Chapter 2604 - True Immortal Mist

Chapter 2604 - True Immortal Mist

The amount of mist was simply too much. Soon, it completely covered the region.

Under this sort of situation, Chu Feng’s field of view grew smaller and smaller. In the end, his sight was filled with a vast expanse of whiteness. He was unable to see anything else.

Fortunately, this sort of situation did not persist for long. After a short moment, the vast white mist started to gradually vanish.

“That is?”

As the mist waned, Chu Feng revealed a serious expression. He was able to sense that he was no longer in the Life and Death Formation. Rather, he had arrived at a completely different place. 

Furthermore, Chu Feng discovered two silhouettes in the distant mist. Merely, as the mist surrounding him had yet to completely dissipate, those two figures were very fuzzy. Even Chu Feng was unable to determine their appearances.

“Seniors, might you be the creators of this Unknown Burial Ground?”

Chu Feng did not approach the two silhouettes. Instead, he first bowed respectfully to the two fuzzy silhouettes.

“Young man, come over,” An aged voice sounded.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng started to walk over. After approaching, Chu Feng revealed a slightly astonished expression.

One of the two silhouettes he saw from afar was an old man.

This old man was wearing a light yellow gown. His gown was very special. It seemed to be leather, yet seemed to not be leather. It appeared somewhat coarse. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that gown was not made out any ordinary material. Rather, it should be a treasure.

This old man was wearing a hood over his head. However, that hood was not tightly secured. As such, one could see his facial features.

He had relatively dark skin. There were not a lot of wrinkles on his face. However, his eyebrows were yellow as well, somewhat similar to the color of his gown. 

His beard was not very long. However, his eyebrows were extremely long. They were actually over a meter long.

From this first glance, Chu Feng felt that this old man was the person that had called him over.

As for the reason why Chu Feng determined this to be the case, it was because the other silhouette was not that of a human.

Rather, it was a deer. This deer was not a humanoid deer-headed individual. Rather, it was an actual deer.

However, precisely one such actual deer was sitting on a stone chair and playing chess with the old man.

However, regardless of whether it was that yellow-gowned old man or that deer, they were both beings that Chu Feng could not see through. 

Chu Feng knew that they both possessed strength much superior to his own. Likely… they were the creators of this Unknown Burial Ground.


Right at this moment, a chess piece on the chessboard between the two suddenly moved.

Chu Feng was able to clearly see that neither the old man or the deer had moved at all. It was as if that chess piece had moved by itself.

That said, Chu Feng did not think too much about it. Experts of their level were beings that could kill people using only their thoughts. To control a chess piece without moving was naturally extremely easy for them to accomplish.

That said, as that chess piece moved, Chu Feng also turned his gaze toward the chessboard. It was only at this moment that he discovered that the old man and the deer were playing a very simple game of chess. 

To Chu Feng’s great astonishment, the chess piece that had moved earlier was a very bad chess move by the yellow-gowned old man.

That one move had landed the yellow-gowned old man in a predicament. With one more move, that deer would be able to defeat the yellow-gowned old man and win the game of chess. 

Merely, that deer did not make its move. Neither the old man nor the deer… gave any reaction.

Just like that, they stared at the chessboard. They were looking at the chessboard in the same manner as Chu Feng. It was as if they were spectators themselves.

“Junior Chu Feng pays his respects to senior,” Chu Feng once again bowed to the two in a very polite manner. 

“Chu Feng, right?” The yellow-gowned old man asked.

“Yes, precisely.”

Chu Feng was not surprised that this old man knew of his name. 

[1. No shit sherlock, you just told him your name.]

After all, Ying Mingchao and the others outside the Unknown Burial Ground had called his name countless times. As such, this person before him, this expert who possessed remarkable abilities, would naturally be able to hear the calls from Ying Mingchao and the others outside. As such, he would have already known Chu Feng’s name.

“You’re very interesting. You have not come for the treasures. Instead, you’ve come to save your friend,” That yellow-gowned old man said.

However, he had been staring at that chessboard the entire time. He had never even taken a single glance at Chu Feng while speaking.

However, his words brought great astonishment to Chu Feng. Chu Feng felt as if everything about him was under the control of that yellow-gowned old man. He felt extremely passive.

“What senior said is extremely correct. I have indeed come here to save my friend.”

“Since senior knows that I have come to save my friend, may I dare ask where my friend might be right now?” As that yellow-gowned old man already knew the reason why Chu Feng came, Chu Feng decided to not beat around the bush and go straight to the main topic.

“While you’ve managed to defeat the Life and Death Formation, your friend has not. Furthermore, her current situation is extremely bad. I’m afraid that she will likely end up dying in the Life and Death Formation,” The yellow-gowned old man said indifferently. It was as if he was speaking about something that he felt no great concern toward.

However, his indifferent words brought forth a great wave in Chu Feng’s heart. 

Based on what the yellow-gowned old man had said, Chu Feng could tell that there was more than a single Life and Death Formation. Not everyone would enter the same Life and Death Formation.

Likely, everyone would have their own Life and Death Formation.

Although Chu Feng had managed to defeat the Life and Death Formation, he had only managed to save himself, and was simply unable to save Zhao Hong.

The reason for that was because the two of them were simply not in the same Life and Death Formation.

“Don’t be anxious. If you want to save her, there is a way to save her,” Right at this moment, that yellow-gowned old man spoke again.

“Senior, what must I do to save my friend?” Chu Feng asked.

“While the method is there, I’m afraid that you’ll have to make an enormous sacrifice,” The yellow-gowned old man said.

“Senior, please tell me what I must do,” Chu Feng said.

“Don’t be so anxious to agree yet. That sacrifice is not something that you will necessarily be willing to do,” The yellow-gowned old man said.

“Senior, please tell me what I must do,” Chu Feng repeated himself. His tone became even more urgent.

“What’s this? You’re willing to make any sacrifice?” The yellow-gowned old man asked.

“This junior is willing,” Chu Feng answered determinedly. There was not the slightest hesitation.

“Oh?” At this moment, the yellow-gowned old man finally turned around and looked to Chu Feng.

When those eyes were cast onto him, Chu Feng’s heart immediately grew tense. 

He felt as if two sharp blades had pierced through his soul.

Powerful. This old man was extremely powerful. He had reached an inestimable level of power.

Chu Feng was absolutely certain that this old man was most definitely not from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Rather, he was an expert from the Upper Realms.

The reason for that was because it would be impossible for the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to have an expert as powerful as this old man.

Fortunately, that sharp gaze only persisted for a short period of time. Soon, that yellow-gowned old man’s sharp gaze turned gentle.

“Interesting,” That yellow-gowned old man smiled lightly. It was as if he had seen through everything.

“It has been a while since I’ve arrived here. You are the first to break through the Life and Death Formation, the first to successfully pass the three checkpoints.”

“Having successfully passed the three checkpoints, you will naturally be rewarded. This… is your reward.”

As the yellow-gowned old man spoke, he waved his sleeve, and a lump of golden-bright and dazzling mist floated out from his sleeve.

The mist grew more and more concentrated. In a blink of an eye, it grew from a lump of mist that was the size of an apple to a lump of mist over ten meters in diameter.

“That mist is a treasure!” Seeing the golden-bright and dazzling mist, Her Lady Queen revealed an overjoyed expression.

Not only was the mist twinkling with light, but there were also countless runes and symbols circulating throughout the mist. As such, Her Lady Queen was able to tell with a single glance that it was no ordinary mist. Instead, it was mist that should be able to increase Chu Feng’s cultivation.

That’s right, not only would Chu Feng gain martial power after entering that mist, but he would also be able to obtain martial comprehension. Should he enter that mist, Chu Feng’s cultivation would most definitely increase. 

“This mist is called the True Immortal Mist. Should you enter the mist, it will help you break through the Martial Ancestor bottleneck and become a rank one True Immortal directly,” The yellow-gowned old man said.

“However, if you want to save your friend, you must give up on this mist. You will have to give this mist to your friend instead. Are you willing to do that?” 

After saying those words, the yellow-gowned old man revealed a change in expression once again. It turned into one of someone enjoying a show. It was as if he was certain that Chu Feng would not be willing to give the mist to Zhao Hong. Thus… he was waiting to laugh at Chu Feng.

“In other words, if I am to give this mist to my friend, she will be able to escape?” Chu Feng asked.

“Naturally,” The yellow-gowned old man said.

“This junior is willing,” Chu feng said resolutely.

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