Chapter 2634 - He Likes You

Chapter 2634 - He Likes You

The palace that Li Yue’er and Chu Feng were in was actually a treasure that Li Yue’er possessed.

While the interior of the palace might appear to be glorious and dazzling, the two of them were actually only inside a piece of stone.

That piece of stone was placed into a mountain by Li Yue’er. As such, it looked very unremarkable.

No one would’ve ever imagined that that stone was actually a treasure. Furthermore, hidden in that treasure were two cultivation geniuses, Chu Feng and Li Yue’er.

However, at that moment, dazzling nine-colored lightning appeared over that desolate mountain.

The nine-colored lightning rushed forth from deep within the sky and covered the entire sky.

That lightning was galloping, raging and fluttering in an unpredictable manner.

Sometimes, the lightning would look like tens of thousands of dragons flying in the sky. At other times, the lightning would look like giant hands tearing the sky apart. 

In short, such a scene was truly spectacular and intimidating.

“Heavens! What is going on with that?!”

The people that lived in the area that possessed ambitions of becoming stronger had all left for the Infant Soul Sect.

All those who remained were people without ambitions or those with extremely weak talent for martial cultivation.

Those people could be said to be the bottom rung of society who lived lives similar to those of ordinary commoners. 

Moreover, that place was a desolate place without any major powers around. Thus, powerful experts generally did not pass by.

As such, how could people like them possibly have witnessed something so spectacular. At that moment, practically everyone stopped the work they were doing.

Their attention was deeply caught by the lightning that covered the sky like divine dragons. 

There were those among them that started to cheer, and those among them that started to scream. There were those who were excited, and those who started to panic.

However, the great majority of people were gasping in amazement at the scene.

“This should be caused by the breakthrough of someone with a Heavenly Bloodline, right?”

“I have heard that those with Divine Bloodlines will give rise to Divine Lightning during their breakthroughs,” A youngster said.

An old man that seemed to possess some expanse of knowledge said, “Indeed, the Nine-Colored Divine Lightning is indeed the special characteristic of Divine Bloodlines. I have witnessed those with Heavenly Bloodlines reaching breakthroughs in cultivation, but never have I witnessed such a spectacular sight. An abnormal sight like this simply does not resemble the breakthrough in cultivation of a Heavenly Bloodline possessor. Could it be… that it is the descent of a natural disaster?” 

“The descent of a natural disaster?” 

“Heavens! Why would a natural disaster suddenly arrive upon us? If I had known this would’ve happened, I should’ve followed my second son and left for the Infant Soul Sect.” 

The less knowledgeable someone was, the more slow-witted they were. The more slow-witted someone was, the more timid they were. Upon hearing that this might be the arrival of a natural disaster, the people all began to panic. They began to tidy up their possessions and started to flee while dragging their entire family with them.

However, the Divine Lightning simply covered too vast of an area. Furthermore, those people possessed limited cultivation. Thus, no matter how they tried to escape, no matter how far they fled, they were still underneath the lightning-filled sky.

They felt as if they would not be able to escape from the grasp of the Divine Lightning no matter how hard they tried to escape.

“We’re done for, we’re done for now. That frightening lightning seems to have covered the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. This is truly a calamity. The Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm will perish.”

In this sort of situation, many people felt that they would not be able to escape from the impending calamity, and started to weep in fear.

This was especially true after the thunder grew more and more resounding. Even the earth itself started to rumble and tremble nonstop. At that moment, the people felt that they would not be able to escape from the calamity.

In fact, it was not only those ignorant commoners that were looking at the lightning-filled sky.

Within the palace, Li Yue’er also had her head raised upward.

For a world spiritist of her level, the special palace hall was simply unable to obstruct her line of sight.

Thus, at that moment, what she saw was not the top of the palace hall. Instead, it was the vast sky, as well as the nine-colored lightning galloping high in the sky.

It was precisely because Li Yue’er was able to see the spectacular sight high in the sky outside that she revealed deep worry in her eyes.

“The lightning this time is much more frightening than last time. Will Chu Feng be able to withstand it?”

“Although the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is powerful, its tribulation lightning is truly frightening.”

“That is something that ordinary individuals will not be able to withstand,” Li Yue’er said.

She was present during Chu Feng’s last breakthrough in cultivation. The Divine Tribulation’s lightning that appeared last time had already astonished her.

However, the lightning this time around was several times more ferocious than last time. Li Yue’er was afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to withstand the torment of the lightning.

Her worries were not unfounded. She felt that even she herself would not be able to withstand such ferocious lightning.

“Little girl, don’t be too worried. Chu Feng will definitely succeed,” Suddenly, a sweet-sounding voice was heard.

Upon hearing that voice, Li Yue’er immediately turned her gaze toward the direction of the voice.

At that location was a table. A young girl wearing a black short skirt was sitting on the table. 

That girl was extremely beautiful. As she sat on the table, she moved her snow-white and slender beautiful legs back and forth in a hyperactive and mischievous manner.

As for that girl, she was naturally Her Lady Queen Eggy.

Her Lady Queen had asked Chu Feng to let her out so that she could watch from the outside while Chu Feng entered closed-door training.

Thus, Chu Feng had opened his world spirit gate and released Her Lady Queen before he attempted to make his breakthrough.

“Little girl?” Being addressed in such a manner by Her Lady Queen, Li Yue’er took a careful glance at Her Lady Queen. Then, she said, “Shouldn’t you be the little girl?”

Over the years, Chu Feng had grown from a youngster to a robust young man.

However, Her Lady Queen’s appearance had remained that of a young girl. There was not the slightest change in her appearance at all.

Even though Li Yue’er’s appearance was also that of a young woman, when compared to Her Lady Queen, Her Lady Queen seemed to be even younger.

“Rude little girl, watch how you talk to this Queen. Address me as big sister,” Eggy said with a beaming smile.

Her Lady Queen had always been a proud and haughty person. For many people, they would not be able to enter her discerning eyes, and she would refuse to even acknowledge their existence.

However, Her Lady Queen was quite fond of Li Yue’er. Thus, Her Lady Queen was actually quite genial when speaking with her.

However, due to the fact that Her Lady Queen truly looked too young and possessed an exceptionally beautiful face, Li Yue’er felt that she did not resemble someone amiable and cute. Instead, she resembled more of a mischievous little beauty playing around with her.

Thus, Li Yue’er did not continue to argue the issue of seniority with Her Lady Queen.

“How are you so certain that Chu Feng will be able to successfully make this breakthrough? Right now, the sight outside is truly frightening.”

“It is truly the sight of doomsday’s arrival. The way I see it, no one would be able to withstand that lightning,” Li Yue’er said.

“I can’t be certain. However, I know that Chu Feng will be able to persist through it.”

“Actually, according to the way this Queen sees it, no matter how overwhelmingly powerful one’s Self-Punishment Mysterious Technique might be, they will only be testing one’s spirit and endurance. They will not destroy the cultivator’s body, even with their overwhelming power.”

“As for Chu Feng, his spirit is very strong, and his endurance is also extremely strong. Thus, according to my understanding of him, no matter how ferocious that Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique might be, he will still be able to overcome it in the end.”

“To Chu Feng, what he needs the most is to reach the junction that will allow him to reach a breakthrough in cultivation. The most crucial aspect for him is to attain greater comprehension towards the way of martial cultivation.”

“As for the so-called Divine Tribulation’s Lightning, as long as he is able to draw upon it, it will mean that he has successfully reached a breakthrough in cultivation,” Her Lady Queen said.

“You are truly confident in him. However, you are a world spirit, and you do not know about the profoundness of the Self-Punishment Mysterious Techniques, nor do you know how frightening the Self-Punishment Mysterious Techniques are.”

“In short, the Self-Punishment Mysterious Techniques are not as simple as you imagine them to be,” Li Yue’er said.


Hearing Li Yue’er saying such words, Her Lady Queen smiled sweetly. She did not try to argue with Li Yue’er. 

After all, Li Yue’er was someone trained in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique. She had personally experienced the torment from the Heavenly Tribulation’s Lightning many times before. Thus, she most likely possessed her own impressions of the Self-Punishment Mysterious Techniques.

That said, regardless, Her Lady Queen still believed in Chu Feng. She felt that he would be able to endure the torment from the Divine Tribulation’s Lightning.

Actually, what Li Yue’er said was very true. Her Lady Queen was merely confident in Chu Feng.

“Little girl, this Queen has a question for you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“What is it?” Li Yue’er asked.

“Do you have someone that you like?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“No,” Li Yue’er answered.

“Then is there someone that likes you?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“No,” Li Yue’er answered.

“In that case, you do not have a lover, nor do you have a fiance?” Her Lady Queen asked.

Li Yue’er’s expression changed slightly upon hearing that question. She asked, “What do you mean?”

“What do you think about Chu Feng?” Her Lady Queen said with a mischievous smile.

“What do you mean, what do I think?” Li Yue’er was confused.

“Chu Feng has told me that he likes you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Ah?” Li Yue’er was immediately stunned upon hearing those words. Evidently, she was caught unprepared. 

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