Chapter 2592 - Trapped In A Predicament

Chapter 2592 - Trapped In A Predicament


Right at that moment, an explosion suddenly sounded from behind Chu Feng.

Turning around, Chu Feng started to frown. Another wall had appeared behind him. It was the same sort of wall as the one before him.

Merely, the wall behind him had sealed off his way back.

This had verified to Chu Feng that the two walls were the same; they were both activated by some sort of mechanism.

“What sort of meaning is this?” Her Lady Queen revealed a confused expression.

Neither one of those two walls were a small matter. At the very least, Chu Feng was currently unable to breach them.

In fact, even the two walls beside him, the stone path underneath his feet and the roof above his head were also incomparably tough. None of them were things that Chu Feng could destroy with his current level of strength.

As such, the situation at hand was that Chu Feng was unable to proceed and unable to retreat.

“Likely, that is the case,” Chu Feng cast his gaze toward a corner of the wall. 

When looking with one’s naked eye, one could not see anything there. However, once Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes, an item appeared at the place that originally had nothing there.

“Isn’t that a teleportation formation?” Her Lady Queen’s eyes started to shine.

The reason for that was because the item in the corner was exactly the same as the teleportation formation in Chu Feng’s palm. Merely… that teleportation formation had the appearance from before it entered Chu Feng’s palm.

“Did Zhao Hong put it there?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“That item was placed there and covered with a concealment formation. It is obvious that the person who did that was afraid that someone might discover it and take it away.”

“I have managed to sense Zhao Hong’s aura from that concealment formation. It was indeed done by her,” Chu Feng said.

“With this, we now know why Zhao Hong did not escape the Unknown Burial Mound with her teleportation formation even after being seriously injured. It turns out that she had already removed the teleportation formation and placed it here. Even if she wanted to use it, she would not be able to,” Her Lady Queen said.

“The path of the brave is one without retreat. I guess this is what it means.”

Chu Feng looked at the eight large characters on the wall before him and revealed a wry smile. 

Chu Feng had discovered how to proceed onward. Merely, he would have to give up some things. Right now, what Chu Feng needed to give up would be the teleportation formation within his palm. 

After all, the intention of the those eight words were clear. If one wanted to proceed onward, one could not prepare a way out for oneself. As for the way out, it would be the teleportation formation that could send Chu Feng out from the Unknown Burial Ground, the greatest way out that Chu Feng possessed.

As Chu Feng spoke, he extended his fingers. Then, wave upon wave of spirit power started to flow into the teleportation formation in his palm.

As more and more spirit power entered it, the teleportation formation that had originally looked like a tattoo on Chu Feng’s palm started to wiggle. It was as if the teleportation formation was planning to make its way out of Chu Feng’s palm.

“Chu Feng, are you really planning to do this?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“There seems to be no other choice,” Chu Feng said.

Her Lady Queen sighed. It was a sigh of helplessness. As Chu Feng said, there really didn’t seem to be any other choice. 

“Could there be someone guarding this place? Otherwise, how could they know that there’s a teleportation formation on you?” Her Lady Queen said.

“Who knows? The answer to the riddles will likely be disclosed once I enter it,” Chu Feng said with a faint smile.

Actually, he also felt helpless. After all, control was being completely taken away from him. He had entered an absolute state of passiveness.

During the moment when Chu Feng was talking with Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng finished removing the teleportation formation from his palm. That teleportation formation once again returned to normal.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

At practically the same time that happened, the walls before and behind Chu Feng gradually descended into the ground. Soon, they disappeared.

Sure enough, Chu Feng’s guess was correct. Once he removed the teleportation formation, the walls sealing off his path disappeared. 

Even though he had guessed correctly, Chu Feng felt even more helpless, as this meant that… he was indeed under another’s control.

Afterward, Chu Feng placed his teleportation formation beside Zhao Hong’s teleportation formation. Then, he also set a concealment formation over his teleportation formation. 

After finishing all that, Chu Feng continued onward. This time around, Chu Feng’s traveling speed grew even faster.

The reason for that was because he discovered that that long passageway seemed to be never-ending. Chu Feng had no idea when he would be able to find traces of Zhao Hong.


However, after traveling for only a short while, an explosion sounded from behind Chu Feng. Another wall had appeared behind him.

“It would seem that I truly have no way out,” Chu Feng revealed a wry smile.

Evidently, the wall behind him did not have the intention of descending. In other words, Chu Feng could only continue onward. Even if he wanted to retreat from that place, he would not be able to.

After all, he had already left his teleportation formation behind.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was lamenting, dazzling light suddenly appeared under Chu Feng’s feet.

Chu Feng looked down. Immediately, his expression changed.

At that moment, countless peculiar patterns appeared beneath Chu Feng’s feet. The dazzling light was being emitted by those veined patterns. 

At the beginning, Chu Feng was very nervous. He thought that it was a slaughtering formation. However, after taking a closer look, the nervousness in Chu Feng’s eyes turned to astonishment.

“Teleportation formation?” Chu Feng voiced in shock.

That’s right, what had appeared beneath Chu Feng was not a slaughtering formation. Rather, it was actually a teleportation formation.


The next moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt his surroundings turning fuzzy. When his field of view returned to normal, he was no longer in the long passageway. Instead, he had arrived at a completely different place.

Chu Feng was above a vast sea.

The sky was covered with densely surging purple clouds. 

It was as if there were a myriad of monsters wreaking havoc in the clouds.

Not only were the clouds purple, but the lightning flashing in the clouds was black.

Not only was the lightning black, but they also let out exceptionally ear-piercing thunder when they appeared. The rumbling of the thunder was so strong that even Chu Feng felt a sting in his ears. 

Chu Feng, a peak Martial Ancestor, was actually unable to resist the sound of the thunder. 

As for the vast sea underneath, it was even more astonishing. 

The sea was pitch-black in color. The waves were so enormously huge that they reached at least a hundred meters. Whilst the largest waves surpassed even a thousand meters.

Those waves moved as if they could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. How could they even be considered to be waves? They were simply walls of water that reached the sky moving atop the sea. 

Most importantly, not only were the waves fierce, but the seawater was also emitting an extremely powerful aura. Chu Feng felt a fatal danger from that aura.

“What sort of sea is this?” Chu Feng frowned deeply.

That place appeared to be boundless. It caused Chu Feng to lose his sense of direction. Most importantly… the sea below was simply too frightening. It was as if one would be seriously injured or even killed should one fall into the sea.

To Chu Feng, that sea was an enormous threat. It made Chu Feng feel extremely uncomfortable.

“No matter what sort of sea it is, you cannot approach it,” Her Lady Queen warned.

“This Unknown Burial Ground truly surpasses one’s imagination,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

Even though that place appeared to be vast and boundless, Chu Feng knew that… he was still in the Unknown Burial Ground.

For a remnant to actually contain such a vast and boundless land… it was evident that it was man-made.

What sort of person was capable of creating this sort of thing?


At the moment when Chu Feng was gasping in admiration, a strand of light emerged from the incomparably pitch-black sea filled with heaven-reaching waves.

A person could be seen in the light.

As for that person, it was actually Zhao Hong.

“Zhao Hong?”

Chu Feng’s heart tensed up the moment he saw Zhao Hong. Then, he shouted loudly for her.

Chu Feng’s shouts came in succession. His shouting was so loud that it even surpassed the thunder in the sky.

However, Zhao Hong never responded to his calls.

“It’s useless. She simply cannot hear you. This is merely an image. She is simply unable to sense you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Damn it, she’s trapped.”

At that moment, Chu Feng started to frown. He grew even more uneasy.

The reason for that was because Zhao Hong did not appear to be fine. Although there was no sign of injury on her, she appeared very wan and sallow. It was as if… her life was nearing its end.

Furthermore, she was moving and observing her surroundings nonstop. From time to time, she would move as if she was setting up a spirit formation or unleashing a martial skill.

Evidently, she was trapped somewhere and trying her hardest to break free.

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