Chapter 2606 - Game Cleared

Chapter 2606 - Game Cleared

“This junior believes senior.”

“Merely… if this place was not created by senior, then who created it?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed,” The yellow-gowned old man said with a faint smile.

His smile contained a profound intention. However, Chu Feng had no idea exactly what that smile meant.

That said, since this yellow-gowned old man did not wish to tell, Chu Feng decided to not ask anymore. However, Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from thinking about it. If it was not this yellow-gowned old man that set this place up, who was it?

“Senior, you said earlier that I am the only person that has managed to pass through the Unknown Burial Ground?” Chu Feng asked.

He asked that because he was clearly not the only person to pass through the Unknown Burial Ground.

Chu Feng knew very well that Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi had also passed the Unknown Burial Ground.

“You are naturally the only person. As for that little couple outside, they did not manage to break through the Life and Death Formation. As such, there is no such thing as them passing the Unknown Burial Ground,” The yellow-gowned old man gave Chu Feng the answer to his question with a single sentence.

It turned out that Ying Mingchao and Zi Xunyi had not managed to defeat the Life and Death Formation. In other words, they did not manage to successfully pass through the Unknown Burial Ground.

“See? Didn’t I say that they were just lucky, that everything was merely a coincidence?”

“Fortunately, you did not continue to listen to them. Else, you wouldn’t even know how you died.”

After hearing what that yellow-gowned old man said, Her Lady Queen grew even more furious. After all, Chu Feng had suffered greatly after listening to Ying Mingchao’s instructions.

“In that case, how did they managed to exit the Unknown Burial Ground?” Chu Feng asked. He was very curious, and wanted to know the truth.

“It could only be said that they were fortunate,” The yellow clothed old man said.

“Fortunate?” Chu Feng grew even more confused.

“Back when that little couple was in the Life and Death Formation, an old friend of mine just so happened to be present too.”

“That old friend of mine was a woman. Although she’s already extremely old, she still had the heart of a young girl, and was extremely good-natured.”

“When she saw how loving and affectionate that little couple was, how they were even willing to die for one another, she became emotionally moved. As such, she pleaded to me to let them live.”

“I was unable to endure her coaxing and pestering. As such, I reluctantly agreed. However, this place possesses its rules. Even if I wanted to let them live, I still had to do so according to the rules.”

“Thus, I could only alter the rules to break through the Life and Death Formation to make an exception that would allow them to pass it. Furthermore, I also gave them some rewards.”

“However, as they had not really managed to pass through the Life and Death Formation, their rewards were not that great,” The yellow-gowned old man said.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally realized what had happened.

At this moment, he also realized how Ying Mingchao had obtained his incomplete All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart.

He must’ve obtained it from here. Merely, as Ying Mingchao did not manage to actually pass the Life and Death Formation, this yellow-gowned old man only gave Ying Mingchao an incomplete All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart.

While it might appear to be very valuable, it actually possessed no use at all.


Right at that moment, the True Immortal Mist that had surrounded Zhao Hong started to dissipate.

At that moment, not only were Zhao Hong’s injuries completely healed, but even her aura became much more powerful.

Her aura was very distinct. It was the aura of a completely different realm. Thus, even the surrounding martial power that was affected by her aura became completely different.

True Immortal, the current Zhao Hong was a rank one True Immortal.

For others, they would most definitely be endlessly happy to become a True Immortal. However, Zhao Hong did not have a joyous expression on her face. Instead, she had a very serious expression.

“Chu Feng, thanks. I, Zhao Hong, will definitely repay you for the favor today,” Zhao Hong said to Chu Feng.

There was a deep sense of gratitude in her tone. However, more than that, there was the feeling of guilt. 

She felt very guilty and ashamed that Chu Feng had given up on the opportunity to become a True Immortal just so that he could save her.

It was also because she was saved by Chu Feng that she had obtained this opportunity that should have been Chu Feng’s. 

“Zhao Hong, it’s all good that you’re fine now. Else… I really do not know how I would have faced Wang Qiang,” Chu Feng said.

“Has my husband awakened?” After hearing Chu Feng mention Wang Qiang, Zhao Hong immediately revealed a worried expression.

“He still hasn’t awoken. However, he is currently doing very well. The Golden Crane True Immortal set up a spirit formation on him. Before he wakes up, no one will be able to disturb him,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, where is he at now?” Zhao Hong asked.

“Rest assured, I have already moved him elsewhere. That said, with that spirit formation, he will be safe regardless of where he might be,” Chu Feng said.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the worry in Zhao Hong’s eyes visibly lessened. 

“Chu Feng, thank you, truly,” Zhao Hong expressed her thanks again. Furthermore, the expression of guilt in her eyes grew even stronger. She said, “Further, I am truly sorry.”

“Sorry?” Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression.

“I lied to you for the sake of obtaining strength. However, in the end, I still had to have you come and save me,” Zhao Hong spoke in a very ashamed manner.

Chu Feng finally understood why Zhao Hong was apologizing.

Back then, Zhao Hong had said to him that she had already been in this remnant before. Furthermore, she had said that she possessed certainty in being able to pass through the remnant.

However, the truth was that she had never been to the remnant. Furthermore, the level of danger that the remnant possessed was such that it ranked first in the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

And at that moment, not only had Chu Feng also entered the remnant after her, but he had also successfully saved her.

Zhao Hong also knew very well that Chu Feng must’ve met with the guardian clan’s clan chief and the others. Thus, she knew that he already knew that she had deceived him.

“That’s not important. Everything is good as long as you’re fine,” Chu Feng said.

“No, if it wasn’t for my selfishness, this sort of thing would not have happened.”

“You have the ability to pass through this place. If it wasn’t for me being trapped in here, you would have obtained the power within that mist. The person that should’ve become a True Immortal right now should be you,” Zhao Hong said.

“If that’s the case, this game is dead,” Right at that moment, that yellow-gowned old man spoke.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng and Zhao Hong involuntarily looked to that yellow-gowned old man.

The reason for that was because his words contained deep implications.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Zhao Hong noticed that yellow-gowned old man was not looking at them. Instead, he was looking at that chessboard.


Right at that moment, a chess piece on the chessboard moved. Once that chess piece moved, the entire game of chess concluded.

The reason for that was because the outcome had been determined.


At practically the same moment as the chess game came to an end, Chu Feng felt violent trembling underneath his feet. Then, ear-piercing rumbles sounded from all around.

Furthermore, the trembling beneath his feet was growing stronger and stronger. The rumbles also grew more and more ear-piercing.

That place was collapsing.

“Senior, what is happening?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

He knew that the yellow-gowned old man must be able to explain the situation at hand.

“Are you still unable to tell?” The yellow-gowned old man looked to Chu Feng. With a smile on his face, he said, “This Unknown Burial Ground is actually a game. However, someone has managed to beat this game.”

“Since the game has been beaten, there is no meaning for it to exist.”

“As for the person who defeated this game, it is you.”

[1. By ‘game,’ they are referring to chess terms. Well… the chinese word for chess (qi) is any board game with pieces. They generally do not refer to chinese chess (xiangqi), but instead weiqi (or known in english by its japanese name ‘go.’) I decided to use the word chess since very few people knows what ‘go’ is and Bee also did not specify what sort of board game.]

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