist on coming to make a name for themselves in the Upper Realms.”

“He declared that those people from the lower realms will all end up with the same fate. That is, they will abandon themselves to despair after being trampled upon and riddled with scars and bruises by the geniuses of the Upper Realms. He declared that they were truly foolish.”

“However, Exalted Heavenly Fate didn’t think that to be the case. He pointed out many examples of people that moved about unhindered in the Upper Realms who had come from the lower realms.”

“However, Exalted Sacred Tiger was unwilling to accept this. He stated that those examples were very rare cases. Even though such examples existed, those people were only capable of moving about unhindered through the Upper Realms. None of them were able to move about unhindered through Starfields. He declared that those who came from the lower realms were still unable to compare to the people from the Upper Realms.”

“The two of them were very serious in their respective arguments. Later on, they both grew angry at one another, and quarreled with each other. The two of them insisted on making things clear.”

“Finally, Exalted Heavenly Fate declared that a genius would appear in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm within three thousand years. He declared that that genius would not only sweep through the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, but he would even sweep through the entire Starfield. He declared that if Exalted Sacred Tiger did not believe him, then they could make a bet.”

“Naturally, Exalted Sacred Tiger did not believe him. This was how their gamble came to be.”

“Merely, as the two of them were both very furious, they ended up making an enormous bet. That is, the one to lose the bet would have to cripple their own cultivation.” 

“Exalted Sacred Tiger arrived in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and set up that grand formation over two thousand years ago. During that time, the person prophesied by Exalted Heavenly Fate never appeared. As such, he thought that he would most certainly win the gamble, and was immensely pleased. In fact, he would from time to time go and find Exalted Heavenly Fate to insult him.”

“Never had he ever anticipated that Chu Feng would appear at a time like this.”

“Exalted Sacred Tiger saw that Chu Feng was simply exactly as Exalted Heavenly Fate prophesied, and grew scared that he would lose the bet. Thus… he decided to kill Chu Feng. That is why he went to find Murdergod Blue Demon,” the Old Ape narrated.

“How accurate is it?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“This is something that I obtained through my interrogation while punishing them. He shouldn’t be lying to me. Merely, I don’t understand. The two of them were originally close friends, why would they decide to make one another cripple their own cultivation because of a mere argument over a topic?” Old Ape said.

“That’s because Exalted Heavenly Fate is from the lower realms. The fact that Exalted Sacred Tiger looks down on those from the lower realms is equivalent to him insulting Exalted Heavenly Fate,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“So that’s the case. But the two of them were originally good friends. Even if there is a reason for this, there shouldn’t be a need to go this far, no?” Old Ape was still unable to understand.

“Exalted Heavenly Fate obtained an enormous chance encounter in the past. As such, his prophecies are no small matter. Perhaps this is fate. If it wasn’t for Exalted Heavenly Fate’s gamble with Exalted Sacred Tiger, Exalted Sacred Tiger would not have come to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to set up that grand formation, and Feng’er would have received one less chance encounter.”

“Furthermore, I think that even if Exalted Sacred Tiger is to lose the gamble, Exalted Heavenly Fate might still not necessarily make him cripple his own cultivation.”

“This gamble was only to make Exalted Sacred Tiger come to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and stay here for three thousand years to guard his formation. The reason for that is because Exalted Heavenly Fate knew very well that Exalted Sacred Tiger held deep resentment towards him.”

“Thus, Exalted Sacred Tiger did not come to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to stand guard over his spirit formation for over two thousand years with the goal of three thousand so that he could win the gamble. Mainly, it is because he wanted to make Exalted Heavenly Fate cripple his cultivation.”

“Between the two of them, it is Exalted Sacred Tiger that is heartless, and not Exalted Heavenly Fate,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“What makes the Exalted Sacred Tiger detest Exalted Heavenly Fate like this?” Old Ape asked.

Chu Xuanyuan smiled. It was a very profound smile. However, he did not answer Old Ape’s question.

“It seems that there’s a story between them unknown to the public,” Old Ape said. He revealed his curiosity.

However, Chu Xuanyuan still didn’t say anything.

The Old Ape did not try to further inquire about it. He knew Chu Xuanyuan very well, and knew that Chu Xuanyuan was someone that would never say what he didn’t want to, no matter how much he inquired about it.

It was not only limited to him. No one would be able to make Chu Xuanyuan speak.

“It was you who deliberately drove them insane, right?” Suddenly, Chu Xuanyuan asked Old Ape.

“No. They were driven insane because they were unable to endure my power, and received a mental breakdown from the punishment.”

“Speaking of it, it is all thanks to your Chu Heavenly Clan’s remnant that I was able to obtain my current level of cultivation.”

As the Old Ape said those words, he involuntarily clenched his fist. An expression of joy and pride emerged on his monkey face.

His current reaction was understandable. Before entering the Chu Heavenly Clan’s remnants, those three people were all capable of easily obliterating him.

However, he was now able to easily obliterate the three of them.

This shift in power happened in merely thirty years. With such a great change in strength, how could he not rejoice?

At that moment, Chu Xuanyuan extended his hand and picked up the Evil God Sword that had fallen to the ground. He began to inspect it carefully.

Old Ape also walked over and began to inspect the Evil God Sword alongside Chu Xuanyuan. He was also extremely curious about the sword.

“This sword is extremely strange. Do you know where it comes from?” Old Ape asked.

“The way I see it, that thing is most definitely not the embodiment of the sword’s soul. Rather, some sort of demonic being is sealed in this sword,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“How can one be sure?” The Old Ape asked.

“This sword itself is most definitely not an ordinary item. Its sealing power is extremely strong. I have never experienced anything this strong before,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Really?” Old Ape inspected the sword carefully. However, he was confused. It would seem that even with Old Ape’s powers, he was unable to sense the Evil God Sword’s sealing power that Chu Xuanyuan mentioned.

“Place your hand on top of my hand and sense again,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

The Old Ape did as Chu Xuanyuan said. Then, he revealed an enormous change in expression. Incomparable astonishment filled his eyes. He said, “Such an overwhelmingly powerful sealing power. In that case, wouldn’t it mean that the thing sealed inside this sword is…”

The Old Ape was completely shaken. The sealing power of the sword was truly strong. It was precisely because of how powerful that sealing power was that he realized how frightening the monster sealed inside the sword was.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that the sword has restricted that thing, the current me would not be a match for it,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Exactly what sort of purpose does that thing have?” Old Ape asked.

The power of the Evil God Sword had already surpassed Old Ape’s imagination. As such, he started to feel uneasy.

“It actually wanted to occupy my body.”

“As for it seizing Feng’er’s body, it did that only to use Feng’er’s body to threaten me,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Occupy your body? Could it be that it wanted to seize your power?” The Old Ape asked.

“No. Its own power surpasses my own. It is only because it is sealed by the sword that it was unable to unleash its true powers.”

“As for its intention to occupy my body, it merely wanted to use my body as a medium to release its true powers.”

“With that, it could find ways to break free from the seal of the sword and regain its freedom,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“We cannot leave such a dangerous thing with Chu Feng,” the Old Ape said.

“Keeping it will save Feng’er’s life during crucial moments,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“But…” The Old Ape felt this was unwise.

“I understand your worry. It’s alright, I can restrict its power,” as Chu Xuanyuan spoke, he clasped the Evil God Sword between his palms.

Then, faint golden light began to shine from his palms. It took the form of a net, and began to spread. The golden net covered the body of the Evil God Sword and was then assimilated into it.

Following that, more net-shaped golden light appeared, entered and assimilated into the Evil God Sword. 

“This is?” Seeing this scene, Old Ape revealed a complicated expression.

However, Chu Xuanyuan’s expression remained unchanged. He was wholly concentrated on his task. As he continued to operate, golden light continued to appear, take the form of a net, envelope the body of the Evil God Sword and then assimilate into it.

This continued on and on for an entire hour before Chu Xuanyuan finally placed the sword on the ground.


Right at that moment, the Evil God Sword that was placed onto the ground started to tremble violently.

Its trembling sound was extremely ear-piercing. It was as if a great demon was about to burst out of the sword.

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