Chapter 2196 - The Savage Queen

Chapter 2196 - The Savage Queen

The black sharp claw covered the sky. It was even more enormous than Hong Xi, who had turned into a giant monster.

Furthermore, even though the sharp claw was coming from the front, Hong Xi was unable to dodge it.

In the end, he was captured by the claw and tightly held by it. The sharp nails pierced through his enormous body, causing his monstrous beast blood to splatter all over.

“Ahhh!!!” After being captured by the sharp claw, Hong Xi let out a miserable scream.

At the beginning, the crowd was confused. It was merely being captured and injured by a claw, was there really a need for him to cry so miserably? For an expert of his level, there shouldn’t be a reason for him to have such a low level of endurance, no?

However, upon closer inspection, the crowd discovered that they had wronged Hong Xi. The reason for that was because Hong Xi’s current situation was truly extremely miserable.

Hong Xi’s body was being torn apart. Piece by piece, his flesh was breaking away from his body.

As for the flesh that broke away from his body, it was immediately refined. The sight was truly too horrible to watch.

“Stop, stop!!!!” As Hong Xi screamed in pain, he shouted for Eggy to stop.

However, how could Her Lady Queen possibly pay attention to him? Not only did she not stop, her attacks grew even more ferocious.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded from Hong Xi’s body. Hong Xi’s instrument to pass on his lineage had actually exploded.

“Ahhh!!!!” At that moment, Hong Xi screamed even more miserably. Tears were even rolling out of his eyes.

It was not only him, all of the men present felt a pain in their lower parts upon seeing that scene.

At that moment, they all had the same sort of opinion. That is, one must not harass a beauty like that.

The reason for that was because if they were to encounter a celestial fairy-like beauty who was actually a ruthless demoness, they would definitely end up in the same sort of miserable state as Hong Xi.

“Damned bitch! You actually destroyed my little brother! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!!!” Hong Xi snarled with grief.

He knew very well that Eggy had used a special method to destroy his partner. Thus, his partner was completely destroyed. No matter what he did, he would not be able to restore it.

Not to mention that he would soon die, even if he were to somehow survive this ordeal, he would still not be able to pass on his lineage for the rest of his life.

As a man, as a male lizard, that was something that he could not accept.

“It would seem that the lesson that I gave you is still insufficient. In that case, I shall let you experience how frightening Asura is.”

Eggy smiled coldly. The coldness in her eyes grew stronger. Then, black gaseous flames began to appear from the black claw. The black gaseous flames were like sharp blades as they dug into Hong Xi’s body.

“Ahhh!!!” Under such a situation, Hong Xi’s screams grew more and more miserable. Hearing his screams, the bystanders felt their blood run cold.

Even though the crowd did not know exactly what those black gaseous flames that entered Hong Xi’s body were doing, they were certain that they could not imagine what sort of pain Hong Xi was suffering right now.

At that moment, many people started to sigh. Hong Xi had tortured people his entire life. Yet now, he ended up being tortured by another instead.

However, Eggy remained quite humane toward Hong Xi. After she tore apart Hong Xi’s body and refined his source energy all while he was still alive, she killed Hong Xi.

Actually, after Eggy refined his source energy, even if she didn’t kill him, Hong Xi would not be able to survive.

After ruthlessly killing Hong Xi, Eggy happily returned to Chu Feng’s world spirit gate. She did not bother to stay outside.

However, at that moment, the bystanders were all stunned. At that moment, the surroundings were absolutely silent. It was so quiet that it was frightening.

It was not that the people here did not wish to speak. Rather, they were truly scared after seeing Eggy’s ruthlessness and overwhelming might. They feared that Eggy might start to dislike them and then leave them in a state the same as Hong Xi.

Asura. The legendary Asura World Spirit. Today, they had finally experienced one.

At this moment, they all understood why Asura World Spirits were said to be the most powerful and ruthless existences among the Seven Spirit Worlds.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you have truly broadened my horizons!!!” At the moment when the crowd were all stunned, Elder Liu Chengkun walked toward Chu Feng in midair. He had an excited expression on his face.

“It is all thanks to senior today. Else, I fear that I, Chu Feng, would have met my end here,” Chu Feng clasped his fist to express his thanks. After what happened here today, Chu Feng had an extremely good impression of Liu Chengkun.

Liu Chengkun sighed. “Speaking of it, I am ashamed. Little friend Chu Feng never needed my assistance. However, I insisted on getting involved. I am truly ashamed,” Elder Liu Chengkun said with an ashamed expression.

The way he saw it, with how powerful Chu Feng’s world spirit was, even if he had not involved himself, Chu Feng would have still been able to kill Hong Xi. Instead, it was because he insisted on involving himself that he ended up delaying Chu Feng from killing Hong Xi.

“Senior, if it wasn’t for you buying time for me, I would not have been able to defeat Hong Xi,” Chu Feng said.

Liu Chengkun’s expression changed. Curiously, he asked, “Oh? Why is that?”

“It is hard to explain with few words. Senior, let’s leave this place first. I will slowly explain things to you after,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, let’s go,” Liu Chengkun nodded his head repeatedly. Then, his body shifted as he entered the void.

Chu Feng also entered the void and the two of them began to journey in the shadows to quickly leave that place.

“Heavens! Exactly who is that Chu Feng? How could he be so powerful?”

“Powerful, too powerful. He simply does not need to do anything. Merely a single world spirit of his was able to kill the renowned Hong Xi. One must know that Hong Xi is a Vice Pavilion Master of Luyang’s Pavilion.”

“Isn’t that Asura World Spirit too frightening? She was clearly only a rank six Half Martial Ancestor. How was it that she was able to kill a rank one Martial Ancestor?”

“Her heaven-defying battle power is truly too ridiculous. Wouldn’t this mean that she possesses a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, more powerful than the people of the Heavenly Clans?”

“Four levels of cultivation? No, it should be more. Else, how could she kill Hong Xi that easily? The way I see it, she must have a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation.”

After Chu Feng and Liu Chengkun left, the people present were like freed horses. Immediately, they let loose all their emotions and started to let their tongues run wild.

They had to speak and unleash all the words that they had contained in their stomach, and all the shock they had felt in their hearts. Else, they would stifle themselves ill.

The reason for that was because what had happened had truly broadened their horizons. Likely, they would remember a name for the rest of their lives. As for that name, it would be Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he was also overjoyed right now. Eggy’s strength was too powerful. Even though she only possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, rank one Martial Ancestors were simply unable to withstand Eggy at all.

Thus, even though Eggy was only a rank six Half Martial Ancestor, Chu Feng felt that she would be able to fight against even rank two Martial Ancestors.

A rank six Half Martial Ancestor capable of fighting against a rank two Martial Ancestor? Likely, no one would believe that something like that was possible. After all, it was truly too heaven-defying.

“Milady Queen, exactly what sort of origin do you possess? Are you the only one that’s this powerful? Or could it be… that all of the Asura World Spirits are as powerful as you?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

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YWL: Anyone below rank 9 HMA are killed already by Liu Chengkun. No idea how many rank 9 HMA there are and why Chu Feng didn’t kill them.]

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