Chapter 2661 - The Evil God Sword’s Purpose

Chapter 2661 - The Evil God Sword’s Purpose

“You’re finally here,” the Evil God Sword said.

At that moment, a person was standing in front of the Evil God Sword.

That person was a man. His height was not especially tall, and his build was not especially muscular. His face could not be said to be extremely handsome either. It could be said that he looked very mediocre.

However, the sensation that he gave off was very extraordinary. In fact, it could even be said that the sensation one would feel upon seeing him was that he was not a human.

That’s right, the sensation one would feel upon seeing him was that he was not human. Regardless of how ordinary his appearance was, regardless of how simple and unadorned his clothes might be, the sensation that he emitted from the core of his being was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

As for that person, he was Chu Feng’s father, Chu Xuanyuan.

Chu Xuanyuan looked at the Evil God Sword with a smile on his face. Then, he sat down cross-legged. He was completely calm and composed.

“You seem to not be worried about your son’s life and death at all,” the Evil God Sword said.

“That’s because I know he’s still alive,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Not bad. Your perception is very sharp. Even though your son has been sealed by me so thoroughly, you actually still managed to detect his vital signs,” the Evil God Sword said.

The Evil God Sword did not feel any unease from Chu Xuanyuan’s sharp perception. On the contrary, it was actually joyous at that fact.

“You’re quite decent yourself,” Chu Xuanyuan smiled again. Then, he said, “What say you about a chat?”

“What do you want to chat about?” The Evil God Sword asked.

“How about we chat about where you’re from and why you appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism?” Chu Xuanyuan suggested.

“Even if you are to know about the origin of this Evil God, it will serve no purpose. In addition, this Evil God does not wish you to know.”

“Furthermore, you do not possess the qualifications to chat with me,” the Evil God Sword said.

“Since that’s the case, let’s move onto the main subject then.”

“Tell me, exactly what is your purpose in seizing my son’s body?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“Your son’s cultivation is too weak. He is unable to withstand this Evil God’s power. If I am to completely devour his body, his soul and body will soon be destroyed. That is not something I want.”

“However… you are different,” the Evil God Sword looked to Chu Xuanyuan with lust in its eyes.

“So you actually want to occupy my body. It seems that you’ve managed to see through my cultivation already?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“This Evil God saw through your cultivation the first time I met you on the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm’s Heavenly Road,” the Evil God Sword said.

“It seems that you’ve decided on me since that time?” Chu Xuanyuan had a slight smile on his face. In a seemingly joking manner, he asked, “Then what about now? Are you able to determine my cultivation now?”

“Your cultivation has increased again. This speed of increase is extremely fast. I am truly in admiration.”

“This Evil God has never witnessed someone with such astonishingly fast growth. You… will definitely become a greatly capable individual in the future.”

“If you are able to leave this Starfield, it will not take long for your name to resonate through the entire Outer World,” the Evil God Sword said.

“I thank you for your kind words,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Unfortunately for you, you will not have that chance,” the Evil God Sword said.

“How are you so certain?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“I am absolutely certain. Unless… you are willing to have your son die by my hands,” the Evil God Sword said.

“It seems that you are determined to get me,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“That’s right,” the Evil God Sword said.

“You’re quite confident,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“This Evil God’s confidence originates from my unsurpassed strength.”

“In this place, everything will be dictated by this Evil God.”

“I am able to see through all of you people with merely one glance.”

“Those three tailing this Evil God are the same. You… are also the same.”

“All of you are inferior to this Evil God. Thus… this Evil God has you in his grasp completely.”

“How about this? Hand over your body to this Evil God, and this Evil God will help you take care of those three people that wanted to take care of Chu Feng. You can consider it that I have helped you and your son take revenge,” the Evil God Sword said.

It turned out that the Evil God Sword had known about the Exalted Sacred Deer and that yellow-gowned old man tailing him. It had even managed to detect the Murdergod Blue Demon.

Evidently, it has also heard the conversation between the yellow-gowned old man and the Exalted Sacred Deer.

“If you have the leisure to think about all that, you should look after yourself first,” Chu Xuanyuan slowly stood up.

“You wish to fight?” Killing intent emerged in the Evil God Sword’s eyes. It said, “This Evil God urges you to not be reckless. If you are to attack me, you will most definitely suffer a consequence that you do not want.”

“Heh…” Chu Xuanyuan chuckled. Then, coldness emerged in his eyes.


Suddenly, Chu Xuanyuan rapidly opened his palm. He extended his opened palm and pointed it at the Evil God Sword.

The moment that happened, the Evil God Sword’s body trembled. Then, a surprised expression appeared in its eyes.

“You were concealing your cultivation?”

The Evil God Sword was shocked. It realized that the power Chu Xuanyuan revealed was stronger than he had detected.

At that moment, it was completely restricted by Chu Xuanyuan.

Chu Xuanyuan did not answer the Evil God Sword’s question. Instead, he chuckled lightly and shouted, “Scatter!!!”


The next moment, the Evil God Sword started roaring in miserable pain.

It was enduring extreme pain. The crimson gaseous flames that surrounded Chu Feng were waning. They were moving away from Cuu Feng’s body and into the Evil God Sword itself.

The power that the Evil God Sword had devoured Chu Feng with was being forcibly dispersed.

As he had already occupied Chu Feng’s body, being forcibly dispersed from Chu Feng’s body was a pain akin to being skinned and having one’s tendons pulled out from one’s body alive. As such, it was naturally unbearable.

As for all that, it was caused by Chu Xuanyuan.

“Impossible! This is impossible! How could you possess the power to suppress this Evil God?!” The Evil God Sword was endlessly astonished.

The power emitted by Chu Xuanyuan at that moment was much more powerful than he had anticipated. It… was simply no match for Chu Xuanyuan.

Even when faced with Chu Xuanyuan forcibly removing it from Chu Feng’s body, the Evil God Sword was unable to do anything.

“You are very powerful. You have indeed managed to see through a lot of things. However, you were unable to see through me.”

“Thus, you are destined to be defeated here, destined to fall by my hands,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

After Chu Xuanyuan said those words, his open palm trembled.


A loud shout resonated through the night sky. The shout transmitted for many miles and echoed in the sky.


A sharp sound was heard. It was the sound of the Evil God Sword falling to the ground.

Chu Xuanyuan was still standing there. Chu Feng was also still standing there.

Merely, the current Chu Feng was no longer the Evil God Sword. Rather, it was the actual Chu Feng.

The crimson gaseous flames that covered him were gone. Chu Feng had regained his former appearance.

However, his complexion was deathly pale, and his eyes were tightly closed. There was not the slightest trace of breath or aura from him. His appearance was akin to that of a dead man.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body swayed to the side, and he toppled toward the ground.

However, before he could reach the ground, a powerful arm caught him. It was Chu Xuanyuan.

Chu Xuanyuan laid Chu Feng on the ground gently. Then, he extended his finger and gently pointed at Chu Feng’s forehead.


A light blue circle of light began to spread from Chu Feng’s forehead in a ripple-like manner. Which then spread throughout Chu Feng’s entire body.

The next moment, Chu Feng’s deathly pale complexion started to turn rosy. His stopped heart started beating again. Even his aura returned.

Even though Chu Feng was still unconscious, he was completely cured of his injuries.

“It seems that Chu Feng’s fine now.”

Right at that moment, a figure descended from the sky and landed behind Chu Xuanyuan.

That person was not a human. Rather, he was an ape. He was the Old Ape that was with Chu Xuanyuan in the Chu Heavenly Clan’s remnant inside the Heavenly Road.

“Have you finished?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“It’s done,” the Old Ape said.

“What’s the result?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“The three of them have all been driven insane. Unless they are discovered… they will likely not be able to leave the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm for some period of time,” the Old Ape said.

“I’m asking why the Exalted Sacred Deer and Exalted Sacred Tiger have come here? Exactly who did they gamble with?” 

“Furthermore, what sort of gambling stake caused them to want to attack my son?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

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