Chapter 2635 - Rank One True Immortal

Although Li Yue’er was caught unprepared by Her Lady Queen’s words, she was only surprised momentarily.

Soon, she adjusted her state of mind and asked, “And what of it?”

“I can tell that you have quite a decent opinion of that boy Chu Feng. Why don’t you consider being with him? Actually, Chu Feng is quite a decent guy.”

“Furthermore, let me tell you this, Chu Feng’s parents are both extraordinary individuals. If you are to marry him, you will be able to have people back you in the future,” Her Lady Queen said.

“You’re overthinking things. I merely consider him to be my friend. Furthermore, the way I see it, he only considers me his friend too,” Li Yue’er said.

“Friends can become lovers too. How about… you confess your love to him when he wakes up?”

“That boy Chu Feng is shy, and finds it embarrassing to confess to you. As such, he could only secretly tell me about it.”

“But you’re different. You’re a woman. As the saying goes, for a man to woo a woman, a mountain stands between them, for a woman to woo a man, a layer of muslin stands before them.”

“If you are to confess, the marriage between the two of you will be sealed,” Her Lady Queen said with a mischievous laugh.

“Nonsense,” Li Yue’er was a smart person. She soon realized that Her Lady Queen was messing with her.

Thus, after she cast a side-eye at Her Lady Queen, she turned her gaze towards the sky again.

After that, Li Yue’er completely ignored Her Lady Queen regardless of what she said.

However, Her Lady Queen’s attitude toward Li Yue’er was extremely good. She was actually urging Li Yue’er nonstop. 

Although Li Yue’er was ignoring her, she continued to stand right before her and urge her.

Li Yue’er was truly unable to endure Her Lady Queen’s endless pestering. Thus, she said to Her Lady Queen, “In that case, why don’t you be with Chu Feng?”

“Little girl, this Queen is a world spirit, and Chu Feng is a world spiritist. How could I be together with him? That would be going against the natural order of things,” Her Lady Queen said.

“But Chu Feng told me that he likes you,” Li Yue’er said.

“Nonsense. I know everything he sees and hears. How come I don’t remember him saying something like that to you?” Her Lady Queen had an expression of disbelief.

Li Yue’er did not say anything.

Seeing that Li Yue’er had grown quiet, Her Lady Queen became immensely proud.

“Little one, trying to use this trick against this Queen? Did you think this Queen is that easily deceived? Little girl, compared to this Queen, you are still very inexperienced.”

“It’s his gaze that told me that,” Li Yue’er said.

“What?” Her Lady Queen’s eyes’ shifted. She revealed a surprised expression.

Gaze? How could one’s gaze speak?

“I managed to tell that he likes you from the way he looks at you,” Li Yue’er said to Her Lady Queen with a very serious tone.

“Yo, I really wasn’t able to tell that, little girl, you are truly one to blabber nonsense,” Her Lady Queen said.

“It’s up to you whether or not you believe me,” Li Yue’er said.


Right at that moment, a sudden ear-piercing rumble was heard.

In an instant, the nine-colored lightning gathered together, forming an enormous nine-colored dragon. With frightening oppressive might and an ear-piercing roar, it struck down from the ninth heaven. It was aimed straight at Chu Feng.


The next moment, the entire palace was covered by nine-colored lightning.


At that moment, Her Lady Queen’s expression also changed enormously. Deep worry filled her eyes.

Being inside the Divine Tribulation’s lightning, she was able to sense with greater certainty how overwhelmingly powerful that Divine Tribulation’s lightning was. Sure enough, the lightning this time was stronger than all the lightning before.

Even though the lightning did not attack Her Lady Queen and Li Yue’er at all, they began to violently attack Chu Feng.

Their appearance simply seemed as if they wanted to rip Chu Feng apart alive. 

When in such a situation, Chu Feng’s expression immediately became distorted and pain filled his face.

Even though Her Lady Queen was filled with confidence toward Chu Feng, she was still worried for him after seeing what he was going through.

The reason for that was because the lightning this time was truly much fiercer than every other lightning Chu Feng had experienced while making a breakthrough.

Soon, Chu Feng’s flesh started to tear. He was being torn apart and burned away by the lightning. He was being charred black like burned coal. Not only was his flesh changed beyond recognition, but it was also steaming.


Seemingly unable to tolerate the pain, Chu Feng started to scream hysterically. His voice was truly tragic.

“Chu Feng,” Her Lady Queen was unable to stand by upon seeing this scene.

However, although she wanted to rush toward Chu Feng, her arm was grabbed by Li Yue’er. Li Yue’er had stopped her.

“Do not disturb him. His tribulation’s lightning is completely different from all others. If his attention is to be disturbed, he might end up dying on the spot,” Li Yue’er said.

After hearing what Li Yue’er said, Her Lady Queen recalled Chu Feng telling her that the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique would bring about Divine level Tribulation. When the Divine Tribulation’s lightning arrives, he would have to either endure through the tribulation or die. 

If he were to fail, he would simply die.

“Is there any way to help him?” Her Lady Queen asked Li Yue’er.

She was truly panicking. Even though she was a generally a calm and composed individual, Her Lady Queen would turn into a completely different person when it concerned Chu Feng’s life and death. 

She recalled that Li Yue’er had trained in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique and possessed a vast amount of knowledge. Perhaps she might know of a way to help Chu Feng.

“No, this Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is too powerful. The treasures that I’ve deployed for Chu Feng have all unleashed their effects already.”

“With such a ferocious Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, there is no one who can help him. As to whether or not he will be able to successfully reach a breakthrough, he can only rely on himself,” Li Yue’er said.

Her Lady Queen grew even more worried upon hearing those words. However, because she was afraid of affecting Chu Feng, she grew even quieter.

Fortunately, the overwhelming Divine Tribulation’s lightning did not persist for a long time. Soon, the intensity of the ferocious lightning began to die down.

“Don’t worry, he has managed to endure it,” Li Yue’er said.

“You’re certain of that?” Her Lady Queen asked. Even though the lightning’s intensity was decreasing, it remained that the remaining lightning was still tormenting Chu Feng. Chu Feng still had a painful expression on his face.

“It seems that you’re not that confident in him either. However, that’s understandable. The more one loves a person, the more one will be concerned for that person. The more one is concerned for someone, the more one will worry,” Li Yue’er said to Her Lady Queen with a smile on her face.

That girl was actually ridiculing Her Lady Queen. However, Her Lady Queen had no heart to pay attention to her. At that moment, only concern for Chu Feng’s safety filled Her Lady Queen’s eyes.

Actually, with merely this… what Li Yue’er said was actually correct.

At that moment, it was as Li Yue’er had said, Chu Feng seemed to really have managed to endure the tribulation this time around.

The power of the lightning grew weaker and weaker. Even Chu Feng’s charred black skin started to peel away from him and new skin emerged from underneath. It was as if he was experiencing a rebirth.

When the lightning disappeared, Chu Feng had returned to having a completely undamaged appearance.

When Chu Feng’s eyes opened, it signified that he had truly succeeded.

The current Chu Feng was no longer a Martial Ancestor. Instead, he was a True Immortal, an actual rank one True Immortal.

“Good job. This Queen knew that you would be able to endure through it,” Seeing that Chu Feng had succeeded, Her Lady Queen ran towards Chu Feng excitedly.

Her Lady Queen no longer possessed the worried expression that she did earlier. Instead, she was completely at ease. It was as if she had anticipated this would happen, that she had anticipated that Chu Feng would definitely succeed.

“The breakthrough this time around was truly a bit hard to bare. However, all of this was worth it,” Chu Feng sensed the power that he possessed at that moment and became extremely excited.

It was truly the feeling of tasting sweetness after enduring bitterness.

After a short moment of chatting with Her Lady Queen, Her Lady Queen entered the world spirit gate and returned to Chu Feng’s world spirit space.

It was only at that moment that Chu Feng noticed that Li Yue’er was currently looking at him with a slightly strange expression.

“Girl, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? Could it be that you can’t recognize me?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, it’s nothing. Your world spirit knows you very well,” Li Yue’er said.

“Why did you say that?” Chu Feng asked.

“Go and ask her,” Li Yue’er said.

“Milady Queen, what did you say to this girl?” Chu Feng immediately asked Her Lady Queen.

“It’s nothing. That said, you can be at ease and pursue that girl. Trust me, you will definitely succeed,” Her Lady Queen said with a mischievous laugh.

“Ah?” Chu Feng was confused by what Her Lady Queen said. Evidently, the two girls were not talking about the same thing.

“Let me tell you this in secret. Although your closed-door training was completed very quickly, that girl Li Yue’er told me a lot of intimate things. Most importantly, she told me that she likes you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Ah?” Chu Feng was surprised upon hearing those words.

However, a smile soon emerged on Chu Feng’s face. He said, “Milady Queen, while your cheap trick might be enough to deceive others, they are not enough to deceive me.”

From his understanding of Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng was certain that she was toying with him.

“Believe whatever you want. I have given you the chance. It will be up to you whether or not you’ll be able to grasp that chance,” Her Lady Queen said unyieldingly.

“I am finally able to subdue this weapon now, no?”

As Chu Feng spoke, he arrived before the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler and grabbed it.

The next moment, the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler let out boundless power. In a flash, it surrounded Chu Feng.

It was a layer of golden gaseous flames. However, it was also emitting specks of faint red.

The gaseous flames sealed Chu Feng off completely. They surrounded him as if they were burning him. It was an extremely imposing sight.

“This weapon?”

Seeing that scene, Li Yue’er started to frown.

Although it was an Incomplete Immortal Armament refined by Chu Feng, it was currently an ownerless item.

If Chu Feng wanted to make it his weapon, he must subdue it.

And now, the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler was emitting an extremely intense opposition. 

That weapon possessed an intense temper.

It was harder to subdue than she had anticipated.

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