Chapter 2663 - Bloodline Protection Formation

Chapter 2663 - Bloodline Protection Formation


Seeing this, Old Ape’s expression changed greatly. 

He immediately picked Chu Feng up from the ground and moved behind Chu Xuanyuan. Then, he revealed an appearance as if preparing for a battle. With nervousness and unease in his eyes, he looked to the Evil God Sword. 

However, compared to Old Ape who was trembling with fear, Chu Xuanyuan’s expression remained unchanged. Indifferently, he said, “Don’t panic. With my formation limiting it, even if Feng’er is to use it again, it will not be able to seize Feng’er’s body.”

“It is currently even weaker than before. As such, it will naturally not be able to do anything to us.”

After hearing those words, the Old Ape came to a sudden realization. He finally managed to ease his nervousness. Then, he placed Chu Feng, who he was holding, back onto the ground.

He knew very well that even though the sealing method Chu Xuanyuan had used earlier appeared to be ordinary, its power was no small matter. 

It was a sealing method that originated from the Ancient Era. Its power surpassed one’s imagination.

Back in the day, Chu Xuanyuan had used that exact sealing formation to seal an extremely savage Ancient Era’s Organism.

As for the Evil God Sword, while it was very powerful, it remained that it had already been sealed within the sword. Thus, Chu Xuanyuan adding his sealing formation on top of the sword was most definitely going to be effective.

“Actually, you still care deeply about Chu Feng, no? After all, a sealing formation like that will consume your lifespan,” Old Ape said to Chu Xuanyuan with a beaming smile on his face.

It was precisely because he knew that sealing formation very well that he not only knew that it was very difficult to handle, but that its user would also have to pay an enormous price should it be cast successfully. That sealing formation was a formation cast with one’s own lifespan as the price.

Even though it only took Chu Xuanyuan an hour to finish setting up the sealing formation, this one hour would consume roughly a thousand years of his lifespan.

“This matter concerns Feng’er’s safety. I do not wish for there to be any mistakes.”

“As long as no mistake is made, this sealing formation will make it so that the Evil God Sword will not be able to devour Feng’er’s body for at least a hundred years,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“What about after a hundred years have passed? Are you going to seal the Evil God Sword again?” Old Ape asked.

“After a hundred years have passed, Feng’er will be able to handle it himself,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“You’re this confident?” Old Ape asked with a smile.

“When it’s Feng’er, I am,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

Old Ape smiled again. It was a smile of agreement. It could be seen that Old Ape also thought very highly of Chu Feng’s future accomplishments.

Then, Old Ape looked to the Evil God Sword. He discovered that the Evil God Sword was still trembling. Merely, its trembling was no longer as intense as before.

That’s right, the trembling of the Evil God Sword was growing weaker in intensity.

“It will not be able to break free, yet it still struggles like this, isn’t it just wasting its power?” Old Ape asked.

He knew very well that in addition to the Evil God Sword that was sealing the thing within, Chu Xuanyuan’s sealing formation had also taken effect. 

Thus, if there was no medium helping the Evil God Sword release its power, it would be useless for it to struggle. Thus… it would not be able to struggle for much longer.

“It wanted to tell me something,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“What did it want to say?” Old Ape asked.

“Meaningless words,” Chu Xuanyuan said. Then, he looked to the Old Ape. With a smile on his face, he said, “Seems like you want to hear it out?” 

“It wouldn’t be able to do anything to us anyways. It wouldn’t hurt to listen, no?” Old Ape said with a smile.

“Then let’s hear it out,” Chu Xuanyuan lightly swiped his palm across the space before him while facing the Evil God Sword. Then, a faint light started to flicker from the Evil God Sword. 

The next moment, the Evil God Sword let out an incomparably furious roar.

“While you can trap this Evil God for now, you will not be able to trap this Evil God forever!” 

“Since you know how powerful this Evil God is, you should know what sort of consequence you will suffer when this Evil God breaks free!”

The Evil God Sword’s voice was deafening. Its voice resonated through heaven and earth. Standing on the ground, one could feel that the ground was trembling violently. 

Furthermore, the voice was emitting a very terrifying killing intent. It was a voice that would make anyone feel fear from the bottom of their heart should they hear it.

Not to mention the others feeling fear upon hearing the voice, even Old Ape revealed a change in expression upon hearing the voice.

The reason for that change in expression was because he suddenly felt fear in his heart upon hearing that voice.

Old Ape was panicked. Even though he knew very well that the Evil God Sword did not pose a threat at that moment, he was still very afraid.

He did not understand why this was the case. This sort of fear was not something that he could conceal, nor was it something that he could suppress. He was truly at a complete loss as to what to do.

However, Chu Xuanyuan’s expression remained unchanged. He still did not possess the slightest bit of fear when faced with the Evil God Sword.

“I admit that I am currently inferior to you. However, never did I say that I would be inferior to you in the future.”

“Should you be able to break free from the sword one day in the future, you can very well come and find me.”

“At that time, I will make you completely disappear from this world,” Chu Xuanyuan said as he looked to the Evil God Sword.

“What arrogance!!!!” The Evil God Sword roared again. Compared to earlier, its roar was even more furious, even more frightening.

However, faced with that roar, Chu Xuanyuan revealed a faint smile. “Indeed, I am arrogant. However, I possess the ability to be arrogant.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Xuanyuan gently flicked his hand at the Evil God Sword from afar.

“Ding!” The Evil God Sword’s voice was gone. Even the trembling had stopped.

After the Evil God Sword grew quiet, Chu Xuanyuan walked to Chu Feng and took out an item from his Cosmos Sack.

It was a jade pendant. However, it was clearly not an ordinary jade pendant. Chu Xuanyuan opened the jade pendant. There was actually a separate space within the jade pendant.

There was a body of light within the jade pendant. This body of light was roughly the size of a fingernail and was emitting a faint glimmer.

It was a very weak glimmer. It was only because it was currently nighttime that the glimmer appeared to be slightly more intense and eye-catching.

If one didn’t pay careful attention to the body of light inside the jade pendant, one would not notice it at all.

However, if one were to look at it carefully, one would be astonished.

Nine different colored lightnings were present in the body of light. As they rushed around, they seemed to form an entire world.


Right at that moment, the body of light composed of lightning drifted out from the jade pendant and landed on Chu Xuanyuan’s fingertip.


Suddenly, Chu Xuanyuan pointed to Chu Feng. Then, the body of light composed of lightnings turned into a ray of light that entered Chu Feng’s body in a flash.


The next moment, a loud explosion sounded from Chu Feng’s body. With Chu Feng as the center, a myriad of lightnings took a spheroid shape and began to spread out from Chu Feng’s body.

The moment that power emerged, the vast amount of grass that covered this plain instantly turned to ash. Not a single blade of grass remained.

Countless deep cracks had appeared in the ground. Even space itself was shattered.

Wherever the light spread to, everything was destroyed.

An enormous and deep crater had appeared in the ground. 

If that lightning continued to spread, the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm would be destroyed.

This was truly a power capable of utter destruction.


Before the lightning could expand, Chu Xuanyuan stretched forth his palm and shouted at the lightning.

The lightning that was expanding instantly came to a halt. Gradually, it began to move back. Soon, it had completely returned to Chu Feng’s body.

If it wasn’t for the fact that that enormous hemispherical crater was still present; the entire surrounding grassland had been burned to ashes and sinking noises were still being emitted by the cracks that filled the ground, no one would believe that such an enormous amount of lightning had appeared earlier and nearly destroyed the entire world.

“So the reason why you took great pains and effort to set up this Bloodline Protection Formation is because you wanted to protect Chu Feng,” Old Ape said with a smile on his face.

“We will be leaving this Starfield. He can only rely on himself now. I am indeed slightly worried about him,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Even your Bloodline Protection Formation will only be able to save him once. However, the dangers that he will experience will most definitely not be limited to a single instance,” Old Ape said.

Hearing those words, Chu Xuanyuan looked to Chu Feng. Emotions appeared for the first time in his serene eyes.

However, the emotions in Chu Xuanyuan’s eyes soon disappeared, and were replaced with determination. 

“It is his path. He must walk that path alone,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

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