Chapter 2660 - Slight Punishment

Chapter 2660 - Slight Punishment

“Since you’ve come, why not show yourself?” The yellow-gowned old man said.

Although he spoke with a mild tone, his voice was very loud and clear.

“There are some people who you all are not qualified to touch,” a voice sounded directly from in front of the three individuals.


Right at that moment, that Murdergod Blue Demon unleashed an attack. A punch was shot forth explosively. Boundless martial power started to wreak havoc. The punch formed a golden pillar of light that linked heaven and earth as it shot forward.

The earth was overturned by the impact. Countless cracks appeared in an instant. Even the magma hidden deep beneath the earth started to surge violently before erupting.

The space in the sky above was shattered by the violent trembling and all of a sudden, the entire region turned pitch-black.

However, the shattered space soon returned to normal.

That said, the earth below had been changed beyond recognition.

Deep cracks covered many miles of the surface. 

Deep-red magma was flowing and erupting from the cracks, engulfing everything in its path.

The surface of the ground was akin to that of hell at that moment.

That said, those black clouds were still surging in the sky. The lightning was still flickering between the clouds. In fact, even the rain was still violently pouring and blocking the three individuals’ vision.


Seeing this scene, the Murdergod Blue Demon that had thrown that ferocious punch earlier had a change in expression. Then, he looked to that yellow-gowned old man.

At that moment, both that yellow-gowned old man and that Exalted Sacred Deer revealed incomparable shock on their faces.

Those three individuals who were supposed to be high and above were starting to panic.

That was understandable too. They all knew very well how powerful the Murdergod Blue Demon was. That punch he had unleashed earlier was no small matter either.

In fact, that punch had caused enormous destruction to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. 

Yet, it was unable to affect the lightning, the clouds or the pouring rain in the sky.

This meant that the three of them would not be a match for their unknown opponent.

“Our apologies. We didn’t know that Chu Feng would have a person like you supporting him.”

“If we had known, we wouldn’t have dared to have wicked thoughts. Might you be willing to let us off by taking into consideration that we didn’t know?”

The yellow-gowned old man actually directly clasped his fist and begged for forgiveness.

Although this appeared to be very humiliating, this was a wise and sensible decision.

Since they already knew that they would not be a match for their opponent, it would be the best to admit defeat early.

Moreover, the yellow-gowned old man did not lower himself when admitting defeat. 

[1. While he was begging for forgiveness, he merely clasped his fist respectfully, but did not kneel down and kowtow.]

“If I wanted to kill, you three would’ve already been dead,” that voice sounded.

“Thank you, senior, for your kindness,” the yellow-gowned old man immediately expressed his thanks.


“Haha, don’t address me like that, your age is much older than mine,” that voice said.

Hearing those words, the yellow-gowned old man, the Exalted Sacred Deer and the Murdergod Blue Demon looked to one another. The astonishment in their eyes grew even stronger.

Younger than them, yet stronger than them. This could only mean one thing… the person that they had provoked was no small matter. This person was most definitely an existence renowned through the Starfields.

This time around, they had truly provoked someone that they could not afford to provoke.

Although they already knew that a genius like Chu Feng most definitely possessed a backer, they had never expected his backer to be so powerful.

At that moment, regret filled their hearts.

“Our apologies. We are truly sorry. If we had known that Chu Feng had someone like you backing him, we would never have dared to think about killing him,” the old man started to apologize again.

He was telling the truth. With how powerful their opponent was, he most likely had already heard the conversation between them earlier. 

At that time, it would be much better for him to tell the truth and apologize for his former actions than to attempt to lie.

However, after he apologized, there was no reaction from the unknown individual.

After a long while passed, there was still no reaction.

The old man and the two others did not immediately leave. Instead, they asked cautiously, “Are we allowed to leave now?”

The reason for that was because the lightning, the clouds and the pouring rain were still present. They knew very well that that individual was most definitely still here.

“Leave? Haha…”

That individual’s voice sounded again. There was a trace of a sneer in the voice now.

Hearing that voice, the old man and the two others all grew nervous. They all knew… that they would not be able to escape unscathed this time around.

However, they still did not try to flee. Even though there was fear in their eyes, their expressions remained unchanged.

From this, it could be seen that the three of them were people accustomed to grand spectacles.

“Then, what do you want from us?” The old man asked cautiously. His tone was also very respectful.

 “A slight punishment,” that person said.

Even though they had anticipated this, the three of them were still frightened upon hearing those words.

“This is all my fault,” the yellow-gowned old man smiled to the Exalted Sacred Deer. He had a guilt-ridden expression in his eyes.

“Don’t blame yourself. I also approved of your decision. Since we’ve provoked a disaster, let us take on its trials and tribulations, take on this punishment, together. It’s alright,” the Exalted Sacred Deer said. It appeared to be very calm.

“My apologies,” the yellow-gowned old man looked to the Murdergod Blue Demon.

“It’s fine. As long as my life is not taken, anything else will be fine,” the Murdergod Blue Demon said with a smile. He looked very heroic.

“We were in the wrong. Please punish us accordingly,” even though they were going to be punished, the yellow-gowned old man still bowed respectfully as he said those words.

Following that, the Murdergod Blue Demon and the Exalted Sacred Deer also lowered their heads respectfully.

“Don’t think that I will be lenient toward you all because of your respectful actions. I have… encountered a lot of people like you,” that individual said.

Hearing those words, the yellow-gowned old man smiled. He seemed to want to say something more.


Right at that moment, the lightning in the sky rushed out from the clouds and struck the yellow-gowned old man, the Exalted Sacred Deer and the Murdergod Blue Demon.


A loud explosion was heard. In an instant, the three individual’s bodies turned pitch-black. A burnt smell began to waft from their bodies.


The next moment, those three individuals who were always calm and collected actually let out miserable screams at the same time.

It wasn’t that the three of them lacked tolerance for pain. Rather, being struck by tens of thousands of lightning strikes was simply too difficult to endure.

The three of them were in enormous pain. They were unable to speak due to the pain, and could only scream miserably.

However, the tens of thousands of lightning bolts were still striking nonstop in an unforgiving manner.

Far away, within the vast heavy rain, a pair of eyes was watching this scene attentively without the slightest sympathy.


Nightfall. Specks of starlight filled the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s sky. It was a flowing river of stars.

On a plain that was not affected by the vast destruction wrought throughout the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. The plain was covered densely with grasses. The grass swayed back and forth as a gentle breeze blew past them.

Chu Feng was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

To be exact, this was the Evil God Sword.

The Evil God Sword’s crimson gaseous flames that covered Chu Feng’s body were emitting bright light. In the dark, they appeared extra dazzling.

It was as if those gaseous flames were truly crimson flames.

The Evil God Sword’s crimson eyes were exceptionally sharp and ferocious. Seeing those eyes, even ferocious beasts would immediately withdraw. In such a dark night, those eyes looked exceptionally scary.


Suddenly, footsteps sounded from behind.

The Evil God Sword immediately stood up and looked back. A sinister yet joyous expression emerged in its crimson eyes.

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