Chapter 2194 - Prepared To Kill You

Chapter 2194 - Prepared To Kill You


Explosions began to sound in the sky nonstop.

Following the rumbles, surging waves began to spray in all direction like ferocious waterfalls.

At that moment, torrential rain covered the sky. The rain shattered the mountain stone and destroyed the city. In fact, many of the cultivators outside the city were forced to retreat far away. They did not dare to involve themselves in the matter.

It was Hong Xi. At that moment, Hong Xi’s body had completely fused with that martial skill. He had turned into an actual giant monster that reached the sky.

Even his Incomplete Ancestral Armament had changed. It had turned into a demon-like crimson giant creature that fought alongside Hong Xi.

The giant creature that the Incomplete Ancestral Armament had turned into did not possess a complete body, as its body was changing nonstop. However, one would be terrified with a single glance at its eyes streaming with killing intent.

Furthermore, that giant creature possessed a strength on par with Hong Xi.

At that moment, Hong Xi was simply unstoppable. He was suppressing Elder Liu Chengkun and forcing him into a state of constant retreat.

A difficult expression was clearly present on Elder Liu Chengkun’s face.

Everyone could tell that Liu Chengkun would likely not be able to last for much longer.

“Emperor Taboo: Holy Spirit Army!”

Forced to such a situation, Liu Chengkun shouted. He had unleashed another Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

Once that Emperor Taboo Martial Skill was unleashed, a total of eight thousand bodies of light shot forth. Merely, those bodies of light did not fly toward Hong Xi to attack him. Rather, they flew toward Chu Feng.


After the bodies of light approached, they began to transform. One by one, they turned into armored soldiers three meters tall holding spears in their hands.

Those soldiers all possessed cultivations of rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Once they appeared, they immediately started to attack and kill the people from Luyang’s Pavilion that surrounded Chu Feng.

This caught the people from Luyang’s Pavilion that surrounded Chu Feng off guard. They were powerless to defend themselves. In fact, other than the rank nine Half Martial Ancestors, the rest of them were all killed by the Holy Spirit Army.

“Chu Feng, quickly, escape!!!”

Right at that moment, a voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears. That voice transmission was from Liu Chengkun.

“Trying to let him escape? I’m afraid that you won’t be able to do so.”

Upon seeing that, Hong Xi sneered. He had already seen through what Liu Chengkun was planning to do. Thus, with a thought, the crimson monster formed by the Incomplete Ancestral Armament turned around and started flying toward Chu Feng.


The crimson monster broke free from the tidal waves and began to charge toward Chu Feng to attack him. Wherever it passed, the sky would turn crimson. It was as if a life-seeking demon was proceeding toward Chu Feng to demand his life.


Before that crimson monster even managed to approach Chu Feng, an enormous sky-shadowing tidal wave came from behind it and trapped the crimson monster.

It turned out that enormous wave was unleashed by Elder Liu Chengkun’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Not only did the wave arrive, Elder Liu Chengkun’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament had also arrived. At that moment, the two Incomplete Ancestral Armaments started fighting one another.

At that moment, Chu Feng had just returned his awareness to his body and was startled upon seeing the scene before him.

After Liu Chengkun let go of his Incomplete Ancestral Armament, the might of his Emperor Taboo: Great Tidal Wave decreased enormously.

As for Hong Xi, even though he had also let go of his Incomplete Ancestral Armament, his strength was still as ferocious as before. At that moment, he had already managed to close a lot of the distance between them, and was less than a hundred meters away from Liu Chengkun.


Liu Chengkun shouted. Then, he clenched his teeth and increased the strength of his waves, barely managing to stop Hong Xi’s incoming attack. However, anyone could tell that Liu Chengkun would not be able to last for much longer.


Suddenly, Liu Chengkun sprayed out a mouthful of blood and stained the lapel of his clothes.

This scene verified to the crowd that Liu Chengkun was truly unable to persist for much longer.

“Chu Feng, escape now!!!” Liu Chengkun suddenly shouted.

This time around, he was no longer sending Chu Feng a voice transmission. Instead, he was shouting out loud at him. After all, everyone was already able to tell that he was planning to let himself be killed here in order to let Chu Feng escape safely.

Chu Feng was extremely moved by Liu Chengkun’s actions. Even though he was clearly powerless to defend himself, he was still thinking about Chu Feng’s safety.

It could be seen that Liu Chengkun was truly willing to give up his life for Chu Feng.

However, it was clear that he had only met Chu Feng once before.

Feeling extremely moved, Chu Feng said, “Senior Liu Chengkun, I have troubled you.”

“Just leave the rest to me.”

“What?!” The people present were all startled by those words. They all looked to Chu Feng with confused expressions.

What was this?

Liu Chengkun had risked his life in order to obtain an opportunity for Chu Feng to escape. Yet, Chu Feng was not only not planning to escape, he even said those things. Could it be that he had gone insane?

“Chu Feng, what did you say? I dare you to say it again!” At that moment, Hong Xi, who had held absolute superiority, no longer continued to press on toward Liu Chengkun. Instead, he turned his gaze toward Chu Feng.

Merely, his current gaze could be said to be filled with mockery. His gaze simply did not appear to be a gaze of someone looking at another person. Rather, it was the gaze of someone looking at a fool, a moron, an idiot.

In his eyes, the current Chu Feng was a fool, a moron, an idiot.

“Say, what is coming up will be the time of your death,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Time of my death? Even the rank one Martial Ancestor Liu Chengkun is no match for me. You are but a mere rank two Half Martial Ancestor, where did you obtain your confidence from?”

“Oh, I nearly forgot. You are a possessor of Heavenly Bloodline. Your Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings are capable of increasing your cultivation to rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Furthermore, compared to ordinary Half Martial Ancestors, you possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.”

“After using all your various techniques, you will be able to fight against rank seven Half Martial Ancestors. Thinking of it, you are truly quite amazing.”

“However, do not forget that I am an actual rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Furthermore, after activating my Inherited Bloodline, my cultivation has increased to that of a rank one Martial Ancestor.”

“Not to mention activating my Inherited Bloodline, even if I do not use my Inherited Bloodline’s power, I will still be able to easily kill you.”

“Before me, you are nothing more than an ant,” Hong Xi said.

“Oh? You’re actually that powerful? In that case, why am I still alive?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“If it wasn’t for Liu Chengkun’s obstruction, you would already be dead,” Hong Xi said.

“Haha…” Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, he looked to Liu Chengkun and said, “Since that Hong Xi is that confident, Senior Liu Chengkun, please do not stop him. We should allow that Hong Xi to reveal his might. I also want to see how he shall kill me.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, what are you…!?” Liu Chengkun was completely puzzled. He did not understand what Chu Feng was thinking.

“Senior Liu, I know that you possess many grudges and grievances against that Hong Xi. However, today is the day for me to settle my debt with that Hong Xi.”

“Thus, Senior Liu, please,” Chu Feng said to Liu Chengkun while clasping his fist.

Chu Feng’s intentions were very clear. He wanted Liu Chengkun to step aside. Regardless of what Hong Xi might do to him, he did not want Liu Chengkun to interfere.

“This… okay then,” Liu Chengkun had an expression of helplessness as he sighed. Then, he retrieved his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and actually moved to the side.

Even though he felt that Chu Feng’s request was very unfathomable, Liu Chengkun saw Chu Feng’s confident gaze and felt that he was truly able to contend against Hong Xi.

Thus, he also wished to see if Chu Feng truly had even more tricks up his sleeve.

At the same time Liu Chengkun moved to the side, Hong Xi also stopped his attacks and retrieved his Incomplete Ancestral Armament. However, he did not immediately attack Chu Feng. Instead, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Old fart Liu, do not be anxious. After taking care of this little bastard that does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, I will come and take care of you.”

Once those words were said, the expressions of the crowd present all changed. What Hong Xi inferred with those words was that it would only take him but a moment to take care of Chu Feng.

It was true that with the difference in strength between the two men, it would not take Hong Xi a lot of time to take care of Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, are you prepared to die?” Hong Xi held his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and shouted at Chu Feng.

“Heh…” Chu Feng lightly laughed. He said, “I have not prepared myself to die. However, I have prepared to kill you.”

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