Chapter 2586 - Chu Feng’s Surprise Attack

Chapter 2586 - Chu Feng’s Surprise Attack

“Amazing, he actually managed to seize the upper hand in battle!” The crowd burst into an uproar.

They felt that it was simply impossible for a Martial Ancestor to be a match for a True Immortal. Yet, not only was Chu Feng able to contend against Old Demon Rakshasa, but he even managed to gain the upper hand in their battle.

This was most definitely something that had never happened before and would never happen again. It was definitely something truly heaven-defying.

“Humph, a bunch of fools. He is clearly an arrow at the end of its flight, yet you all react as if he is something exceptional.”

Old Demon Rakshasa was not only calm and composed even though Chu Feng had gained the upper hand in the battle, but he even looked to the crowd with a mocking expression.

“This old man simply does not have to go all-out. Merely by using a bit of my strength, I will be able to turn the battle around.”

“Chu Feng, since you’ve overestimated your capabilities, this old man shall play with you a bit longer today.”

“I shall see how long you, a mere peak Martial Ancestor, can last against me.”

As Old Demon Rakshasa spoke, his eyes moved slightly. Then, another wave of martial power spread forth from within him and assimilated into the two enormous martial power swords.

With that, not only did the two martial power swords grow even larger, but they also became more mighty.

“Damn it!”

At that moment, Chu Feng revealed a painful expression. It was as if he could not continue to persist against Old Demon Rakshasa. 

Furthermore, the Ancient Era’s War Sword that Chu Feng was controlling started to let out buzzing noises every time it collided with Old Demon Rakshasa’s two enormous martial power swords.

Those were trembling noises. The Ancient Era’s War Sword was no longer capable of contending against the two enormous martial power swords.

“What utter incompetence. This old man merely increased the power of my attacks by a slight bit, and has not even used any martial skills. Yet, you’re already unable to withstand it anymore?”

“Sure enough, Martial Ancestors remain only Martial Ancestors, and are simply incapable of contending against True Immortals.”

The smile on Old Demon Rakshasa’s face grew stronger and stronger. He was growing more and more complacent.

True Immortals being stronger than Martial Ancestors was an unvarying principle that had existed since the Ancient Era.

Thus, logically, there should be no reason for him to feel proud at being able to suppress a Martial Ancestor as a True Immortal.

However, the Martial Ancestor that he was suppressing was Chu Feng, the person deemed to be the strongest genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, someone who would very likely stand at the apex of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and rule over it like Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong did in the past.

That was the reason why he felt so proud at being able to suppress Chu Feng.

At that moment, Old Demon Rakshasa had lost himself in joy. Although others did not notice it, Chu Feng took great note of it.

‘It’s now!’

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes grew exceptionally sharp. This sort of sharpness simply did not appear to be something that a person who was being suppressed could reveal.

That’s right, the weakness Chu Feng revealed earlier was simply a disguise. He had simply not reached a point of being unable to withstand Old Demon Rakshasa.

He had deliberately pretended to be completely suppressed and on the verge of defeat so that Old Demon Rakshasa would lower his guard. He was planning to launch a surprise attack.

After deciding to unleash his surprise attack, the three forbidden medicines in Chu Feng’s stomach were subsequently refined by him.


The next moment, golden gaseous flames began to surge from within Chu Feng. Those golden gaseous flames were very extraordinary. Like burning golden light, they were exceptionally formidable.

At the same time Chu Feng refined the forbidden medicines, he controlled his Ancient Era’s War Sword to pierce at Old Demon Rakshasa.

“That is?”

Everything happened too quickly. Furthermore, Chu Feng had quietly lessened the distance between the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Old Demon Rakshasa when he had managed to gain superiority over the two enormous martial power swords earlier. 

Thus, when the Ancient Era’s War Sword started to move to attack Old Demon Rakshasa with overwhelming power, even Old Demon Rakshasa was unable to react, unable to dodge, in time.


Blood splattered everywhere. Old Demon Rakshasa’s body was pierced through by the Ancient Era’s War Sword and split into pieces.

“Heavens! What happened?!” 

The crowd were all astonished.

They were simply unable to capture the rapid battle between Chu Feng and Old Demon Rakshasa with their vision. Thus, they had not caught sight of how the Ancient Era’s War Sword shattered Old Demon Rakshasa’s body. 

However, they had managed to witness the blood splattering down from the sky, as well as the shattered clothing.

As for the clothing, they were the Old Demon Rakshasa’s clothes.

“Chu Feng killed that True Immortal?!”

At that moment, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar once again.

None of them dared to believe their eyes. However, judging by the situation at hand, Chu Feng had indeed managed to strike Old Demon Rakshasa with his enormous sword.

That was a True Immortal! A True Immortal-level expert!

Chu Feng actually managed to kill a True Immortal with the cultivation of a Martial Ancestor! That was something that had never happened before in history.

Everyone knew that True Immortals possessed strength greatly above that of Martial Ancestors. No matter what, it should be impossible for a Martial Ancestor to kill a True Immortal.

Yet, Chu Feng had accomplish that impossibility. As such, how could the crowd not be astonished?

“Chu Feng, you sly cur, you actually tricked me.”

Right at that moment, Old Demon Rakshasa’s voice sounded again.

The next moment, the blood, flesh and shattered clothes that were falling to the ground began to gather together. Soon, Old Demon Rakshasa managed to recreate his body.

At that moment, he appeared to be completely fine. Not only was his body undamaged, but even his clothes had returned to how they were before. One simply could not tell that he had been injured.

“As expected of a True Immortal, even that was unable to kill you.”

Chu Feng shook his head. As he spoke, he put away the two Ancestral Armaments he held in his hands and revealed the red Evil God Sword. 

Chu Feng knew that if he was unable to kill this Old Demon Rakshasa even with all the tricks and abilities he had used earlier, he must use the Evil God Sword if he wanted to survive the battle.

“Kill me? This old man is a True Immortal, my body is undying and indestructible. Your mere tricks are simply unable to even injure me in the slightest,” Old Demon Rakshasa spoke proudly.

At that moment, the surrounding crowd revealed dejected expressions.

Indeed, the True Immortal realm was a realm of cultivation that surpassed the limits of one’s corporeal body. They possessed undying and indestructible bodies.

To True Immortal-level experts, bodies were merely a form. Even if their dantian was struck by an attack, their cultivation would not decrease in the slightest.

If one wanted to kill a True Immortal, one must possess power greatly surpassing that True Immortal. Otherwise… even if one were to crush a True Immortal’s body to dust, that True Immortal would still be alive.

Upon thinking of all that, the crowd realized that Chu Feng would never be able to defeat Old Demon Rakshasa.

Thus, the survivors in the city no longer dared to stay in the city any longer. One by one, they turned around and started fleeing.

They knew that if Chu Feng could not win against Old Demon Rakshasa, they too would not be able to survive. Rather than staying to wait for death, it would be better for them to hurriedly escape this place while Chu Feng could still contend against Old Demon Rakshasa.


Right at that moment, a miserable voice sounded from the direction where Old Demon Rakshasa was.

Curious, the crowd involuntarily turned around. Upon seeing that scene, they were all stunned. 

At that moment, blood dyed the corners of Old Demon Rakshasa’s mouth and his chest. Furthermore, his body was trembling nonstop.

After supporting himself with great difficulty, he lost strength and half kneeled in mid-air with a ‘putt.’

Old Demon Rakshasa was actually injured!!!

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