Chapter 2593 - The Black Sea; Gates Of Hell

Chapter 2593 - The Black Sea; Gates Of Hell

For such an image to appear appear above the black sea was simply too eye-catching.

However, that image started to grow fuzzy. Chu Feng was able to tell that the image was moving. It was moving deep into the sea.

“I understand now, it’s trying to lead me,” Chu Feng said.

“No, you must not enter that sea,” Her Lady Queen said.

She also realized that Zhao Hong’s image did not appear by itself without reason. Instead, it was being deliberately shown to Chu Feng.

It was telling Chu Feng that he must enter the sea if he wanted to find Zhao Hong. That Zhao Hong… was in the deep sea.

However, the seawater of this place contained immeasurable power and great hidden dangers.

If Chu Feng were to enter it, he would be injured in some manner, or potentially be killed.

Her Lady Queen did not wish for Chu Feng to take risks.

“I will make preparations before going down. Everything will be fine.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to set up a spirit formation. A defensive formation soon covered his body.

In addition to that, Chu Feng also activated his Thunder Armor, Thunder Wings and Lightning Mark to increase his strength.

Then, Chu Feng leapt directly into the black sea.


Right after entering the sea, the spirit formation that surrounded Chu Feng was immediately destroyed.

The next moment, Chu Feng felt an enormous pressure engulfing and crushing him from all sides.

Chu Feng felt as if he was simply not submerged in water. Rather, he felt as if he was being crushed by enormous rocks. Not only had moving become difficult, but even breathing was very challenging. 

With the situation like this, Chu Feng became unable to move. He was stopped in the seawater.

He did not sink to the bottom of the sea either, as the seawater was very special. Even though he was inside the seawater, he did not automatically sink to the bottom or float to the top.

If he wanted to move, he would have to rely on himself.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?”

Seeing that Chu Feng had stopped moving and closed his eyes, Her Lady Queen became worried.

“It’s nothing. Although the seawater here appears to be very frightening, it actually does not pose any danger at all. Once I get used to it, I should be able to withstand the pressure of the seawater,” Chu Feng said.

Although Chu Feng said he was fine, it remained that his body was currently under enormous pressure. Thus… the crystal that had assimilated with his soul started to react.

Outside of the Unknown Burial Ground. The guardian clan’s clan chief, Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua were all looking at that crystal with nervous expressions on their faces.

Seeing the image on the crystal being held by the guardian clan’s clan chief, Kong Yuehua said, “It’s merely superficial wounds and nothing serious. There’s no need for you to be too worried.” 

“But, did you notice that this sign greatly resembles the reaction Zhao Hong had right after entering the Unknown Burial Ground?” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“Indeed,” Kong Shunlian nodded in agreement, “This most likely means that Chu Feng is currently experiencing the same thing that Zhao Hong experienced. Could it be that they’ve met with an identical trap?”

“That’s very possible,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“However, there’s a slight difference,” Kong Yuehua said.

“What sort of difference?” Kong Shunlian and the guardian clan’s clan chief asked in unison.

“Chu Feng’s reaction is not as serious as Zhao Hong’s. This means that Chu Feng’s resistance is stronger than Zhao Hong’s,” Kong Yuehua said.

“What you say is true. That’s most likely the case,” Kong Shunlian nodded again.

However, the guardian clan’s clan chief did not say anything. If things were as they guessed, and Chu Feng was currently experiencing what Zhao Hong had experienced, then the following path would not be that easy to travel.

The reason for that was because this sort of situation only lasted for a short moment for Zhao Hong before signs of her being seriously injured appeared. As for her serious injury, it had been persistent. 

At that moment, Chu Feng opened his eyes again.

He had gradually adapted to the pressure of the seawater. Although Chu Feng’s movements were still extremely slow, he was now able to gradually submerge himself into the depths of the black sea. 

The pitch-blackness of the seawater was no ordinary black. Instead, there was special power contained in the blackness of the seawater.

Even though Chu Feng was using his Heaven’s Eyes, he was unable to see more than ten meters away.

He could only hear the surging undercurrent surrounding him sounding like the roars of ferocious beasts. 

The further down Chu Feng moved, the more powerful that ferocious aura grew. 

It turned out that it was not that this black sea was not as dangerous as it appeared. Rather, the dangerous location was in the depths of this black sea. 

The reason why Chu Feng felt this way was because the deeper he submerged himself, the more he felt that… extremely powerful and dangerous unknown aura.

“The reputation of the Unknown Burial Ground is truly not in vain. This sort of unknown sensation is truly unpleasant.”

At this moment, even Chu Feng started to voice complaints. The sensation that he was feeling right now was truly unbearable.

It was a sensation of feeling very helpless. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was surprised to discover that he could only sink downward, and not rise through the water. 

In other words, he had no way of returning. He could either stop motionlessly in the sea or proceed downward toward that unknown danger. 

No one wanted to die. However, the only way to survive for Chu Feng would be to slowly proceed toward that fatal aura. 

Fortunately, Chu Feng possessed outstanding willpower. If his willpower was lacking, he would likely be suffering from a mental breakdown already.

“It’s here,” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze grew cautious and serious. He was looking closely at something. 

“What?” Her Lady Queen asked. Although she was able to share Chu Feng’s vision and hearing, she was unable to understand what Chu Feng meant by ‘it’s here.’ After all, there was simply nothing before Chu Feng. At a glance, the only thing that could be seen was the pitch-black seawater.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Right at this moment, rumbles were heard. Although Chu Feng was unable to see anything, he was able to sense that the seawater beneath him was surging.  

An intense light was shining toward him. Merely, that light was red in color.

Chu Feng hurriedly continued to descend. The further down he went, the more distinctively he was able to see.

There was a set of gates beneath him. That set of gates was very odd-looking. It seemed very ancient, and appeared to be made of copper. Signs of corrosion covered the gates. Those gates were not fixed onto anything. Just like that, they drifted in the sea.

Furthermore, chains were hanging around the gates. Although he was unable to see them clearly, Chu Feng was able to distinguish from the rustling sounds that those were indeed chains.

As for the intense red light, it was being emitted from the center of that gate.

That light was very intense. However, it shot out in a perfectly straight manner.

Chu Feng was simply unable to clearly see his surroundings. However, he was vaguely able to make out three words from the center of that gate.

“Gates of Hell!!!”


Right at this moment, that gates moved. They were opening.

As the gates opened, the intense red light started to diffuse.

As the gates opened, Chu Feng’s gaze became serious, and an astonished expression appeared in his eyes.

Even though it was clearly only a set of gates, they were filled with profoundness. The gates were leading to another location.

However, the insides of the gates was filled with blades, extremely sharp and hard blades. Even with the strength that Chu Feng possessed, he would not be able to destroy those blades.

Without a doubt, if one wanted to pass through the gates, one would have to be slashed by those blades.

Most importantly, those blades were most definitely not ordinary blades. The reason for that was because the dazzling red light was emitted by those blades. 

That’s right, those sharp blades were all crimson in color.

“Chu Feng, look at those chains,” Her Lady Queen called to Chu Feng’s attention.

After being called by Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng noticed that the red light grew more and more intense after the gates opened. Thus, he was able to faintly see the chains tied around the gates.

Chu Feng was able to see that there were a total of thirty-eight chains. Each and every chain had a different length. The shortest chain was roughly ten meters long. Chu Feng noticed that there was an item chained to the other side of the chain.

Looking closely, that was actually a human skeleton!!!

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