Chapter 2197 - Not Killed By Me

Chapter 2197 - Not Killed By Me

Eggy curled her lips and said, “You wish to know? Well, that’s simple. You merely need to summon a couple more Asura World Spirits. Wouldn’t that solve the problem then?”

“Forget about it. What use is there in summoning that many world spirits? Eggy, you alone are enough for me,” Chu Feng said.

“Are you serious or are you lying?” Eggy said with an expression of disbelief. However, she had a slightly delighted expression in her eyes.

“Of course it’s real. You are enough for me, my treasured Eggy,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Pah, enough of trying to take small advantages of me. Call me Queen,” Eggy said.

“Yes, Milady Queen,” Chu Feng hurriedly said.

“That’s more like it,” Eggy smiled sweetly. It could be seen that her mood was very good.

“Eggy, after refining a rank one Martial Ancestor, did you manage to make any progress in your cultivation?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Rank one Martial Ancestor? That guy’s actual cultivation was only that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Although rank nine Half Martial Ancestors might appear to be decent, they are simply unable to increase this Queen’s cultivation at all. After all, I killed him that easily. Thus, how could he possibly be able to help me increase my cultivation?”

“If you want me to increase my cultivation, you must seize the moment to quickly increase your cultivation. Only with you becoming stronger will I be able to become stronger. You don’t want me to protect you all the time, right?” Eggy said with a beaming smile.

“Of course,” Chu Feng nodded. Indeed, he did not want Eggy to protect him all the time. Instead, he wanted to protect her.

“Well then, concentrate on your journey, and chat with that old man a bit more. This Queen is going to rest now,” After Eggy finished saying those words, she laid down in the world spirit space.

“Rest well,” Although Eggy had gone to rest and refused to continue to chat with Chu Feng, the smile on Chu Feng’s face did not decrease in the slightest.

The sensation of Her Lady Queen being here was completely different to the sensation of her not being here. As long as Her Lady Queen was there, Chu Feng’s heart would not feel empty.

Actually, what Chu Feng had said to Her Lady Queen was said with sincerity. It was not that Chu Feng did not possess the capability to summon more world spirits. On the contrary, as long as he wished to summon more, not to mention a couple, even several hundreds of thousands would be of no issue to him.

However, Chu Feng did not wish to do that. After all, everyone knew that world spirits needed to refine source energies in order to increase their cultivation in this world. As for obtaining source energies, one must enter a path of constant killing.

Chu Feng would not go and kill people for no reason or cause. Killing powerful experts would be difficult. As for killing weak people, the world spirits would not be able to gain much of a benefit should he do that.

Thus, even though he only had a single Eggy, it was already very difficult for him to support her needs. If he were to summon more world spirits, there would be a problem when the time came to distribute the source energies after killing people. As Chu Feng did not wish to treat Eggy unfairly, he wanted to give her all of the source energies.

However, if he were to summon more world spirits, it would be unwise for him to be too prejudiced. As such, Chu Feng decided that he might as well not summon any more.

Apart from that, there was another reason. Chu Feng felt that even though they might all be Asura World Spirits, they would likely be inferior to Eggy in terms of strength.

His mother had spent meticulous effort to seal only Eggy and that Xue Ji in his body. There was most definitely a reason for that.

Thus, rather than summoning world spirits inferior to Eggy, Chu Feng felt that he might as well not summon any world spirits.

It was just like Chu Feng’s Five Elements Secret Skills. Should the Five Elements Secret Skills be summoned, they would come out with cultivations one level above Chu Feng’s.

For example, Chu Feng was currently a rank two Half Martial Ancestor. Should he summon the Five Elements Secret Skills, they would come out as five rank three Half Martial Ancestors.

While this might make them appear to be more powerful than Chu Feng, it was actually not the case.

Chu Feng possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. With his cultivation of rank two Half Martial Ancestor, he would be able to easily kill rank five Half Martial Ancestors and even fight against rank six Half Martial Ancestors.

That was the power of his Heavenly Bloodline. Everyone with a Heavenly Bloodline possessed that heaven-defying strength.

However, the Five Elements Secret Skills were different. At the Half Martial Ancestor level, they did not possess any heaven-defying battle power that surpassed other Half Martial Ancestors. At the very most, they would only be able to fight against experts of their same level of cultivation. In fact, they might not necessarily be able to defeat those experts.

After all, no matter how strong they might be, they remained merely Secret Skills, whereas their opponents were actual martial cultivators.

Thus, at that moment, the Five Elements Secret Skills were only able to provide Chu Feng with an undying and indestructible body against those with a relatively same level of battle power as him. They had practically no use in actual battle.

Right at that moment, Elder Liu Chengkun who was traveling together with Chu Feng suddenly said, “Chu Feng, your Asura World Spirit is extremely powerful.”

“Although her cultivation is not as strong as the Asura World Spirit I met before, for her to be able to kill Hong Xi that easily, her heaven-defying battle power is definitely at least capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, or even five levels of cultivation.”

“As for the Asura World Spirit I saw before, he only had a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.”

“Senior Liu, you’ve met other Asura World Spirits before?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“I have. This old man was fortunately able to see an Asura World Spirit once. That Asura World Spirit was released by a certain Upper Realm’s world spiritist, and was extremely powerful.”

“However, I feel that you will one day become a world spiritist even more powerful than him. The reason for that is because you have your cultivation at such a young age. I have never seen someone as powerful as you at your age.”

“Furthermore, your world spirit is also more powerful than that Asura World Spiritist’s world spirit. At the very least, her battle power surpasses that of the other world spirit.”

“Thus, I feel that your future accomplishments will definitely surpass that world spiritist’s. The Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm will not be able to contain you,” Liu Chengkun said.

‘Sure enough, Milady Queen is extraordinary,’ Chu Feng smiled a brighter smile. What Liu Chengkun said had already verified Chu Feng’s guess. Among Asura World Spirits, Eggy was an existence more powerful than normal.

At that moment, the sweet voice of Her Lady Queen, who had clearly stated that she would be going to rest, suddenly sounded once again, “Never would I have expected that there would be Asura World Spiritists here too. Doesn’t this mean that I will have the chance to fight against the fellows of our Asura Spirit World again?”

“That’s true. I also wish to experience how powerful Asura World Spiritists might be,” Chu Feng said in anticipation.

As they spoke, Chu Feng and Elder Liu Chengkun arrived at a mountain range. This mountain range was not very large. However, both the mountain range and the surrounding several tens of miles were completely uninhabited.

However, hidden in the mountain range was an underground palace. Without even Liu Chengkun saying anything, Chu Feng already knew that this must be the Red Butterfly Society’s territory.

Merely, there was actually not a single person in the underground palace. It was as if this place was already abandoned.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at that moment, three figures suddenly flew out from the depths of the underground palace.

The person leading the group was a yellow-haired man. Chu Feng had met him before. He was also someone from the Red Butterfly Society. Back then, that man had used special methods to conceal his cultivation. However, he did not do so today. Thus, Chu Feng was able to sense that he was a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Although his strength was inferior to Liu Chengkun’s, he was still extremely powerful.

As for the other two individuals, they were Tang Ying and her servant girl, A’cai.

Earlier, when Tang Ying and A’cai had escaped, Liu Chengkun had secretly dispatched his men to receive them. As for the person who had received them, it was that yellow-haired man.

Upon seeing Chu Feng, Tang Ying and A’cai both revealed pleasantly surprised smiles. Evidently, neither one of them had expected that Chu Feng would be able to survive.

“I pay my respects to Lord Elder!!!” After that yellow-haired man approached them, he immediately greeted Liu Chengkun respectfully. Then, he turned to Chu Feng and greeted him respectfully too, “It is a pleasure to meet you, little friend Chu Feng.”

“Senior, you are being too courteous,” Chu Feng hurriedly returned his greeting. He was able to tell that this yellow-haired man was much older than him. He, too, was someone who had lived for thousands of years.

“Chu Feng, let me introduce him to you. He is called Huang Luo. He is one of our Red Butterfly Society’s elders,” Liu Chengkun introduced.

“Chu Feng pays his respects to Senior Huang,” Chu Feng clasped his fist again.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please don’t. I, Huang Luo, am unable to bear your respect,” Huang Luo laughed. It could be seen that he had a very good impression of Chu Feng. Else, he would not be this courteous.

“Lord Elder, it seems that you’ve succeeded in killing that Hong Xi?!” Huang Luo asked with an excited expression.

“He has indeed been killed. However, he was not killed by me. Instead, it was little friend Chu Feng who killed him,” Liu Chengkun said.

“What?” Hearing those words, not to mention Huang Luo, even Tang Ying and A’cai revealed stunned expressions.

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