Chapter 2605 - Obtaining Something Else

Chapter 2605 - Obtaining Something Else

“Sigh,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Her Lady Queen was unable to help herself from sighing.

She naturally wanted Chu Feng to use that mist himself. After all, reaching a breakthrough to the True Immortal realm would be a complete change in the nature of his strength. 

No matter how powerful Martial Ancestors might be, they would never be a match for True Immortals.

However, what if Chu Feng was a True Immortal?

With his talent and abilities, very few True Immortals in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm would be able to contend against him. 

At that time, Chu Feng would truly be able to move about unhindered in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. He might even be able to destroy that Infant Soul Sect and complete the mission given to him by his father all by himself.

However, Her Lady Queen did not try to urge Chu Feng against his decision to renounce the mist. The reason for that was because she knew Chu Feng’s personality; she knew that he would definitely choose to use the mist to save Zhao Hong.

No matter how she tried to urge him against it, it would be all be useless.

Thus, she decided to not bother urging him against it. That said, she still felt pained by Chu Feng’s decision.

“Are you certain?” The yellow-gowned old man asked.

Although Chu Feng’s answer was something that Her Lady Queen had anticipated, it was clearly… not something that the yellow-gowned old man had anticipated.

After hearing Chu Feng’s answer, that yellow-gowned old man was very surprised.

“This junior is certain. Senior, please release my friend,” Chu Feng said.

“Young man, listen to my word of advice. While you’re a peak Martial Ancestor, this opportunity is nevertheless extremely important to you.”

“Do you know how many people have managed to reach peak Martial Ancestor in their youth, yet failed to reach a breakthrough to the True Immortal realm in their entire lives?” 

“While it might appear that there is only a fine distinction between peak Martial Ancestor and True Immortals, the distance is actually extremely far. It is not one that can be easily crossed,” The yellow-gowned old man said.

“This junior appreciates senior’s kind intentions. Merely, when compared to my friend’s life, this is simply insignificant,” Chu Feng said.

“It seems that you are determined to save her?” The yellow-gowned old man asked.

“Senior, that is precisely what this junior intends. Senior, please let my friend out,” Chu Feng spoke in a very serious manner and once again bowed to the yellow-gowned old man.

“Young lady, you have truly made a very loyal friend.”

Right at this moment, the yellow-gowned old man’s eyes moved. The next moment, a world spirit gate appeared beside him.

When that spirit formation gate appeared, a figure tumbled out of that world spirit gate and fell to the ground. 

This person was none other than Zhao Hong. Merely, at this moment, Zhao Hong was seriously injured. She did not even have the strength to stand up.

Even though Zhao Hong was extremely weak, she still tried her best to raise her head. 

She looked to Chu Feng. With great difficulty, she spoke, “Chu Feng, you must not do that. Do not renounce on your reward just to save me.”

“You cannot do that. I will not accept it. I will definitely not accept that mist.”

It would appear that Zhao Hong was indeed in the Life and Death Formation earlier. However, it seemed that she had heard the conversation between Chu Feng and the yellow-gowned old man.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt something of a headache.

He had never expected that this yellow-gowned old man would deliberately let Zhao Hong hear their conversation.

That’s right, he had done it deliberately. If he didn’t do it deliberately, it would be impossible for Zhao Hong to hear their conversation.

That said, this was also precisely the reason why Chu Feng felt such a headache. He knew how stubborn Zhao Hong was. Even though he was trying to help her, Chu Feng knew that based on her personality, she would rather die than accept his kindness. 

“Young lady, that is not up to you. This opportunity is something that you will have to accept regardless of whether or not you want it.”

Right at this moment, that yellow-gowned old man suddenly spoke. As he spoke, he also waved his sleeve. Then, the golden mist that was floating before Chu Feng began to float toward Zhao Hong. 

Soon, that golden mist completely engulfed Zhao Hong.


As that golden mist with symbols and runes circulating through it engulfed Zhao Hong, the symbols and runes began to circulate even more rapidly through the mist. As for Zhao Hong, she started to let out a miserable scream. 

Hearing Zhao Hong’s screams, Chu Feng immediately started to frown. He cast gaze filled with misgivings toward that yellow-gowned old man.

“Don’t worry. This mist is forcibly imparting its power to that young lady. When it is done, not only will her injuries be completely healed, but she will also become a True Immortal,” The yellow-gowned old man said to Chu Feng.

“Thank you, senior, for your troubles,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Chu Feng felt that this yellow-gowned old man would not deceive him. With that, it meant that Zhao Hong was safe. Not only that, but her cultivation will also increase.

Although Chu Feng was unable to obtain this opportunity to increase his own cultivation, it was not a waste, as Zhao Hong had obtained it. As such, Chu Feng would naturally be happy.

“I truly never expected there to be someone as righteous and loyal like you in a place as desolate as the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“That said, boy, the world of martial cultivators is extremely cruel. To be righteous and loyal might not necessarily be a good thing. It might end up causing you harm.”

“For example, this time around, it caused you to lose the opportunity to directly reach the True Immortal realm,” The yellow-gowned old man said to Chu Feng.

“Everyone possesses different ideologies. While the great majority of people will consider this True Immortal Mist to be extremely significant, and will even fall out with their own relatives and friends for it, killing one another and even slaughtering countless innocents all just so that they can obtain it...”

“ the eyes of this Chu Feng, it is nowhere as important as my friend’s life,” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, good. A young man should have the appearance of a young man. Very rarely are there young people like you.”

“Although I, when looking at your decision as a spectator, feel that your decision is silly, I personally greatly admire your decision.”

“That said, it remains that you are the only person that has ever managed to pass through all three of the Unknown Burial Ground’s checkpoints. As such, I will not have you come here in vain.”

“This shall be your reward,” As the yellow-gowned old man spoke, he lightly raised his hand, and a book entered Chu Feng’s hand.

Upon seeing the book in his hand, Chu Feng’s eyes immediately started shining. Then, he revealed an overjoyed expression.

The book that entered Chu Feng’s hand was the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart. Merely… this was not an incomplete book. Instead, it was the completed All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart.

“I can tell that you not only possess outstanding talent for martial cultivation, but your talent for world spirit techniques is also exceptional.”

“This All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart is a treasure even in the Upper Realms. It is something that countless world spiritists will not be able to purchase even if they have the money to do so.”

“Take it and study it meticulously. Then, refine weapons according to the methods in it. I believe that with your talent, you will soon be able to reach the True Immortal realm,” The yellow-gowned old man said to Chu Feng.

What the yellow-gowned old man said was the same as what Chu Feng had comprehended from the incomplete All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart that he had obtained from Ying MIngchao. This made Chu Feng even more certain that what he had comprehended was correct. 

“Thank you senior.”

Chu Feng bowed respectfully to the yellow-gowned old man. He was truly overjoyed.

Although he had missed the True Immortal Mist that could allow him to break through to the True Immortal realm directly, he had obtained the complete All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart. With that, Chu Feng knew that he would, sooner or later, reach the True Immortal realm.

Not only that, but the complete All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart would serve as an enormous assistance to Chu Feng’s breakthrough in cultivation.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that the value of this All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart was much more than that True Immortal Mist. As such, how could he not be delighted?

“You don’t have to thank me. That is what you deserve,” The yellow-gowned old man smiled lightly. 

“Senior, may I ask you why you’ve set up this Unknown Burial Ground? Also, exactly who are you?” Chu Feng asked curiously. 

Chu Feng was able to tell that this yellow-gowned old man was most definitely an extraordinary individual. Thus, he was very curious as to why he came here and set up the Unknown Burial Ground.

“If I am to tell you that I did not set this up, would you believe me?” The yellow-gowned old man said.

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