Chapter 2594 - No Path Back

Chapter 2594 - No Path Back

That skeleton bound to the chain was still wearing clothes. That said, its clothes were extremely tattered. Perhaps its clothes were affected by the power of the black sea.

In fact, even the bones of that skeleton were corroded. That skeleton was actually black in color.

A black skeleton was a very strange sight to begin with. After being illuminated by the red light, it looked extremely frightening. 

“It seems that each of these chains is connected to a corpse,” Chu Feng said.

“What is the reason for this set of gates to appear here?” Her Lady Queen said.

“My beloved Eggy, even if you do not wish for me to take on dangers, you should not ask such an obvious question,” Chu Feng smiled wryly.

He knew that Her Lady Queen knew the meaning behind this gate better than he did. Merely, Her Lady Queen truly did not wish for Chu Feng to enter it.

“You couldn’t possibly really be planning to enter it, right? Do you still remember what that guardian clan’s old man said to you?” 

“Your life is not only your own. Even if you do not care about yourself, you must consider your parents,” Her Lady Queen said.

“My dear Eggy, the problem is, apart from entering, I have no other option. After all, I am unable to leave this place. Do you want me to be trapped here forever?” Chu Feng said.

“Really! Exactly which bastard created this place?!” Her Lady Queen started to bulge her mouth furiously.

She was feeling extremely displeased. She felt that she and Chu Feng and were being toyed around with by someone.

She truly did not enjoy this sort of sensation.

It had always been her who toyed with others. She was truly unable to tolerate being toyed with by others.

“In the end, I must enter,” Chu Feng said.

“Since you’ve already decided, why are you hesitating? Go on in,” Her Lady Queen said.

After hearing Her Lady Queen say that, Chu Feng really stopped hesitating and directly entered the so-called Gates of Hell.

Chu Feng was very cautious. However, after proceeding for less than ten meters, he was cut by a blade.


Once he was cut by the blade, Chu Feng immediately started to frown. Unable to contain himself, he let out a slight groan. 

With Chu Feng’s level of cultivation, he would not utter a single voice of pain even if his body was destroyed. His tolerance for pain greatly surpassed that of ordinary people.

However, after Chu Feng was only lightly cut by the blade, he started to grimace in pain. 

Most importantly, Chu Feng was actually unable to stop the blood flowing out from the cut.

“This is truly strange.”

Chu Feng tried his hardest to resist the pain and continued onward.

However, the further he proceeded, the more injuries there were to his body. Furthermore, Chu Feng discovered that being cut by the blades would not only leave a superficial wound. Instead, he felt as if his soul was being injured.

Blood began to flow from his wounds nonstop. Gradually, his movements grew slower. 

However, this blade path filled with crimson blades was endless. Chu Feng had no idea when he would reach the end.

Under this sort of situation, not only was Her Lady Queen feeling very distressed, but the three True Immortals outside had also become extremely nervous.

The reason for that was because red lights had appeared on the crystal showing Chu Feng’s condition.

This meant that even Chu Feng’s soul was injured. This was extremely serious.

“Why isn’t Chu Feng using that teleportation formation?” The guardian clan’s clan chief was extremely nervous and restless.

“It would appear that Chu Feng also ran into some sort of hidden trouble after entering. Exactly what is happening inside? Could your teleportation formation be ineffective?” Kong Shunlian guessed.

“I… even I am uncertain of that,” Originally, the guardian clan’s clan chief was extremely confident that the teleportation formations would be effective. After all, they were treasures from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Furthermore, the person who left those treasures was an extraordinary individual. Thus, he was extremely certain that no one would be able to stop the teleportation formations.

However, Chu Feng was currently also seriously injured like Zhao Hong. In fact, his injuries had even reached his soul. Yet, he still had not used the teleportation formation.

Because of that, his confidence in the teleportation formations started to waver. His wavering confidence originated from his worry for Chu Feng.

“We cannot just sit around and wait like this,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“What do you have in mind?” Kong Shunlian asked.

“You two should leave,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

Hearing those words, Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua started to frown.

After a moment, Kong Yuehua asked, “You’re planning to go and find Ying Mingchao for assistance?” 

The guardian clan’s clan chief did not answer.

“Even if it’s Ying Mingchao, I doubt he will be able to help. After all, he’s a True Immortal too. He will simply not be able to enter the Unknown Burial Ground.”

“Furthermore, with his strength, he will not be able to breach the Unknown Burial Ground with force,” Kong Shunlian said.

“I also know that finding Ying Mingchao will be an uncertain hope. However, Ying Mingchao entered countless remnants in his youth. He is no ordinary individual. Perhaps there might be a way to save them if I am to find him,” The guardian clan’s clan chief said.

“Very well, I’ll go,” Kong Shunlian said.

“You’ll go?” The guardian clan’s clan chief revealed an astonished gaze.

“As matters stand, you still do not trust us, right?” Kong Yuehua asked.

“I might as well say the truth. Yes, that is indeed the case,” The guardian clan’s clan chief did not try to deny it.

“You…” Kong Yuehua was slightly angry at his response. She naturally knew that this mysterious individual before them had been tailing them the entire time. Even when they entered closed-door training, he continued to watch them. She knew that he did so because he did not trust them, and was afraid that they would do something detrimental to Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and the others.

However, when this mysterious man affirmed her suspicion without the slightest hesitation, she still felt very displeased.

After all, she knew very well that even though she felt hatred in her heart, neither her nor Kong Shunlian planned to do anything to Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and even Zhao Hong.

Furthermore, she truly wanted to help Chu Feng. That said… even she herself did not dare to believe that she would be worried for Chu Feng’s safety. That said, it remained that she really did not want Chu Feng to die.

“Forget about it, Yuehua, just let him go,” Kong Shunlian waved his hand.

“You two are not planning to leave?” The guardian clan’s clan chief asked.

“We will not leave. If Ying Mingchao plans to eradicate us, then just let him,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Very well, this knot between you all must be undone someday,” The guardian clan’s clan chief did not hesitate. He immediately started flying toward Hero City.

Hero City was not very far from this place. Furthermore, there were Ancient Era’s teleportation formations on the way there. Thus, in merely a short few days, the guardian clan’s clan chief had returned.

A large group of people were majestically approaching in a very domineering manner. 

However, Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua’s expressions remained unchanged. That said, even though their expressions remained unchanged, they started to worry in their hearts.

They did not plan to seek revenge against Ying Mingchao because they knew that they did not possess the capability to do so, and they also felt that they were indeed in the wrong for what happened back then.

However, they were uncertain as to whether Ying Mingchao would spare them or not.

After all, they were the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders.

Finally, the large group of people arrived. They were standing in the sky.

They had already reached Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua’s line of sight.

However, after seeing them, Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua revealed surprised expressions.

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