Chapter 2583 - Meeting Hun Lian Again

Chapter 2583 - Meeting Hun Lian Again

‘Chu Feng, if you want to save Zhao Hong, come find me here.

Remember, you are only allowed to come by yourself. Otherwise… Zhao Hong’s life shall end.’

--- Kong Heavenly Clansmen, Kong Shunlian, Kong Yuehua.

It turned out that the letter was sent to Chu Feng by Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua. They had actually managed to capture Zhao Hong.

Furthermore, on the lower right corner of the letter hung a ring. Chu Feng recognized that ring. It was the same ring that Zhao Hong carried with her.

“Zhao Hong was actually captured by them?”

Chu Feng started to frown. With the Kong Heavenly Clan extinguished, Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua, these two Supreme Elders, could be said to be the few extremely powerful survivors of the Kong Heavenly Clan. 

For them to demand that Chu Feng meet them now, it was obvious that they were finding Chu Feng for revenge.

“If you had known that they would be this ungrateful, you should’ve killed them two years ago,” Her Lady Queen said angrily.

Two years ago, Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword had lost control and was planning to unleash a massacre. Originally, Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua were going to be killed by the Evil God Sword.

It was Chu Feng who did not wish to kill them, and forcibly controlled his Evil God Sword to allow them the time to escape.

Never did Her Lady Queen expect that the two of them would capture Zhao Hong to threaten Chu Feng.

Even if they were not considered ungrateful, they most definitely could be said to have acted excessively.

“Go and find Ying Mingchao. With his strength, taking care of them would be an extremely easy task.”

“With Ying Mingchao, they simply would not even have the chance to attack Zhao Hong. You would not have to worry about Zhao Hong being injured,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Eggy, are you planning to have me ignore the safety of my friend?” However, Chu Feng revealed a displeased expression at Her Lady Queen’s suggestion.

“I…” Faced with Chu Feng’s displeased expression, Her Lady Queen actually revealed a guilty expression on her exceptionally beautiful face.

Her Lady Queen was exceptionally smart. How could she not know that since Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua dared to send the letter to Chu Feng, they most definitely possessed a surefire plan?

In other words, even if Chu Feng were to request assistance from powerful individuals capable of easily killing Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua, he might not necessarily be able to save Zhao Hong.

For example, they could imprison Zhao Hong somewhere hidden with a mechanism that would activate at a certain time, killing her.

In short, there were many methods for them to kill Zhao Hong. There was simply no need for them to be right beside Zhao Hong.

After a moment of silence, Her Lady Queen said, “I merely did not wish to put you in danger.” 

Seeing Her Lady Queen’s reaction, Chu Feng felt very apologetic too. How could he not know what Eggy was thinking?

To Eggy, the lives and deaths of other people were insignificant. She only cared about Chu Feng’s safety.

“It would seem that I am unable to urge you against it,” Her Lady Queen added.

“If I do not go, I will have no way to face Wang Qiang, no way to face my own conscience,” Chu Feng said.

“Forget about it. Since you insist on going, there’s no time to waste. Let’s set off right now,” Her Lady Queen had finally reached an agreement with Chu Feng.

After that, Chu Feng found a random excuse to leave Hero City and proceeded for the place where Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua wanted to meet him.

It was a vast desert. As the wind blew past, yellow sand filled the entire place.

However, there were oases in that vast desert. They were all man-made, and served as places where people resided.

Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua did not mention the precise location where Chu Feng was to meet them in the letter. Thus, Chu Feng could only search the oases one by one. 

Furthermore, Chu Feng had to search them while showing himself. He was afraid that Kong Shunlian and Kong Yuehua would miss him.

“That city is strange.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes shifted.

At an oasis before him was a city.

Although that city appeared to be ordinary, as a world spiritist, Chu Feng was able to notice that the city was strange.


Light started to twinkle in Chu Feng’s eyes. He had activated his Heaven’s Eyes. 

After activating his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng immediately discovered that there was a concealment formation outside that city. 

That concealment formation concealed the true nature of the city. It made it so that others would see an ordinary city from the outside.  

However, a devastating scene of unprecedented brutality was currently taking place in the city. 

Massacre. A massacre was happening in the city. The city was already covered in blood. Countless corpses had fallen into the sea of blood. 

Even though Chu Feng was only seeing it and not hearing anything, Chu Feng felt as if he could hear voices that brought utter distress upon one’s heart and soul from the city.

There were wailing noises, voices begging for forgiveness and screams rising and falling in succession throughout the city.

It was the Infant Soul Sect. At that moment, the ones massacring the city were two members of the Infant Soul Sect.

“It’s him?”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, he actually recognized one of the two Infant Soul Sect members.

It was Hun Lian.

It was the same genius who was equally as famous as Li Yue’er back then, and was then defeated by Li Yue’er at the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds.

As for that Hun Lian, he actually held another identity; he had actually always been a member of the Infant Soul Sect.

As for his master, he was an infamous great evil demon of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, Old Demon Rakshasa. 

Back at the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds, Chu Feng had defeated both Hun Lian and his master with the power of a spirit formation

However, in actuality, if Chu Feng did not have the power of that spirit formation, the strength Chu Feng held back then would have been much inferior to Hun Lian’s strength.

It had come into Chu Feng’s mind that he might encounter Hun Lian again. Merely, he had never expected to encounter him there.

“Hahahaha, it’s been so long since I’ve had a taste of infants. I can tell that you’re extremely delicious just by looking at you.”

At that moment, Hun Lian was standing on top of a palace. In his hand was an infant. He was laughing crazily and totally did not notice that Chu Feng was moving toward him.

A mother was kneeling beneath the palace and kowtowing as she begged, “Milord, please, please spare my child, please spare my child.”

“Tsk, tsk, sure enough, maternal love is the greatest of all. Since that’s the case, I will allow you to personally witness how I’m going to refine your child.”

As Hun Lian spoke, his eyes turned crimson like that of a ferocious beast. As he opened his mouth, an extremely frightening aura enveloped that infant. 

He… was planning to refine the infant in his hand.


Right at that moment, an ear-piercing voice exploded like thunder.

That sudden shout shocked Hun Lian so much that his body started to tremble. His opened mouth was also abruptly closed.

“Who is it?” Hun Lian cast his ice-cold gaze toward the direction of the voice.

Although he had not sensed the aura of his opponent, he subconsciously felt that the person who gave that shout was someone extraordinary.

“It’s actually you?” 

However, when Hun Lian saw the person who had come, he immediately revealed a joyous expression and burst into loud laughter.

“This is truly what they mean by finding by sheer luck what one has searched for far and wide. I had not gone to find you, yet you voluntarily came to me.”

Hun Lian had managed to recognize the person who had arrived. He was Chu Feng.

“Lord Chu Feng, please save us, please save us!”

At that moment, many people in the city also noticed Chu Feng.

They reacted as if they had seen a god when they saw Chu Feng, and they all started to kneel on the ground to kowtow to and beg for Chu Feng to save them.

“You all couldn’t have mistaken this right? You all actually want that trash to save you?”

“Hahaha, what a joke! This is truly the most ridiculous joke I’ve heard since exiting closed-door training.”

At that moment, Hun Lian was laughing even harder.

Compared to two years ago, his cultivation had progressed a lot. Back when he was only a rank three Martial Ancestor, he was already deemed to be one of the strongest geniuses in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

And now, his cultivation was that of a rank six Martial Ancestor. Thus, compared to two years ago, he was much more confident.

Most importantly, he had always looked down on Chu Feng. He had always thought that Chu Feng would not be a match for him if it wasn’t for that spirit formation.

Thus, he detested Chu Feng enormously, and had always wanted to take revenge on Chu Feng.

Chu Feng, without that grand formation, how could you possibly contend against me?”

“Your daddy is already a rank six Martial Ancestor now!”

As Hun Lian spoke, he unleashed his rank six Martial Ancestor aura. In an instant, heaven and earth darkened. The weather began to change. Boundless killing intent could be felt from all around.

That killing intent was simply too strong. It caused the commoners that were still alive to shiver in fear. They were unable to even utter a word.

“Heh…” However, faced with such a Hun Lian, Chu Feng suddenly laughed.

Evidently, this Hun Lian still didn’t notice what Chu Feng’s current cultivation was.

However, that was also understandable. After all, there was an enormous different in strength between them.

With merely a cultivation of rank six Martial Ancestor, that Hun Lian would naturally not be able to see through the current Chu Feng. 

“You still dare laugh? I see that you will not shed a tear until you see your coffin.”

Seeing that Chu Feng dared to still laugh at him, the anger in Hun Lian’s eyes increased many times over. As he spoke, he planned to attack Chu Feng.

“Big brother Hun Lian, let’s go, we’ve got to go!”

Right at that moment, the Infant Soul Sect disciple that was accompanying Hun Lian suddenly appeared beside Hun Lian. 

Not only did he have a flustered expression on his face, but he immediately grabbed Hun Lian’s arm and started to urge him to escape.

At that moment, Hun Lian was even able to sense that his companion’s hand was trembling.

“Xiaoleng, what are you doing?” 

Hun Lian was completely confused by this sudden scene.

He was unable to understand why his companion would react in such a manner because of a mere Chu Feng.

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