Chapter 2633 - Wang Qiang’s Awakening

Chapter 2633 - Wang Qiang’s Awakening

“Although you weren’t able to persist until the end, you should’ve also gained some harvest from this weaponry refinement process, no?” Chu Feng asked Li Yue’er.

Li Yue’er had directly asked him how much progress he gained from the completion of the weaponry refinement process, and not whether or not he had managed to obtain any harvest from it.

Chu Feng felt that Li Yue’er asked that because she had already obtained martial comprehension from the weaponry refinement process.

Since even she had managed to obtain martial comprehension, it would mean that Chu Feng must’ve definitely obtained martial comprehension too. Moreover, the martial comprehension he should’ve received should be greater than hers.

“Indeed, I have obtained martial comprehension. However, due to the fact that I was unable to persist through the latter half, due to my spirit power being insufficient, what I managed to comprehend grew less and less. Thus, it was not ideal.”

“What about you? You should’ve managed to gain quite a harvest, no?” Li Yue’er asked.

“The most crucial aspect in weaponry refinement would be the final step. However, due to the fact that my stamina was insufficient, I had neglected the comprehension method from the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart during the crucial moment so that I could successfully craft the Incomplete Immortal Armament.”

“However, even with that being the case, I still received quite a harvest. I think… I can attempt to breakthrough to the True Immortal realm now,” Chu Feng said.

“When do you plan to begin?” Li Yue’er asked.

“We have spent three entire months in the weaponry refinement process. Regardless of what sort of conspiracy the Infant Soul Sect might have, they will most definitely be on the verge of accomplishing it. Time is urgent, I must immediately enter closed-door training,” Chu Feng said.

“Right now?” Li Yue’er was very shocked. She was worried about Chu Feng’s health.

However, as she saw how spirited Chu Feng appeared, she felt that her worries were somewhat unnecessary. Chu Feng’s current state could be said to be extremely good.

No matter how she looked at it, he did not resemble someone whose body was completely exhausted and on the verge of dying of exhaustion earlier.

After declaring that he would enter closed-door training, Chu Feng immediately did so. However, Li Yue’er knew that Martial Ancestors would definitely cause quite a commotion when breaking through to the True Immortal realm.

As for this commotion, it would differ according to the Self-Punishing Mysterious Technique that they trained in.

When Li Yue’er reached her breakthrough, she had made quite an enormous commotion. As for Chu Feng, he trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Thus, she felt that the commotion that Chu Feng would cause might be unprecedented. 

For the sake of not catching the attention of the Infant Soul Sect and having them come and affect Chu Feng’s breakthrough, Li Yue’er not only took out the umbrella that was able to block Heavenly Lightning, but she even deliberately prepared many other treasures for Chu Feng.

Not only were those treasures capable of greatly lessening the commotion in the sky, but they were also able to decrease the fierceness of the Divine Tribulation’s Lightnings so that Chu Feng would have a greater certainty of success in his breakthrough attempt.

At the moment when Chu Feng entered closed-door training, a large group of people were gathered in a certain ancient forest somewhere in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

This group of people were Ying Mingchao, Zi Xunyi, Zhao Hong and the others.

All of them were gathered there. The previously seriously-injured Ying Mingchao was vigorous and lively now. He had been completely healed from his injury that day.

However, at that moment, they all seemed to be awaiting something.


Suddenly, the earth trembled, and trees began to rock back and forth violently. Soon, as the trembling grew even more intense, the enormous trees that reached the sky started to topple one after another.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. Then, a figure flew out from beneath the ground and arrived in midair.

That person possessed an extremely powerful aura. It was that of a rank two True Immortal.

As for that person, he was actually Wang Qiang.

“Husband, you’ve succeeded?”

Overjoyed, Zhao Hong immediately soared into the sky upon seeing Wang Qiang. She arrived beside him.

“W-wife, I’ve s-successfully made my b-breakthrough. O-on t-top of that, I have the p-power of my Divine Body. T-that cur, that Infant Soul Sect’s S-Sectmaster, will not be able to-to live for much longer.”

“L-Let us g-go and avenge my b-brother now,” Wang Qiang said.

As it turned out, Zhao Hong and the others had deliberately returned to Hero City after escaping from the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster so that they could bring the still-sleeping Wang Qiang away.

Not long after they brought Wang Qiang away, Wang Qiang emerged from the spirit formation that surrounded him. He had successfully fused with the power of his Divine Body.

After obtaining Divine Power, Wang Qiang’s cultivation had directly increased to that of a rank one True Immortal. Furthermore, his cultivation was at the peak of rank one True Immortal.

After the battle that day, there was no more news of Chu Feng. No one knew whether he was dead or alive. As such, everyone became very worried for him.

This was especially true after they verified that the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster was actually alive and healthy. With that, they became even more certain that a disaster might’ve happened to Chu Feng.

That said, regardless of whether Chu Feng was alive or dead, it remained that the main culprit was the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

Thus, Wang Qiang, Ying Mingchao and the others had been making plans on how to take care of the Infant Soul Sect the entire time.

Unfortunately, even if Ying Mingchao were to recover from his injuries, he would not be a match for the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

As such, Wang Qiang proposed to enter closed-door training. The reason for that was because after he fused with his Divine Power, not only did his cultivation reach rank one True Immortal, but even his comprehension ability had increased.

As a peak rank one True Immortal, Wang Qiang felt that he would be able to reach a breakthrough to rank two True Immortal.

Thus, he entered closed-door training, and managed to successfully break through to rank two True Immortal today.

“Little brother Wang Qiang, excuse me for speaking frankly. Even though your cultivation has increased to rank two True Immortal, you might still not necessarily be a match for the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster. The reason for that is because he not only possesses the assistance of the Infant Soul Demonic Technique, but he also possesses an Incomplete Immortal Armament,” Ying Mingchao said.

“I do not know exactly how powerful an Incomplete Immortal Armament might be, but the power of my Divine Body is most definitely not something a mere demonic technique could contend against.”

As Wang Qiang spoke, the weather started to change. In the sky rolling with black clouds appeared the image of four extremely fierce-looking ferocious beasts.

To be exact, those were four demonic beasts. The reason for that was because the aura they were emitting was ice-cold and dark.

That said, regardless of what those demonic beasts were, when Wang Qiang unleashed them, an extremely powerful aura descended from the sky and covered the entire region.

“This aura.”

Upon sensing that aura, not to mention the others, even Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi, who were both rank two True Immortals, revealed serious expressions.

Wang Qiang had been saying that his power was Divine Power the entire time. However, Divine Power was generally filled with auras of righteousness. Even Ying Mingchao’s ferocious beast-like Divine Power emitted a righteous aura.

However, Wang Qiang’s Divine Power was emitting a concentrated aura of darkness. To be exact… his Divine Power’s aura resembled the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster’s dark black gaseous flames, or the Evil God Sword’s crimson gaseous flames.

Such a Divine Power was truly rare. It could be said that Wang Qiang’s Divine Power was strange.

That said, regardless of how strange Wang Qiang’s Divine Power might be, it remained that his aura was extremely powerful. He was infinitely close to reaching rank three True Immortal. With such overwhelming power, it might really be able to contend against the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster.

“Mingchao, Wang Qiang’s battle power is this strong. If we are to assist him using the grand formation, he might really be able to defeat the Infant Soul Sect’s Sectmaster,” Zi Xunyi said.

“N-n-no, r-regardless of whether or not i-it is feasible, I m-must still g-go and s-settle the d-debt with the Infant Soul Sect’s S-Sectmaster today.”

“I a-am un-unable to wait any l-longer. I must g-go and fetch his head to a-avenge my b-br-brother,” Wang Qiang spoke with killing intent all over his face.

“Very well. Brothers, let us kill our way into the Infant Soul Sect today and avenge Brother Chu Feng!!!” Ying Mingchao shouted loudly.

“Avenge Brother Chu Feng!”

“Avenge Brother Chu Feng!!”

“Avenge Brother Chu Feng!!!”

The next moment, the people from the allied army all started to shout with raised arms.

Their voices resonated through the sky like thunder. They were most definitely not shouting those words like a slogan.

They were all going to battle with death in mind. They were entering the battle with the determination to avenge Chu Feng. They did not know whether or not they would be able to survive.

Although the current allied army was scattered and much less imposing than before, these people who remained were a group of true warriors.

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