Chapter 2584 - Unbelievable

Chapter 2584 - Unbelievable

“Big brother Hun Lian, that is a long story to explain. I will tell you after we get back. Right now, we must flee,” Xiaoleng did not answer Hun Lian’s question. Instead, he grabbed Hun Lian and tried to run. Unfortunately, as his cultivation was weaker than Hun Lian’s, he was simply unable to pull Hun Lian away. [1. Xiaoleng means Little Cold. I don’t think that’s his nickname.]

“Xiaoleng, I believe you know that I entered closed-door training for two years precisely so that I could take revenge against that fellow Li Ming.”

“However, it is not only Li Ming who brought humiliation upon me at the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. There was also this Chu Feng.”

“I was planning to go and find this Chu Feng to begin with. Never did I expect that I would actually encounter him here.”

“This is most definitely the will of heaven. Even the heavens themselves are helping me. As such, how can I let him get away?” Hun Lian said to that Xiaoleng.

“Big brother Hun Lian, I will most definitely not stop you if you are to find Li Ming for revenge. However, you cannot find this Chu Feng for revenge.”

“You simply do not know what has happened in the past two years. Thus…” That Xiaoleng wanted to explain the situation to Hun Lian. 

However, Hun Lian grew increasingly annoyed the more he listened. He did not understand why he could seek Li Ming to take revenge but not do the same for Chu Feng.

Could it be that this Chu Feng was stronger than Li Ming?

What a joke! In Hun Lian’s heart, Chu Feng was nothing more than trash. 

He felt that Chu Feng was only able to defeat him because of that grand spirit formation. Otherwise, a casual spit from him would be able to drown Chu Feng alive.

Hun Lian felt that Young Master Li Ming was his actual rival. As for Chu Feng, he was nothing more than an ant that he could easily crush.

Thus, Hun Lian decided to completely ignore Xiaoleng. He once again turned his murderous-looking gaze to Chu Feng.

He said, “Chu Feng, today… I will definitely make you wish you were dead. I will make you kneel before me and beg for forgiveness.”


However, right after Hun Lian said those words, that Xiaoleng actually kneeled on the ground and began to kowtow to Chu Feng.

“Lord Chu Feng, please spare us. We never intended to become your enemies. Please, please spare us.”

“Xiaoleng, you…”

Hun Lian felt extremely speechless as he looked to Xiaoleng before him.

Although he knew that Xiaoleng was craven and cowardly, he felt that one should determine who to show cowardice toward.

It would be one thing for Xiaoleng to act like this if the person before them was very powerful. However, Xiaoleng was actually scared by a mere Chu Feng. Hun Lian felt extremely displeased to see this.

“Scram!” Hun Lian grabbed Xiaoleng and tossed him ruthlessly to the ground. Seemingly still extremely displeased, he even spit at Xiaoleng, “Useless trash! You’re actually this scared of a mere Chu Feng?! You have truly and utterly disgraced our Infant Soul Sect!”


However, right at that moment, Hun Liang’s expression changed. He sensed an enormous aura moving toward him in a manner capable of toppling the mountains and overturning the seas.

That aura was so frighteningly powerful that he felt as if he would suffocate from it.

“Chu Feng?”

Subconsciously, Hun Lian looked over to Chu Feng. The reason for that was because he felt that the enormous aura was identical to Chu Feng’s aura.


But before his gaze could reach Chu Feng, he was devastated by that aura. Not only did he fall from above the palace, but he was also smashed ruthlessly into the ground like a dying dog. 

Even though Hun Lian exerted all of his strength to struggle, he was unable to move in the slightest.

“Chu Feng, you… you… how could you… how could your oppressive might be able to suppress me?”

At that moment, even speaking was a very strenuous task for Hun Lian. That said, a shocked expression filled his face.

Hun Lian felt great disbelief. As Chu Feng was only a Half Martial Ancestor two years ago, he felt that even if Chu Feng were to be able to make improvements in his cultivation through closed-door training, he would at most be a peak Half Martial Ancestor, and not be able to even cross the threshold to Martial Ancestor. As such, how could he possibly possess the capability to suppress him?

After all, he was currently a rank six Martial Ancestor.

“I got it now! You’re relying on the power of a spirit formation again!” Hun Lian thought of a possibility. That is, he felt that Chu Feng was utilizing the power of a spirit formation again. Otherwise, how could Chu Feng possibly suppress him? 

“Chu Feng, you despicable and shameless, vile little man! Do you dare fight against me with your own cultivation?!” Hun Lian started to curse loudly at Chu Feng.

“Big brother Hun Lian, stop speaking. Chu Feng’s current cultivation is that of a rank nine Martial Ancestor. He is the publicly-renowned number one expert beneath the True Immortal realm,” Right at that moment, Xiaoleng started to urge Hun Lian to stop. 

“Rank nine Martial Ancestor? You’re saying that this Chu Feng is a rank nine Martial Ancestor?” Hun Lian was dumbstruck. He simply did not dare to believe what he had just heard.  

“That’s right, that is something everyone in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm knows,” Xiaoleng was seemingly afraid that Hun Lian would not believe him, and began to nod his head repeatedly.

“That’s impossible! How could that be?! How could he increase his cultivation by that much in such a short period of time?!” Hun Lian shook his head repeatedly. He found this news very difficult to accept.

How could a person possibly reach peak Martial Ancestor from Half Martial Ancestor in such a short period of time?” 

Hun Lian was unable to accept this. This was especially the case when the person in question was Chu Feng.

“I’m not lying, that is the truth,” Xiaoleng re-emphasized his point.


The next moment, that Xiaoleng also let out a scream. His expression grew distorted.

It was not only Xiaoleng, as Hun Lian was also grimacing in pain. The expression of pain filled his handsome face.

Chu Feng… had increased the strength of his oppressive might. Furthermore, he had enveloped both Xiaoleng and Hun Lian in his strengthened oppressive might.

“Lord Chu Feng, please spare me, please spare me!!!”

“We never intended to be your enemies!”

That Xiaoleng started to beg for forgiveness nonstop. He was truly scared of Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng did not bother to pay attention to his begging Instead, he coldly asked, “Tell me, where is the Infant Soul Sect located?”

“This…” Hearing those words, the expressions of both Hun Lian and Xiaoleng changed. Their faces turned paper pale. Furthermore, their appearances were not caused by Chu Feng’s oppressive might. Instead, at a glance, it was obvious that they’d turned paper pale from fear. It was as if they had recalled an extremely frightening matter.

“You want to know about the location of the Infant Soul Sect? It would seem that your Hero City is planning to attack our Infant Soul Sect.”

Right at that moment, an aged voice was suddenly heard.

Chu Feng frowned upon hearing that voice. From that voice, he felt an aura many times stronger than his own. 

True Immortal; a True Immortal had appeared.

Looking toward the direction of the voice, Chu Feng’s expression changed once again.

It was an old man.

He possessed a head of white hair, and was wearing a black gown. He was extremely thin, and wrinkles covered his face.

Too old. Chu Feng was unable to determine how long that man had lived.

That man looked like a mummy that had walked out from its coffin. His appearance was truly frightening.

That said, Chu Feng knew this man. He was Hun Lian’s master, Old Demon Rakshasa.

Merely, back then, Old Demon Rakshasa was still only a peak Martial Ancestor. However, at that moment it was clear he had become a True Immortal.

“Chu Feng, I must truly congratulate you,” Old Demon Rakshasa said to Chu Feng in an eccentric manner.

“What’s there to congratulate?” Chu Feng asked.

“The speed at which your cultivation increases could simply be said to be lightning fast. Is that not something worthy of congratulation?” Old Demon Rakshasa said to Chu Feng.

“If that really is the case, then I must congratulate you too. After all these years, you’ve finally managed to make a breakthrough and become a True Immortal.”

“With this, you’ll be able to live for many years longer, no?” Chu Feng said.

“Impudent!” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Old Demon Rakshasa revealed a furious expression.  

Although Chu Feng’s words might appear to be kind, he was actually mocking him. He was mocking Old Demon Rakshasa’s inability to break through to the True Immortal realm for so long, to the point where he could only continue to extend his lifespan through special means.

Even though he had finally become a True Immortal, Old Demon Rakshasa’s cultivation talent could not be considered to be top rated at all.

“So what if I am impudent toward someone like you?” As Chu Feng spoke, Chu Feng revealed an unrestrained smile. 


The next moment, lightning started to flash in Chu Feng’s eyes. Then, both his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared in unison.

After activating the power of his Heavenly Bloodline, lightning clouds began to form in both Chu Feng’s surroundings and the sky.

Lightning was flickering within the clouds. Furthermore, it was growing more and more ferocious. It was as if an abnormal sign would soon descend.

The reason for that was not merely because Chu Feng had unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings.

Most importantly, it had to do with the character on Chu Feng’s forehead. On Chu Feng’s forehead was the character ‘Divine.’

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