Chapter 2591 - The Path Of The Brave

Chapter 2591 - The Path Of The Brave

“Those buildings were truly astonishing and extremely enticing.”

“Merely by looking at it with one’s naked eye, one could tell that it was a treasure deposit filled with extraordinary treasures.”

“As such, countless experts immediately entered the building complex. The various powers began to scramble with one another. They all wanted to obtain the decisive treasures that were sure to be within.”

“Even the strongest experts of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm from back then came out of their obscurity.”

“However, when those peak experts arrived, they discovered that True Immortal-level experts were unable to enter the remnant.”

“Due to the fact that True Immortals were unable to enter it, the True Immortal-level experts that had arrived back then were feeling aggravated.”

“After all, they all felt that the remnant that suddenly appeared out of nowhere definitely possessed an enormous amount of treasure. They felt that it was a great pity to not be able to enter it.” 

“However, as time gradually passed, the crowd discovered a problem.”

“Although more and more people were entering the remnants, no one was leaving the remnant.”

“That remnant was like a bottomless pit. Everyone that entered it disappeared henceforth.”

“Suddenly, the crowd realized that the remnant was not as simple as they had anticipated.”

“Judging from the various signs, it seems that this remnant was deliberately luring people in.”

“All of a sudden, people were all on-guard against the remnant. However, faced with the enticement of the treasures inside, there were still people who disregarded their lives and entered it.”

“However, they suffered the same fate as those before them. Not a single person left the remnant alive.”

“At that moment, many people felt that the remnant was a slaughtering formation. They felt that people must not be allowed to enter it again.”

“However, people were unwilling to accept it. They were unable to accept that they’d been played for fools by the remnant. Thus… the True Immortal-level experts from the four tier one powers joined hands and tried to break through the remnant with force.”

“However, in the end, that remnant was not shaken in the slightest.”

“Furthermore, an intense ray of light suddenly shot out of the remnant. It reached the vast sky, brightly illuminating the entire region.”

“Several large characters appeared in the light.”

“Exceptional treasures are located within. Waiting… for true experts to obtain them!!!”

“After that, the remnant sunk deep into the desert.”

“As for those words, they were like a provocation. All those that witnessed what happened back then felt extremely unreconciled.”

“However, with how dangerous that remnant was, even though people wanted to enter it and obtain the treasures, they were powerless to do anything.”

“However, even after that, there were still people that entered the remnant one after another. However, they all suffered the same sort of fate. Not a single person was able to return alive.”

“That remnant was like a game, a game arranged for the people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“We have no idea who it is that set up such a game.”

“We also have no idea where the remnant came from.”

“In fact, we do not even know whether or not there are truly treasures in the remnant.”

“Everything regarding it is unknown. However, it resembled a burial ground, a burial ground for all those that entered it.”

“Because of that, that remnant became known as the Unknown Burial Ground.”

“That was also the reason why it was deemed to be the most dangerous remnant in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Kong Yuehua said.

“Unknown Burial Ground, its name is truly well-deserved,” After hearing Kong Yuehua’s explanation, Chu Feng also felt deeply that this Unknown Burial Ground was very fishy.

However, for some unknown reason, after hearing about the matter, Chu Feng did not feel fear. Instead, he started to look forward to entering the Unknown Burial Ground even more. 

Could it be that this really was a game?

If it really was a game, then… Chu Feng did not wish to know who set up this game.

All Chu Feng wanted was to beat it.


Right at that moment, the teleportation formation that the guardian clan’s clan chief was setting up suddenly started to shine brightly with light. Following that, the various layers of the spirit formation started to move.

However, when the guardian clan’s clan chief formed a hand seal, that extremely magnificent teleportation formation suddenly disappeared.

Although Chu Feng knew that the teleportation formation had been hidden, Chu Feng was still very shocked by it. The reason for that was because… even he was unable to sense the existence of the teleportation formation, even though he knew it was there.

That once again served to prove how exceptionally amazing that teleportation formation was.

“Chu Feng, the teleportation formation is done setting up. If you are to encounter troubles, you must use the teleportation formation right away to escape the Unknown Burial Ground,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said to Chu Feng earnestly. A deep sense of worry filled his words.

“Senior, please rest assured. I will take care of myself. I will also bring Zhao Hong back,” Chu Feng said confidently. 

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and began to move toward the location where the Unknown Burial Ground was submerged.

At that moment, the guardian clan’s clan chief, Kong Yuehua and Kong Shunlian all revealed a startled expression.

None of them had told Chu Feng where the entrance to the Unknown Burial Ground was. However, Chu Feng was currently proceeding toward the entrance to the Unknown Burial Ground.

“Little friend Chu Feng’s perceptive ability it truly astonishing,” Kong Shunlian, who had been silent for a very long time, suddenly spoke with great astonishment.

Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped.

Looking with one’s naked eye, the place where he stopped looked like an ordinary part of the desert.

A strong wind blew past and swirled up the sand. At thatmoment, yellow sand began to flutter everywhere.

Looking at the sand, one would feel desolate and detached.

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes changed. A sharp gaze emerged from his eyes.

“Boom!” A loud explosion was heard.

Then, a violently surging tornado appeared at Chu Feng’s location.

That tornado was very special. It did not suck in the yellow sand. Instead, it began to push the yellow sand where Chu Feng was standing away.

As for Chu Feng, he also gradually sunk deeper as the yellow sands were pushed away.

When everything was over, Chu Feng was surprised to discover that there was not only sand surrounding him, but there was also an enormous entrance gate before him.

That entrance was composed of stones. It was not extremely magnificent or dazzling.

In fact, it could even be said that it was somewhat destroyed.

However, one would feel a special sort of sensation from that entrance gate. It possessed an indescribable sense of appeal.

Chu Feng pushed open the gate. in the beginning, what appeared before Chu Feng was pitch blackness. However, light soon began to appear from far away within the entrance.

It was candlelight. There were so many dots of candlelight that they completely lit up the spacious and empty passageway.

Although the passageway was very deep, it was full of carvings and paintings on either side, which had been created with uncanny workmanship. They were truly exquisite.

“Those should be formed with spirit techniques,” Her Lady Queen said.

“With how exquisite those carvings are, the person who created them should possess an extremely high level of world spirit techniques,” Chu Feng gasped in admiration. From the art alone, he felt himself to be inferior.

Although Chu Feng was able to, with his current level of world spirit techniques, instantly construct exquisite palaces, he had not reached this level of proficiency. 

The carvings here were not merely beautiful, they each possessed their own unique charm. Their charm was telling everyone that they were unique and unmatched. 

That sort of carving was something that only expert artists could accomplish using their entire life’s passion and effort.

However, it was clear that the carvings were created by a world spiritist. From this, it could be seen how powerful the person who created the Unknown Burial Ground was.

That said, even though that place was a superlative work of art and extremely enticing to world spiritists, Chu Feng had no heart to enjoy the art.

After verifying that there were no traps around him, Chu Feng quickened his pace. He wanted to find Zhao Hong as quickly as possible.

“That is?”

After walking for only a short period of time, Chu Feng suddenly stopped.

He revealed an incomparably surprised gaze. At the same time, he felt as if he was completely lost.

The reason for that was because he discovered that the path before him had been sealed off.

A wall had appeared before that long passageway. That wall was very tough. Chu Feng was able to tell just by looking at the wall that he was unable to break through the wall with the strength that he currently possessed. 

On the wall were eight large characters written with sharp handwriting.

‘The Path Of The Brave Is One Without Retreat.’ [1. This is eight characters in chinese.]

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