Chapter 2198 - Not Wanting To Become A Burden

Chapter 2198 - Not Wanting To Become A Burden

“You all must still not know that little friend Chu Feng is an Asura World Spiritist, right?” Liu Chengkun said to the three people with a smile on his face.

“Asura World Spiritist?!!!” Sure enough, after hearing those words, Huang Luo, Tang Ying and A’cai were all startled.

If it were someone else that said those words, the three of them would definitely not believe it. However, Liu Chengkun was not someone who joked around. Thus, all of them believed him.

However, they still found it difficult to believe. After all, Asura World Spiritists were so very rare.

“Chu Feng, you’re too amazing, no? You’re actually an Asura World Spiritist? Why didn’t you mention it sooner?!” Tang Ying was wild with joy. She already knew that Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. However, she did not know that he was an Asura World Spiritist too.

One must know that Asura World Spiritists were no small matter. For example, if there were two Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, the value of the one that was an Asura World Spiritist would greatly surpass that of the other Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

“You never asked me about it,” Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“But, even if little friend Chu Feng is an Asura World Spiritist, it shouldn’t be possible for him to have defeated Hong Xi. Could it be that little friend Chu Feng, you’re concealing your cultivation?” Huang Luo asked curiously.

“You’re mistaken. Little friend Chu Feng’s Asura World Spirit is extremely powerful. With merely that one world spirit, little friend Chu Feng killed Hong Xi.”

“Furthermore, Hong Xi simply did not have the ability to fight back,” Liu Chengkun explained.


Hearing those words, the three individuals were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

From what Elder Liu Chengkun said, they were already able to tell that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat Hong Xi by himself, and that it was Chu Feng’s world spirit that had killed Hong Xi.

However, generally, one’s world spirits would always be weaker than oneself. At the very most, they would possess the same level of cultivation as their master.

However, Chu Feng’s world spirit was actually even more powerful than him. This indirectly showed that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were very strong. Else, how could he possibly be able to control a world spirit more powerful than himself?

“Tang Ying, A’cai, what do you two plan to do? Are you planning to leave this place of troubles, or do you two plan to join the Red Butterfly Society?” Chu Feng asked Tang Ying. He had actually only followed Liu Chengkun here for Tang Ying’s sake.

“Join the Red Butterfly Society?” Hearing those words, Tang Ying and A’cai’s eyes shone.

“I have consulted with Senior Liu. As long as the two of you are willing, the Red Butterfly Society is willing to offer shelter to you two,” Chu Feng said.

“That is indeed the case. If you two are willing, our Red Butterfly Society shall become your home,” Liu Chengkun nodded.

“Thank you, Senior, for your kind intentions. Also, thank you Chu Feng. However, the two of us really do not wish to trouble you all any further.”

“Especially you, Chu Feng. We are but mere strangers that have only known one another for a short period of time. Yet, you’ve already saved me countless times. Furthermore, after you clearly instructed me that I must quickly leave this place, I still allowed myself to be captured by Hong Xi, and ended up implicating you. I truly…” As she spoke to that point, Tang Ying had an expression of guilt.

“Do not mention the things of the past anymore. Don’t forget, we are friends. Furthermore, I am your bodyguard,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Chu Feng, thank you. You are the best person I, Tang Ying, have ever met in my life. However, I truly do not wish to trouble you anymore,” Tang Ying said.

“In that case, it seems that you plan to bring A’cai far away from here?” Chu Feng already understood Tang Ying’s decision.

“Mn,” Tang Ying nodded.

“If that’s the case, I’ll help change your appearances again. Remember, this time around, you must get further away from here,” Chu Feng said. Last time around, he had already altered Tang Ying’s appearance before parting with her. However, she was still captured by Hong Xi. Furthermore, her appearance was also transformed back.

Thus, this time around, Chu Feng prepared to take his time altering her appearance so that even Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists would not be able to see through her altered appearance.

“Chu Feng, change our appearances to ones that are more ordinary,” Tang Ying said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed. Although Tang Ying could not be considered to be an absolute beauty, she was still very good-looking. Even A’cai was quite good-looking.

As the saying goes, everyone loves beauty. As for women, it was even more so for them.

Yet, Tang Ying actually voiced such a request. This meant that she was truly prepared to live the rest of her life ordinarily.

“Okay then,” In the end, Chu Feng nodded his head. Then, he began to alter Tang Ying and A’cai’s appearances. Chu Feng was extremely meticulous this time around. Even Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists would not be able to see through their altered appearances.

Merely, the current appearance of the two girls was inferior to even a tenth of their original appearances. Chu Feng felt very sorry to look at them.

This was especially true for Tang Ying. After all, she was the Young Miss of the Tang Family, someone who had possessed both status and wealth before. She used to be blessed. Unfortunately… people were unpredictable.

“Chu Feng, thank you,” After seeing their altered appearances, neither Tang Ying or A’cai felt any sense of loss. Instead, they were very happy.

After all, to the two of them, this was equivalent to a chance for them to be reborn.

“Let’s go. I’ll see you two off,” Chu Feng said. He was still worried for Tang Ying and A’cai. Thus, he wished to personally escort them far away from the area controlled by Luyang’s Pavilion.

“Chu Feng, I truly do not wish to trouble you anymore,” Tang Ying shook her head. She added, “Let us leave alone.”

“Since that’s the case, allow me to see you two off then,” Huang Luo said.

“There’s no need, truly no need. I do not wish to trouble everyone. After all, I am also a martial cultivator. I was born into this dangerous world of martial cultivation. You all will be able to protect me for the time being, but will not be able to protect me forever. Let us leave by ourselves. It is also time for me to mature,” Tang Ying said.

Hearing Tang Ying saying it like that, Liu Chengkun and Huang Luo didn’t know what to say. The two of them both looked to Chu Feng. After all, Tang Ying… was Chu Feng’s friend.

“Very well. Tang Ying, A’cai, the two of you must take care of yourselves,” Chu Feng did not force Tang Ying.

“Chu Feng, seniors, I will forever remember your assistance to us. Farewell,” After saying those words, Tang Ying and A’cai both bowed to Chu Feng, Liu Chengkung and Huang Luo respectively.

Chu Feng and the others did not refuse them. They all knew that Tang Ying had a knot in her heart. Doing this would instead make her feel more comfortable.

After that, Tang Ying and A’cai left. Even though Tang Ying was hiding her state of mind, Chu Feng was still able to tell that she was feeling very reluctant to part.

She was reluctant, yet she still insisted on leaving. The reason for that was because she did not wish to become Chu Feng’s burden.

“Seniors, thank you two for your help today. I, Chu Feng, am unable to return the favor of your assistance today. Please accept these Incomplete Ancestral Armaments,” Chu Feng took out four Incomplete Ancestral Armaments. They were the weapons from the Tang Family’s Family Head, the Cao Family’s Family Head, Elder Yuan Zhen and that Hong Xi.

“Chu Feng, it is actually you who saved me today. I absolutely cannot accept those,” Liu Chengkun refused.

“Senior, we are but strangers who met by chance. Yet, you were willing to brave fatal danger to your life to rescue me. If you do not accept these, I, Chu Feng, will feel always feel uncomfortable,” Chu Feng said.

“If that really is the case, then you really do not have to do this. Little friend Chu Feng, I merely have a single request for you,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Senior, please speak,” Chu Feng said.

“Could you join our Red Butterfly Society?” Liu Chengkun said.

“...” Chu Feng revealed a difficult expression upon hearing those words. He really did not wish to join any power, because he possessed hidden difficulties.

“Haha, little friend Chu Feng, do not take it to heart. I was merely joking,” Seeing Chu Feng’s difficult expression, Liu Chengkun started to laugh as if he was joking.

However, as he laughed, Liu Chengkun’s complexion suddenly changed. Then, his mouth opened wide, and he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The blood landed directly onto Chu Feng.

After vomiting that mouthful of blood, Liu Chengkun’s body started to twitch violently. Soon, he lost consciousness. However, even though he had lost consciousness, his body was still twitching nonstop.

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