Chapter 2659 - Protecting From The Shadows

Chapter 2659 - Protecting From The Shadows

“What do you want me to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“It will do for you to completely hand over your body to this Evil God.”


After the Evil God Sword said those words, Chu Feng felt an unbearable pain.

That pain was from the raging flames. However, it was much more unbearable than the ordinary pain of one’s body being burned.

Even Chu Feng found it to be intolerable. Perhaps it might be because it was simply too painful, or perhaps it might be because Chu Feng was going to die, Chu Feng started to gradually lose consciousness.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong with you? Say something. C’mon, say something.”

“Say something! Damn it! What did they guy did to you?!”

Chu Feng was able to hear Her Lady Queen’s voice resonating beside his ears nonstop. Her voice was filled with worry.

Gradually, that voice grew weaker and weaker.

Finally, Chu Feng lost consciousness.

“I have already taken control of him. Are you still not going to reveal yourself?”

The Evil God Sword roared loudly as it flew rapidly in the sky.

It was most definitely waiting for someone. However, in a place like this, who could possibly match the Evil God Sword’s speed?

There was. There really was someone capable of matching the Evil God Sword’s speed.

It was a deer and a yellow-gowned old man.

They were the creators of the Unknown Burial Ground.

The old man was not riding on the deer. Rather, they were traveling alongside each other like old friends.

The old man and the deer were walking very slowly in midair. However… they were able to keep up with the Evil God Sword’s speed.

However, it seemed that not even the Evil God Sword was able to detect them.

“That brat by the name of Chu Feng is truly amazing. He actually possessed such a Demon Armament.”

“If he were to enter the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, enter the Starfields, he would likely really become a top genius.”

“If that were to happen, I would truly have lost the gamble,” the yellow-gowned old man had a slightly worried expression as he said those words.

It turned out that the two of them had been hidden the entire time, and witnessed everything that had happened before.

“That Chu Feng has already been devoured by the Demon Armament. He will likely not be able to survive this.”

Right at that moment, the deer spoke. Its voice was actually that of a female’s voice.

“No. Although that Demon Armament has devoured Chu Feng’s body and is controlling him, it seems to be waiting for someone.”

“The way I see it, that Demon Armament was merely threatening. It was using Chu Feng’s body to threaten that person.”

“That’s understandable too. With how talented Chu Feng is, he most definitely possesses a robust background and a powerful backer.”

“Thus, there is most definitely someone protecting him from the shadows. That Demon Armament is waiting for that person to appear,” the old man said.

Hearing those words, that deer looked left and right. Then, it sniffed several times with its nose.

“I cannot sense the aura of anyone else. Could it be… it’s someone with strength surpassing us?” That deer said.

“That’s impossible. How could there be someone with strength surpassing us in a place like this?” 

“Even if that boy has a backing, the power standing behind him is most definitely not a match for us,” the old man shook his head. Then, he said, “Most likely that person hasn’t arrived yet. However, that person will definitely come.”

“Even if Chu Feng is able to be saved and successfully enter the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, he might not necessarily be able to successfully enter the Starfields.”

“Even if he is to enter a Starfield, he might not necessarily be able to move about unhindered through that Starfield. Not to mention the geniuses in the Starfields, just the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm itself already contains many outstanding geniuses.”

“As for things like geniuses dying young and prematurely, that is simply too common.”

“We might not necessarily lose in this gamble,” that deer said.

“Indeed, it’s not necessarily a loss. However, I cannot afford to lose. I must make sure that we will definitely win,” the old man said.

“You plan to kill him?” That deer said with a slightly surprised tone.

“That is the only option left. After all, everything that is happening right now is going according to his prophecy.”

“If things are to continue like this, we will really end up losing,” the old man said.

“However, according to the rules of the gamble, neither side can interfere with him. As such, neither side, naturally cannot injure him either, much less kill him,” that deer said.

“Although we cannot kill him, it has never been said that we cannot find someone to kill him,” the old man said.

“But, that Chu Feng’s Demon Armament is not easy to deal with. If we are to find someone else to do the task, they might not necessarily be able to subdue him.”

“Furthermore, the person protecting Chu Feng from the shadows still hasn’t shown himself. We still do not know exactly how powerful that person is,” the deer said in a slightly worried manner.

“Rest assured, if they were to act, they would definitely be able to handle this matter,” After the old man said those words, he took out a paper talisman. It was a communication talisman.


The old man pinched the paper talisman apart. Then, a ray of blue light began to rapidly fly toward them from afar. Soon, it arrived before the old man and the deer.

It was a man. An extremely tall man. His height surpassed ten meters. He was simply a small giant.

Not only was he very tall, but he was also very robust. Muscles covered his body from head to toe. Even though he was wearing clothes, the outlines of his muscles could still be seen.

However, that man was not a human. The reason for that was because his skin was blue, and his eyes were crimson red. At a glance, that man’s appearance was truly frightening.

Furthermore, his blue skin was filled with scars. Those scars seemed to be carved into his body deliberately, as they seemed to follow some sort of pattern. Those scars seemed to take the shape of some sort of special symbol.

In short, those scars were somewhat strange.

“Murdergod Blue Demon,” seeing that person, the deer revealed a surprised expression.

“Exalted Sacred Deer, long time no see,” that ferocious-looking blue giant clasped his fist respectfully at the deer. He was actually very courteous.

That said, his voice was very vigorous and powerful. His voice sounded like the roars of ferocious beasts. It was extremely intimidating.

“Seems like you’ve planned this to begin with,” that so-called Exalted Sacred Deer said to the old man.

“I’ve said it already, I can’t afford to lose.”

“Who would’ve thought that there was really someone capable of breaking through that spirit formation of mine? Furthermore… he really decided to renounce the treasure that he should’ve obtained to save his friend.”

“This is exactly the same as he prophesied. This means that he really will enter the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm and then the Starfields to defeat various geniuses.”

“Should that day arrive, I will have truly lost,” the old man said.

Hearing those words, the Exalted Sacred Deer grew silent for a moment. Then, it said, “Since you’ve already decided, go ahead and do it.”

Right at that moment, that Murdergod Blue Demon said, “That brat’s gone.” 

“What?” Both the yellow-gowned old man and the Exalted Sacred Deer were startled upon hearing those words.

When they looked to the direction of the Evil God Sword, they discovered… that Chu Feng had really disappeared.

“Chase after him,” at that moment, the old man wanted to give chase.


However, right at that moment, an enormous lightning strike suddenly appeared before them.

That lightning strike was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it struck down. A loud clap of thunder boomed. In the blink of an eye, the clear and boundless sky was filled with surging lightning and clouds.

Clouds covered the entire sky. Lightning flashed, and thunder filled the entire region. It was an extremely strange sight to behold.

“We’ve been discovered?” the Exalted Sacred Deer said.

This sort of weather was most definitely not caused by nature. It was most definitely created by a certain martial cultivator.

“This is a bit troublesome,” the old man started to frown. He was not afraid that he would not be a match for his opponent. Rather, he was afraid of being discovered.

At that moment, the old man, the Exalted Sacred Deer and the Murdergod Blue Demon all swept their serious gazes around their surroundings.

They were using their various methods to observe their surroundings. They were trying to find the person that was hidden.

They were unable to be certain as to whether the abnormal sign was caused by the Demon Armament or the person secretly protecting Chu Feng from the shadows.

However, they were unable to find anyone, nor were they able to sense anyone.

The clouds grew thicker and thicker, the thunder more and more ear-piercing.

“Splash, splash~~~”

Soon, a downpour started to sprinkle down from the clouds. The rain was very heavy. It was coming down from the sky like a massive waterfall.

No matter how heavy a normal downpour was, it would not be able to affect these three people’s vision.

However, the rain that was currently pouring down was actually able to obstruct their vision. At that moment, they were only able to see for less than a hundred meters.

“This is bad,” the Exalted Sacred Deer said. Deep unease appeared in its eyes.

Actually, both the Murdergod Blue Demon and the yellow-gowned old man had also noticed that their current situation was very bad.

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