Chapter 2585 - Martial Ancestor Vs. True Immortal

Chapter 2585 - Martial Ancestor Vs. True Immortal

“A Divine Lightning Mark. How could this guy have such a Lightning Mark?!”

Hun Lian’s expression changed enormously upon seeing the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead. It was only at that moment that he realized how extraordinary Chu Feng was.

“What a powerful aura. This is simply the most powerful Heavenly Bloodline I’ve ever experienced.”

“Lord Chu Feng’s reputation is truly well-deserved.”

At that moment, the survivors in the city were also all deeply attracted by the aura Chu Feng emitted.


At that moment, two Ancestral Armaments appeared in Chu Feng’s hands.

They were the Stormwind Edge and the Flame Dragon Greatsword. When Chu Feng held the two Ancestral Armaments in his hand, his aura greatly increased again.

Powerful, extremely powerful.

Chu Feng was so powerful that the crowd present even started feeling that Chu Feng, a Martial Ancestor, would be able to contend against True Immortals.

“Chu Feng, you couldn’t possibly be thinking that you will be able to contend against me with your cultivation, right?”

“Don’t forget, no matter how strong you might be, you are still only a Martial Ancestor. As for this old man, I am a True Immortal,” Old Demon Rakshasa laughed mockingly.

“It is not up to you or I to decide whether or not I am able to contend against you,” As Chu Feng spoke, his gaze suddenly changed.


The next moment, a golden light started to shine from Chu Feng’s body. Soon, it turned into a golden-bright and dazzling large sword. Not only was that golden sword extremely bright, but it also emitted a very oppressive aura. The aura it emitted was sweeping through the sky as it started moving toward Old Demon Rakshasa.

“That is?”

Upon seeing that golden-bright and dazzling large sword, Old Demon Rakshasa’s expression changed too. Then, he shot forth his palms and sent forth boundless Immortal-level martial power from his palms. His Immortal-level martial power formed a defensive barrier before him.


When the golden-bright and dazzling sword collided with the Immortal-level spirit power defensive barrier, not only was the defensive barrier shattered by the impact, even Old Demon Rakshasa was knocked several tens of thousands of meters away and straight out of the city.

“Heavens! Chu Feng actually managed to beat back a True Immortal?!”

The crowd was stupefied. They simply did not dare to believe what they were seeing.

As for this overwhelmingly powerful sword, it was naturally the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

At that moment, Old Demon Rakshasa’s heart was wavering nonstop. Unable to contain his emotions, he asked, “Is this the secret skill that you obtained from the Ancient Era’s War Clan?”

“However, wasn’t it an axe according to the rumors? Why would it be a sword?”

Earlier, he had confronted the Ancient Era’s War Sword himself. Thus, he had deeply felt how powerful the Ancient Era’s War Sword was.

That was precisely the reason why he was so shocked. He was shocked that a Martial Ancestor would really be able to contend against him with the power of a secret skill.

One must know that before Old Demon Rakshasa encountered Chu Feng again, he had already confronted other peak Martial Ancestors.

Although those people were only a level of cultivation beneath him, they were powerless like ants before him.

Originally, he felt that it would be the case for Chu Feng too. However, the reality before him caused him to be taken aback.

“Who told you that I only obtained the Ancient Era’s War Axe from the Ancient Era’s War Clan?”

As Chu Feng spoke, he arrived before Old Demon Rakshasa. As for his Ancient Era’s War Sword, it carried with it boundless power as it moved to oppress Old Demon Rakshasa again. 

“Chu Feng, did you really think that you could contend against this True Immortal?”

Old Demon Rakshasa was furious. He held his hands like swords and pointed them at Chu Feng. 


Suddenly, overwhelming martial power surged out from Old Demon Rakshasa’s hands like the tide. Soon, his martial power turned into two enormous martial power swords with a length over a thousand meters.

After those two enormous martial power swords appeared, they immediately moved to cut down Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword.

“Clank, clank, clank~~~”

The three enormous swords began to confront one another in the sky. Their showdown caused the entire region to tremble violently.

The sky had darkened completely. Neither the sun nor the moon could be seen. Apart from the three dazzling enormous swords fighting in the sky, everything else was pitch-black.

Even the distant sky was filled with cracks. The earth itself was also sinking from the quaking. The city that they were fighting over, the city that had a spirit formation placed over it, was also crumbling. Fortunately, the survivors of the city were all fleeing with their lives on the line.

All of that was caused by those three enormous swords.

Not to mention the might of those three swords, merely their oppressive auras were capable of intimidating everything in their surroundings!!!

“Lord Chu Feng is truly amazing. He was actually really capable of contending against a True Immortal as a Martial Ancestor!”

“His reputation as the number one individual beneath True Immortals is truly not only in name, but also in reality. Likely, apart from him, there isn’t anyone in the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm capable of accomplishing what he has.”

The crowd was endlessly astonished. They were all stunned by the scene before them.

As the crowd looked more closely at the battle of the three enormous swords, they grew even more fearful.

Even though Old Demon Rakshasa’s two enormous martial power swords were larger in size, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword possessed greater imposing might. 

It was as if that Ancient Era’s War Sword possessed fundamental bloodline powers.

It was as if the ones fighting were two mature rain dragons against a young true dragon.

Even though the rain dragons were very powerful, they were still nowhere near as imposing and ferocious as the young true dragon.

This was a fundamental difference in strength. Everyone was able to sense this fundamental divide.

That was the sensation that the crowd felt from the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

“An ability that powerful is most definitely not something that ordinary people can manage.”

“Exactly how powerful is Lord Chu Feng?”

The more they watched, the more astonished the crowd became. They were deeply astonished by Chu Feng’s display of strength.

That said, even though everybody in the crowd was exclaiming in admiration at Chu Feng’s strength, Chu Feng himself was frowning tightly.

“Seems like it still won’t do. Even though you possess this many abilities, you are still unable to defeat a True Immortal,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded his head in agreement at Her Lady Queen’s words.

Although he and Old Demon Rakshasa appeared to be equally matched, Chu Feng had already used two Ancestral Armaments, his Thunder Armor, Thunder Wings and even the Divine level Lightning Mark.

Chu Feng had used practically all of his strongest abilities. However, it was clear that Old Demon Rakshasa had not gone all-out yet. 

If Old Demon Rakshasa were to go all-out, it was obvious as to what the outcome of the battle would be.

“Chu Feng, you cannot continue like this. If you want to win, you cannot sit and wait for death,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Understood,” As Chu Feng spoke, he quietly streaked the hand that he held the Stormwind Edge with across his Cosmos Sack. Then, three medicinal pellets entered his palm.

Then, with a shake of his palm, the three medicinal pellets secretly entered his mouth. 

After the three medicinal pellets entered his mouth, there was no outward change to Chu Feng. However, the martial power within his body surged like a gathering storm or a soon-to-erupt volcano. His martial power was no longer tranquil.

That martial power was Chu Feng’s own martial power. It was currently revolving and galloping around the three medicinal pellets. 

Those three medicinal pellets were not immediately refined after entering Chu Feng’s stomach. Instead, like three rulers, they began to guide the martial power within Chu Feng’s body. They were bringing about an abnormal transformation.

The three medicinal pellets were all a special sort of forbidden medicine.

The reason why they were forbidden medicine was because they were capable of allowing Chu Feng to increase his battle power enormously. Furthermore, that increase in battle power was a very frightening one. 

As for the reason why those forbidden medicines were special, it was because they were only able to increase one’s battle power for a very short period of time -- a split second.

In other words, once Chu Feng refined those medicinal pellets, he could only unleash a single attack.

Thus, at that moment, Chu Feng was waiting for an opportunity.

Taking advantage of the fact that Old Demon Rakshasa was overly confident in his strength and had not gone all-out, Chu Feng waited for an opportunity to deliver a huge blow to Old Demon Rakshasa.


Suddenly, Chu Feng let out a shout. Following that shout, the veins all over his body bulged, Then wave upon wave of martial power visible to the naked eye was being emitted from his body. They revolved around him nonstop.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng’s aura became a bit more powerful. Most importantly, the power of the Ancient Era’s War Sword also grew a bit more powerful.

The Ancient Era’s War Sword was pushing back Old Demon Rakshasa’s two enormous martial power swords unceasingly. It was moving closer and closer to Old Demon Rakshasa.

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