Chapter 2195 - Asura World Spiritist

Chapter 2195 - Asura World Spiritist

“Senior Liu Chengkun, please take back this bowl. I plan to take care of this Hong Xi,” Chu Feng said to Liu Chengkun.

Once Chu Feng said those words, not to mention Hong Xi, even many of the bystanders started laughing.

It would be impossible for a mere rank two Half Martial Ancestor, even if he was someone who possessed a Heavenly Bloodline, to be a match against Hong Xi. Exactly where did Chu Feng gain the confidence to say those sort of words?

However, even with this being the case, Liu Chengkun still retrieved his crystal bowl. He might be the only person present that still had some expectations of Chu Feng.

“You are truly one who will not shed a tear until you see your coffin. Originally, I had thought about giving you a straightforward death. However, it would appear that… I must teach you a lesson today.”

“Else, you will not know how frightening I, Hong Xi, am.”

Hong Xi began to attack. He unleashed a special sort of martial skill. His Ancestral-level martial power turned into countless crimson bats.

Those bats were very small. However, they possessed sharp teeth and claws. Furthermore, they were very powerful. It was impossible for anyone below the Martial Ancestor level of cultivation to withstand their attacks.

Most importantly, there were a lot of such bats. They covered the entire sky, and were simply capable of swallowing up a vast city.

At this moment, those bats were flying toward Chu Feng. They were going to devour all of Chu Feng’s flesh and drink all his blood!

That was not a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill, it was an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill. In fact, it was not even a Taboo Martial Skill. Instead, it was a rank three martial skill.

“That is, the Blood Bat Cursed Soul Technique!!!”

However, that mere rank three martial skill caused Liu Chengkun’s expression to change enormously.

He knew very well how cruel and ruthless of a person Hong Xi was. He was one of the most outstanding confessive, extortive, homicidal demons in Luyang’s Pavilion, and possessed countless methods to torture others.

Although the Blood Bat Cursed Soul Technique was only a rank three martial skill, it was one of the most powerful torture methods Hong Xi possessed.

In the past, there was a very unyielding rank nine Half Martial Ancestor-level expert from the Red Butterfly Society that ended up confessing to the location of a Red Butterfly Society branch due to the torture from that Blood Bat Cursed Soul Technique.

This led to the Red Butterfly Society’s branch being completely wiped out.

From this, it could be seen how frighteningly powerful Hong Xi’s Blood Bat Cursed Soul Technique was. After all, that expert was a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. When even he failed to withstand the torture, could Chu Feng really be able to withstand it?

Thus, after recognizing that it was the Blood Bat Cursed Soul Technique, Elder Liu Chengkun prepared himself to act. The reason for that was because he was unable to watch as Chu Feng suffered torment before him.


However, right at that moment, a world spirit gate appeared before Chu Feng.

After that world spirit gate appeared, black gaseous flames began to billow from the gate. Soon, the black gaseous flames covered the sky, and turned into a wall that separated heaven and earth. The wall stood in front of Chu Feng.

“Ji, ji, ji~~~”

At the moment the black gaseous flames appeared, the bats of Hong Xi’s Blood Bat Cursed Soul Technique that previously covered the sky started to charge toward the black gaseous flames explosively.

Right at that moment, a shocking scene occurred. After the crimson bats entered the black gaseous flames, not the slightest amount of energy ripples appeared. As if they were sand and stones being tossed into the sea, they disappeared completely.


Soon, a strange roar sounded from the black gaseous flames. After that, a frightening killing intent began to spread all over.

“This sort of sensation, what is going on?”

“Heavens! What is that? Why would that aura be so frightening?!”

Sensing the frightening killing intent, the expressions of the crowd all turned sluggish. In fact, some of the more cowardly individuals turned pale and started to shiver with fear.

The very next moment, the black gaseous flames that covered the sky began to condense together. Soon, a figure appeared.

“Wow! What is going on?!!!”

Seeing the beautiful woman that had appeared before them, not to mention the men present, even many women’s eyes started to shine. In fact, many people were unable to contain themselves, and sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Beautiful, truly too beautiful. The beauty of her Lady Queen was capable of attracting countless gazes, and causing people to drool regardless of where she might be.

“Who is that beauty?” The crowd began to discuss Eggy spiritedly. After all, no one had seen Eggy appear. Thus, they did not know where she had come from. In fact, they had all forgotten about the world spirit gate Chu Feng had opened.

“Asura World Spirit, Chu Feng… could it be that you’re an Asura World Spiritist?” At that moment, it was Liu Chengkun who spoke first. Furthermore, at that moment, Liu Chengkun was extremely emotional.

By chance, Liu Chengkun had met an Asura World Spiritist before. As such, he had also seen an Asura World Spirit.

Thus, at the moment when the black gaseous flames began to spread, he was extremely astonished. The reason for that was because the sensation he felt from the black gaseous flames greatly resembled that of the Asura World Spirit he’d seen before.

After seeing Eggy, he was even more certain that Eggy was an Asura World Spirit. As the world spirit gate was opened by Chu Feng earlier, Liu Chengkun became certain that Chu Feng was most likely an Asura World Spiritist.

At that moment, Liu Chengkun was truly overwhelmed with excitement. Before this, he had never thought that Chu Feng would be an Asura World Spiritist.

“Senior Liu, please excuse my humble performance. Indeed, this junior is an Asura World Spiritist,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and admitted his identity.

“For real?! Chu Feng… he’s actually an Asura World Spiritist? In that case, that beauty is not a human, but a world spirit? Furthermore, she is an Asura World Spirit, the most savage and cruel world spirits of the Seven Spirit Worlds?”

At that moment, the people present were all unable to remain calm. After all, even to them, Asura World Spirits were akin to legends.

In the Lower Realms, Asura World Spiritists were rarely seen. After all… Asura World Spiritists were the rulers among world spiritists. They were existences that all the powers wanted to recruit into their ranks.

“You’re actually an Asura World Spiritist?” At that moment, even Hong Xi started to frown.

As a Vice Pavilion Master of Luyang’s Pavilion, Hong Xi naturally knew about how powerful Asura World Spiritists were. Without mentioning their strength, merely their identity as Asura World Spiritists would cause countless powers to try to recruit them regardless of price.

Chu Feng was actually an Asura World Spiritist. To their Luyang’s Pavilion, this was not good news at all.

“Yoh, you’re already scared before the actual battle has even begun?” Chu Feng mocked with a smile on his face.

“Scared? It’s merely a rank six Half Martial Ancestor-level world spirit. She’s not much more powerful than you. Why would I be afraid?”

“Are you even capable of making me scared?” Hong Xi sneered disdainfully.

Even though Hong Xi was indeed a bit scared, he could not reveal his fear, because he was a Vice Pavilion Master to Luyang’s Pavilion. Otherwise, he would end up bringing shame to Luyang’s Pavilion.

In fact, Hong Xi knew very well that he was unable to stop now. Even if Chu Feng was an Asura World Spiritist, he must still kill Chu Feng. Else, Chu Feng would cause no end of trouble.

“Even if this Queen only possesses the cultivation of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor, it will still be extremely easy for me to kill you,” Eggy said.

“Sure enough, like master like world spirit. Both of you only know how to boast shamelessly.”

“That said, you are quite attractive. Taking your beauty into consideration, I will not kill you. Instead, I will capture you alive and make you my plaything. Every night, you will serve me on the bed,” Suddenly, Hong Xi smiled viciously. Then, he prepared to attack Eggy.

“Courting death,” In response, coldness flashed through Eggy’s eyes. Then, as her skirt fluttered, boundless black gaseous flames erupted from her body like a volcanic explosion.

In the end, the black gaseous flames turned into an enormous black claw and grabbed at Hong Xi.

“Noo!!!” Seeing that scene, Hong Xi actually shouted.

The reason for that was because he was actually unable to move before the black claw. He could only watch helplessly as the black claw that held a fatal threat moved to grab him.

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